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The City Continues to Work to Resolve the Issue

The Pride wall ... fence ... glowing in the golden hour. AXTON BURTON



I don't get what is with the public display of support for extremist radical white nationalists and supporters with flags and murals?

Back in my day, we punched Nazis.



@1: It's about a city showing support for an oppressed group. Support without which, its members feel that their lifestyle marginalizes them due its (relatively) small size. Hence the movement to display such symbols on public facilities (sidewalks, fences, etc.) rather than just on private businesses.

You can purchase a utensil festooned with some symbology if you feel the need to demonstrate your own support. But if the business wants to show its own standing, it's better to hang the flag in the front window. (Personally, I'd avoid the LGBTQ-themed knife. I'm not certain what some people might assume will be getting chopped.)


@1 signaling public/municipal support for one marginalized group or another rotates. Wait long enough and the next group will knock the current group out of the limelight. Personally, I am waiting for the transhuman movement to get it's day in the sun. Now THAT'S going to be interesting.


So when you see a statue of some hetero dude do you automatically go "why is the world reminding me of straight sex!"

Like, I guess you just can't help but see big giant wangs penetrating wet pussies every where you look? Since hetero-normative representation is, like, the default and everywhere.

Man. Your head must just be swimming with pornographic images 24/7! Right? Like you look at the poster for a family picnic and think "Man. That chick just got drilled by that dude. His sperms totally impregnated her and then they had kids. That they took to this picnic!"

Or. And I'm just musing, here. Or. Maybe the problem is you. You, and your fucking moronic stunted puritanical obsessions with genitalia and what, and how, other people fuck.

Because the rest of us just see a rainbow flag and acknowledgment that an oppressed minority exists.

And they exist DESPITE their dirty buttsexx.

And the rest of realize these monuments, art, etc, deserve the same recognition as the monuments of the default heterosexual majority that infuses every aspect of society.

Something phony sock-puppets like you never question, "Sofi."


Is it as bad as displaying flags representing the worship of a criminal wannabe dictator? If you don't understand representation, that's ok. Just shut the hell up


“I was personally disturbed
at comments that insinuated
that religion should be governing”

sure. but WHOSE?
some silly Social Justice
Warrior's? some guy name
name of Jesus? WHICH Jesus?

the overly-steroided heavily bandoliered
AK-47-packin' "prosperity" Jesus of
far reich-wing Fantasies?

or the one that threw
the Profiteers
outta the

can we pick and
choose Which Religion
which Sects* to govern over us?

how 'bout None
for the Unbelievers?

do they have any Freedom
FROM Your particular



Kids these days
they don't give a
Fuck about your Rigid
af definitions of Sexuality

it's nowhere Near as
Binary as the Patriarchy
Needs it to be and they're
Moving On. Sorry - we cannot
remain Mired in the 1950s of Leave
it to Beaver & McCarthy's Commie Witch
hunts. the Fascists are Here they're Back and

didn't we fight a fucking War against them recently?

Q. do we really Need
an American Taliban?


@3: That knife theme I think you're referring to is the chevron symbol of trans/progress colors coming from the left slicing through the pride rainbow. A tacky design choice, in my opinion, as the rainbow is the perfect and timeless symbol for our community with its spectrum of colors that everyone and anyone can identify with and hold dear.


@13 (cont') - The rainbow needs no additional design elements, imho, as it already speaks for all of us, including all initials after the GLBT and beyond.


@12: Leave it to Beaver and McCarthy in the same bucket?



*nevermind the vulgarity all the
Obscenity's in the Dominionism:
women're solely breeders cum
handmaidens either way the
Patriarchy's got Your
little number.

the Patriarchy's
late-stage Capitalism's
Most Treasured Friend. it
even helps mansplain a little racism


Hope they work out a legal way to provide government sanction to speech they like while suppressing speech they don't.

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