As a homo, a young homo, with a regular family that hasn't rejected me, and who has generally avoided most gay bars since i was 16. I have always felt the gay parallel to be a bit flawed, though now I see it as simply outdated. I don't necessarily think giving up some of the exclusively gay things means we are being assimilated, nor do i think having a mortgage makes you less queer, and more nuclear family straight. I have always felt that being a queer shouldn't make you feel much different than anyone else, its nice to have some community where other queers understand certain statements that seem gay oriented, or actions that some heterosexuals don't quite understand be more understood and excepted, but this is a transition time, soon, hopefully, queers will be understood the same way anyone else is, stereotypes be damned.

I have never wanted to be married, gay or straight, i feel like its based on religious values that i don't follow, but i am certainly happy that gay marriage is legal (here in Canada) and hole heartedly think it should legal everywhere. I admit that i cringe a bit when i meet older homos who live in condos and work for assholes who happen to be straight and make more money than the cost of a bit of weed and some beer, but thats a hang up that I and most other 'mo's should get over. We can have an identity the same way straight people who don't feel like they fit it some pre-concieved straight lifestyle without giving up the things that make us feel apart of something. I have always liked to describe myself as a somewhat regular dude, who happens to like other dudes, I go to bars that don't necessarily cater to queers, but i often meet other queers there, and thats kind of the point isn't it? The more we appear to have a separate world, the more we will be considered "others" and separate, there comes a point where we start segregating ourselves.

Don't even get me started on gay pride parades.

-Not a Self-Hating Fag