Queer Issue 2018 Jun 20, 2018 at 4:00 am

What I've learned from Ru, and what Ru has taught the world.

Until last year, I never really got to interact with RuPaul when it was both of us just being ourselves, without an audience. José Alberto Guzmán Colón



Thank you SO much for sharing this with all of us. What a beautifully written essay. I'm really glad I got to see The Vaudevillians in New Orleans a few years ago. Please come back!

You'll always be one of my all time RPDR favorites because I could see myself in you. "Water off a ducks'a back, bitches!"



Anyone actually read this?


Ugh I thought I was alone with the groin anomaly situation!!! I honestly can’t tell if it’s a mis-scanning or the TSA code for harassing people that don’t fit into a mold. I’m a cis-woman, obviously female, but tend to wear dandyish men’s clothing (suspenders, top hats, etc...) and men’s boxer-briefs, and I can’t emember the last time I’ve flown and not gotten the groin anomaly pat down. Why is no one talking about this?!


This issue has some really great writing. Sometimes I get skeptical of why The Stranger still exists, but this proves it...



Have you ever heard of the concept of “right speech” in Buddhism? To me, you embody it here and across all your work.

Thanks for sharing your strength that is also vulnerable.

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