The Politics and Cultishness of Hops

In Seattle's Craft Beer Scene, Hop Varieties Inspire Rabid Devotion


Not that I won't drink it but I tend to stay away from beer that uses Cascade hops in favor of most any other hop used. Cascade distinct but overused in my opinion.
The first step in beermaking is to boil water and malt together to form a liquid called wort

Nope. If you boil the malt you destroy the enzymes that convert the starch in the malted grain into fermentable sugars. The first step is called mashing. You hold the malt and water at a carefully controlled temperature ( or sequence of temperatures) to let the enzymes do their thing. Then you draw the liquid (wort) off the spent malt and boil the wort, add hops, etc.

And about that spent malt, aka spent grain: It's just fiber at this point. The food content has been extracted. What to do with it? Pay Cedar Grove to compost it? Ah no! Put it in special spent-grain bread and sell it as the coolest bread ever to hip ignoramuses!
@2 Thanks, fixed.