Six Cocktails Made Better with Beer


You can't call anything with beer in it a cocktail, it's a concoction.
My favorite hangover drink: 2/3 IPA (preferably something citrusy); 1/3 fresh grapefruit juice, served over ice. Feel free to throw in some simple syrup and/or orange bitters.

Super refreshing, and great hair of the dog.
You could just drink great spirits and/or great beer that people spent a long time to make as there own delicious entity. Cocktails/concoctions are for children.
Fuck that shit, best summer beer cocktail is the Skip and Go Naked - 1 case light beer, 1 fifth vodka, 2 frozen minute maid pink lemonade concentrate, and a couple real red bulls (non sugar free) if your feeling extra naughty. Clean a good size cooler, mix all ingredients in cooler and add a bag of ice. Taste like fizzy pink lemonade, drink 4 and have some real black out drunk fine.