“Enough with the poly! ” Or so says this gay man, who is sick of being disrespected by his boyfriend catting around, acting like a no-good cad and using polyamory as a shield.

Meanwhile, can’t a homo in the rural West have nice, no-strings-attached hook-ups anymore? All the men he meets want to get married or something.

On the Magnum, Dan brings on comedian Dulcé Sloan from The Daily Show to talk about the perils of dating menfolk. Apparently, it’s dangerous out there.

And, a woman’s boyfriend used to drink too much and drive drunk. She put the hammer down, and he cut way back on drinking, claiming he never gets behind the wheel when he’s had a few. But she knows he still drinks with his buddies and lies about how much. She likes a drink now and again. Is she being hypocritical and controlling? Or is his consumption creeping back up to dangerous and out of control?