The Stranger's No-Goddamn-Bullshit Wedding Guide


Holy shit. Did you guys sneak into our wedding or what?!? We had an impromptu wedding in the alley way of a Chinese restaurant, next to the dumpster, on Christmas. Oh - and dressed as Santa. We had so much FUN!!!!!!!!
While it is absolutely true you can do whatever you want for your wedding and reception, keep in mind - the wedding itself is not a party.

You are doing probably the most life-changing thing you will ever do before your family and friends (if they are invited). You are making (I hope) a solemn promise to another human being about loyalty, fidelity and love. You may be committing to raising children (almost the most life-changing thing you can ever do).

It can be fun, funny and wonderful but do take it seriously. (This from someone married nearly 30 years.)
Hey, look there. That's my husband and I on the cover of the Stranger. golly.
@3 You guys are so cute! We couldn't help it.
@2: Didn't you read the guide? The wedding IS a party if I want it to be! The marriage itself, now THAT's the serious part.
What do you call your best friend, a gay man, at your wedding? I referred to him as my "man of honor" He was horribly upset about it until I told him he could pick out his cumber bum color.
We told our family we were getting married in Vegas and then went and did it. So it was kind of like eloping and kind of not. My wife had an old friend who lived there show up and sign off as a witness. One guest. It has been a great decision which has stood the test of time for a decade so far. The marriage is our everyday happiness (and sometimes a challenge) but the wedding was just something we had to finish.
Uh, Treehugger, you have to have the wedding to have the marriage.
@8: Uh, westello, my point was that the wedding doesn't have to be stuffy just because the marriage is serious.