My First Time Raising a Girl-Crazy Middle-School Baby Dyke


*Smile* A great addition to Pride week.
Good stuff. Good parents. Cool kid. Nice work.
My worries that humanity is swirling down the drain are lessend knowing that good, shit-together people like your daughter are becoming adults. Good on you, parents; Beezus gives me hope too.
@4 - you showed up to say *that*? what a terrific use of your time.
Am I the only one who's disturbed by a 9-year-old realizing her sexuality from Victoria Secret commercials? God I hate TV.
Sounds pretty weird to take a child seriously as to sexual preference before child has had sex.
And that child's name? Albert Einstein.
@13: I'm pretty sure that's not how it works.
Sexual preference is complicated and difficult to pinpoint however I question the green lighting on the parents behalf not because she shows queer characteristics but because think they already have it figured out. I use to love looking at my dads playboys, I thought the women were beautiful and it interested me...that didn't make me a lesbian. At that age, the same age as Beezuz I was just sexually curious as most pubescent KIDS are. Let nature take its course. If she reaches 17 and has always been into girls since 13 that's one thing but I think the parents influence here is ultra exceptional of a child's confused notion at this point and the hyper liberal viewpoint might be tipping the scale.
What a wonderful young person. Kudos to her family for doing such a great job making sure she can be who she is, and providing such a loving and thoughtful environment.
I think these parents will be ok if Beezus shifts out of her current understanding of her self and winds up being straight or bi or whatever. Many of you commenters are missing the point of the article. Being a supportive and engaged parent is very different from being a controlling and demeaning one, but even for parents who are ok with a child's sexual manifestation there are still difficulties in all of it. That's the point. @Freddie's Mac: your trolling on this is hyper-shitty.
BEEZUS? Goddamn people these are children! You hate her so much you named her "Beezus"??
Let's call all children sex (gender) free until I they graduate from High School.
@22 and @17: Have you not read Beverly Cleary's Beezus and Ramona? (Or any of the other Ramona books!) Beezus is awesome. *wanders away muttering 'what do they teach them in these schools'*