Puppy Mar 1, 2023 at 11:30 am

SEA-PAH Is Thriving and Diversifying Thanks to Pup Flash

Who's a good pup? Pup Flash



@1 Nobody likes you.
This is the kind of stuff I have been coming to the Stranger to read about for decades. It is not my jam but if consenting adults want to do this then more power too them. So keep your political bullshit to yourself.


@3 It is one thing to comment on their lifestyle but you brought in Biden administration which really has nothing to do with it. You are just doing guilt by association.
Like saying if you don't own a doghouse you're a homosexual.


@1 self loathing much? Dude it’s ok, you don’t need to date the cheerleader. You can just fuck the center if that’s what moves you two. All the shame you taught feel is bullshit and it’s even worse you spend what life you have extending the trauma that made you what you are now rather then figuring out who you are and using that to have a meaningful existence.


@1 You're just upset that it's about adults having consensual sex, as it is obvious you are part of the Orange Pedophile's cult.


LMFAO @ "puppy play"


Whatever floats your boat. I prefer reading Shakespeare sonnets to each other out in the gazebo, but that's just me.


In case you're wondering why LGBT people STILL don't have equal rights in this country, it's becuase they have other priorities. This is pathetic. Your Democratic Party REFUSES to pass the LGBT Equality Act and the fag community refuses to fight for their rights.


Every single fag in this article prioritizes their own fetishes OVER their own civil rights. My God, the LGBT population is pathetic.


This is the natural outcome of having a legitimate grievance (discrimination against same sex attracted individuals) getting hijacked by a certain group of wealthy, white, gluttonous baby-boomer libertines from San Francisco insisting every derivitive fetish whim of theirs be elevated to national importance. Please take your dorky latex onesies and bespoke custom dog collars and deformed silicone injected scrotal sacks back into your homes. As an openly gay man you all are a grotesque, self indulgent embarrassment to my community.

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