This is extremely problematic and I am super saddened to see this was written by a trans man, who should know better. Should. Sexism. Misogyny. Transphobia. Femmephobia. Homophobia. These things are all suffuse in this post. I'm sure most internalized as well. This is not an accurate depiction (sans ANY analyses or acknowlegment of male, white and cis-passing privilege) of how trans/queer/dyke community collide. PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS AS TRUTH. I am disappointed this was posted and that Spencer has these harsh words about communities he has dwelled within (dyke/lesbian, femme and trans). Check yourself.
why is this old BS being reposted? This shitty article (I agree with the above comment) does not prove that the stranger has been good about covering trans issues, Dan Savage.
I'm confused by the above comments. What specifically was problematic? It was a frank look at the emotion that all humans, regardless of status, experience: envy. It wasn't celebrating envy, or claiming that everyone in a particular group experiences it to the same degree, or at all. The author's observations were drawn from his personal experiences, which isn't something you can denyhowthe reality of, even if you disagree with their implications or generalisability. Femmephobia? How?

And, by the way, this was written in 1999, and the realities of today are very different. There have been many former butch lesbians who have transitioned, after finally coming out to themselves and others. And in that closeted, or unaware-but-unsatisfied stage in their lives, many of them, being *human*, envied those that had what they desired for themselves.

Envy is real, envy is human, and recognizing the forms it takes in himself and the communities he has been a part of is legitimate.
You don't see how this objectifies femme women as vehicle for passing, as object. It completely discounts anything the femme people are experiencing in this and discounting any identity they might have in this "passing for straight."

"Transmen in relationships with femme women (many of whom are queer-identified) also inspire envy in butches. They envy us our ability to pass in the world for straight--even if we don't identify as such--and envy our relative invisibility in the het world."

If you don't understand why this is problematic, it's time for some self-education.
Yeah, still not seeing it. How does pointing out that queer identified femme women, in relationships with "straight passing" trans men, have privilege, objectify them? Especially in the broader context of an essay which is, at its core, about privilege as much as it is about envy? Nowhere was he demeaning them, or denying the very real struggles they face as women, and as queer women. Just that some trans men (e.g. him) and their female partners enjoy presumed hetero privilege that other trans men and queer women do not, and for which some of the latter envy the former.
@4 "...objectifies femme women as vehicle for passing..."

Not seeing it either. It sounds like you're looking really hard for something to be offended by.