Get to Know Your Spice Grinder


Thanks for this free advertisement as "news" piece here on The Stranger! You really are Seattle's Only Newspaper!
@ 1:
This is the New and Improved Stranger. They made it better by getting rid of all their seasoned reporters and writers.
@2, I can't WAIT for the massive breaking news coverage of the iWatch later this month!!! Truly a life changing moment in journalism!!
I've been grinding my own hot peppers for a while. A caveat: when grinding habaneros, and especially ghost peppers, take precautions to minimize dust by covering the grinder with paper towels and being careful not to breathe in the dust—I learned the hard way ;)

...oh & World Spice on Western Ave by the Market is a fantastic place to get whole dried spices & peppers!
All at one low, low price but that's not all. If you act now we will add this full color "pets of the Stranger office staff " calendar and the "doorways of Capitol Hill" tea cozy!
Do *not* use a coffee grinder for spices if you have used it for coffee. Buy another grinder and use that.
@6 or get a mortar & pestal. They can be cheaper than coffee grinders (and more expensive if you prefer) and you save an electric outlet.