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The Politics and Cultishness of Hops

In Seattle's Craft Beer Scene, Hop Varieties Inspire Rabid Devotion

When Five Restaurateurs Own 40 Restaurants, What Does That Mean for Seattle's Dining Scene?

A Look at the Pros and Cons of Chef-Owned Empires

Seattle's Other Coffee Culture

In Ethiopian Coffee Ceremonies, Beans Are the Medium for Building Community

Six Cocktails Made Better with Beer

Show Us Your Fridge, Linda Derschang

West Seattle Neighborhood Crawl

Where High Fidelity Brunch Meets “Super Japanese” Sushi: A Guide to West Seattle’s Best Eateries

What's in Season

Cafe Juanita's Holly Smith Reveals the Two Ingredients She's Most Excited About—and How to Prepare Them

The Sweet Life of Barrels

There's a Good Reason Why Local Distillers and Brewers Have Rediscovered Old Vessels

Why Are People So Weird About Eating Bones? I Eat Them Whole

I Love Sucking Them with My Mouth, Probing Them with My Tongue, and Crushing Them with My Teeth

Seattle, It's Time to Retire the Phrase "Asian Fusion"

Chefs Aren't "Fusing" Anything, They're Just Being Themselves

All the Secret Good Stuff at Pike Place Market

How to Dodge the Tourists, Not Get Ripped Off, and Score a Delicious Meal

Get to Know Your Spice Grinder

In Search of the American Square Meal

Whatever Happened to "Choice of Soup, Salad, Rice, or Potato"?

The Making of Maneki's Black Cod Collar Miso

Show Us Your Fridge, Ishmael Butler

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