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Change Comes After Fierce Community Reponse

You won’t see 10 officers filing into Cuff any time soon, thanks to the swift action of the LGBTQ+ community. RS



Abolish the LCB


Yay queers! But seriously - a group of 10 wlb and spd personnel had to inspect a gay bar?! When you can barely find spd around anymore doing anything about rampant crime in this city? Priorities people.


Talk about self loathing shooboop. Chapelle goads and uses the lgbtq to appeal to his fans who are stupid and ignorant haters. Not a good look.


A cop, a fireman, and the LCB walk into a bar. Bartender says "WTF? this isn't 1895. Go find some actual problems to deal with."

Seriously, in 2024 why do we even have "lewd conduct" ordinances? And I was under the impression that it would be legal to walk down the street in a jockstrap. Why would it be different in a gay bar of all places?


About twenty years ago, I was walking up Pike Street one beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon, when I saw some artsy types doing a “Lady Godiva” photo shoot, complete with nude (save for her ankle-length blonde wig) model, and a white horse. Somewhat later that same day, I saw ‘Lady Godiva,’ still nude except for said wig, standing at the bar in Rosebud.

Somehow, nobody had any problem with a conventionally-attractive young woman standing around nude in the daylight. Or in a bar. Go figure…



I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised to learn that some of those so-called "inspectors" were collecting overtime...


West Seattlite here and WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!?

We've seen a prolonged spike in storefront smash-and-grabs using stolen vehicles, one bank's outdoor ATM machine is now permanently closed for business after some assholes used stolen 'Jaws of Life' (apparently stolen from Burien Fire Dept) to pry it open, carjackings on Alki, 7-11s being robbed on a regular basis along California Avenue around 4 a.m. but Harrell's piece of shit police have time to harass queers a'la 1950-esque bar raids, taking photos no less?

As someone that's lived up and down the west coast this is the first major metropolitan city I've seen that's got its asshole so puckered up it makes Portland look like Shangri-la.

Good on the LGBTQIA2S+ community for their quick response and I'll gladly seek out ways I can help. Fuck this corporate real estate-owned city council.


Go fight actual crime and leave peaceful people alone! This is ridiculous.


Meanwhile, we are slowly working our way toward serving alcohol in adult cabarets (strip clubs). So, more booze and lewdity all around. Fine by me.

As far as the LCB response, as one TV cop said, "I don't do right and wrong. I do legal and illegal." So this might be the board's giving public sentiment a little nudge to get to work and get the old blue laws off the books.


I am voting for. The first reason is that the Stranger is against it. But that is lazy, so I actually looked up the bill. Here are key points from one source:

Initiative Measure 2081 is a citizens’
initiative that would establish a
parents’ bill of rights.
Parents would have the right to be
informed about educational and
medical information related to their
Initiative 2081 would require the
public schools to provide the textbooks,
curriculum and supplemental material
used in their child’s classroom.
The measure would require public
schools to provide parents access to
all records related to their children,
including information that schools
currently hide from parents.
The measure would require public
schools to inform parents when
medical services are being offered to
their child, except where emergency
medical treatment is required.
Initiative 2081 would require public
school officials to affirm that they will
not discriminate against children
based on the religious beliefs of the
child’s family.
Initiative 2081 would require public
schools to allow children to opt out of
surveys and activities related to sexual
behavior, family’s beliefs, religion, or
political affiliation.
The measure would require public
schools to inform parents about the
school calendar, school dress code, and
their child’s academic performance.

Now as I read it, this bill requires that the school be transparent about a number of things. It basically says that secrets about one's kids performance, curriculum, different names/pronouns, who is teaching and the like won't be kept. This seems quite reasonable. I am sorry if it creates additional burdens and responsibilities, but districts seem to be comfortable and accustomed to all sorts of policies and procedures, many of which can be avoided if a school and teacher sticks to standard pedagogy.

Perhaps those against are in part in favor of the mission creep of education. A school should be a place to learn many things from various views, but not to preach, or indoctrinate. It ought not be a therapeutic environment with expectation that it is a place for kids to undergo therapeutic interventions of any sort, without the engagement of parents from the start if it is to be considered.

If a teacher or staff believes a child is endangered due to abuse or neglect, CPS is and has been a resource. Make a report and otherwise stay in your lane - stick to teaching. Do not be a secret keeper. Don't use different pronouns or names for a kid or allow them to express or claim a different gender without informing parents. Common decency and common sense belongs here.

This bill did not come out of a vacuum. Rather stories abound of teachers having clear radical views (I refuse to compliment them with the "progressive" or "liberal" adjectives), that they take joy in conveying.

The SPS employs Ian Golash as a high school teacher at Chief Sealth who allegedly failed a student on a multiple-choice quiz for saying only women can get pregnant and that only men have penises. He is one of many with agendas and beliefs that if held and expressed in the classroom, ought not be kept from parents.

I'd want my long launched kids and now grandkids to have sex ed. Just present the facts please. This is how the body is built. This is adolescence. This is pregnancy and how to avoid it, this is consent and lack of etc. Acknowledging LGB preference realities but stay clear of Trans issues that many parents and people in general are far from agreeing or accepting of and which is receiving at long-last critical review by mainstream sources (see the NY Times by Pamela Paul this past week).

The so-called Progressives, their electeds and agendas have wreaked havoc on our city and state. It will take years to pick up the pieces. Stolen unlicensed cars run amok and unstopped. Cops have been admonished to not give chase. Graffiti, trash and stolen stuff abound. Entitlement to do bad stuff and not be held to account is endorsed as a foil and response to "white supremacy" it seems.

This initiative along with other initiatives follow in response to the extremes of the past decade. The people of Washington get to decide.

If I had my druthers, initiative petition gatherers would be only volunteers. But that ship has sailed and the majority of petitions I have seen in the past decade have been from the left, often labor supported and circulated by paid gatherers. It is ironic that these same parties now decry the big money being paid by individuals on the other side, using the same tactics and methods to achieve different goals.


Note. The above was inadvertently put on the wrong article. It was meant for the parental rights initiative article. I will repost it there. Apologies. I wish editing was allowed here.

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