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A Wedding DJ’s Guide to Getting Your Cousins to Fucking Dance

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My sister hired Lucky to spin at her most recent wedding. Lucky was great, but we in the crowd were horribly embarrassing. My extremely hip soon-to-be-gay-divorced nephew and his then-husband took one look at us writhing on the floor and left the room altogether.
Stop with the Journey! ENOUGH! Just stop...please.
Yup, it aint about playing your favorite critically acclaimed Indie bands as much as it is getting people to dance. Since you cannot underestimate the taste of the general public, sacrifices have to be made!
Paraphrasing Iceman (to Maverick) in Top Gun:

You may not like the songs they dance to; They (wedding guests) may not like yours; But who's side are you on?

[Negative, Ghostrider, the patern is full.]
I'm still waiting to hear Antony & The Johnsons' "Fistful of Love" as a first dance song.
C'mon @2, Journey is fun and not in just an ironic way.
@5: My husband and I danced to Fistful of Love at our wedding (it wasn't our first dance or anything but it was on the playlist). Thankfully, our parents weren't paying attention to the lyrics!
we hired an amazing local band and it was the highlight of our reception. people love seeing good, live music. you know this...
Those all look like really boring song suggestions. I'd much rather have my guests sit in stony silence than do the electric slide outside of a skating rink.
@9 the most bored person at any wedding is liable to be the dj
Fucking Journey. Can't have two white people get married without fucking Don't Stop Believing. Then the flood gates are loose, and it's Thin Lizzy and Bob Seger requests for the next hour.
Yo Riz (World's Best DJ), at my last wedding the first song played was "Book of Love" by the Mag Fields. Too bad we divorced 5 years later. I still love that song.

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