If unsubstiated rumors can spread online, shut down a city, and no one pauses for a second to see if they are actually true...

Could have been intentionally fake planned... as in the KKK made public-facing statements planning such a thing, giving the police legit concern, but then communicated privately that it was a ruse so that no one showed up to citizen ire.

Or simply perhaps no one chose to show up at the last minute once they saw the planned reaction.
It's nothing new. I remember in college in the '90s the KKK would announce a march somewhere and people would show up to protest their hatred and the KKK wouldn't show up. They're f***ing cowards. People need to show up and say NO NO NO to this BS every time. I am NOT with Tina Fey on staying home and eating cake. The only way to make this end is to RESIST and PROTEST these neanderthal, delusional losers EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY DO ANYTHING. We need to resist white supremacy every second of every day until it's GONE. Anyone who believes that they are somehow superior because the skin on their a** is white (or because a penis swings between their legs) is a delusional dinosaur that needs to become extinct.
Remember that time that The Stranger spread rumors that some skinhead group was going to march on Capitol Hill and like everybody showed up but there was no skinhead group, and then the counterprotest turned into a carnival of sorts?
Antifascists all got together and had a good time. The KKK got to see what's waiting for them if they do show up. Confederate statue are coming down, No new ones are going up.

What's not to like?
The Paranoid Style in American Politics

--published November, 1964, Harper's Magazine.

Really, everyone. At least read the first paragraph.
Folks can use bomb threats to cause trouble, folks can use racist rally threats to cause trouble. Use it as a smokescreen too.
@7 thanks for that. of course--nothing new here.
What's not to like is the fact that everyone has the right to freedom of speech, and when black hooded, masked assholes run around with clubs, they are, ironically, behaving exactly like Mussolini's Squadrismo did in the early days of the Italian fascist take-over.

And a RUMORED KKK march has thousand on the streets...meanwhile, the Black Hebrew Israelites, a group with a history of race-based violence (… ) openly spew their racist, homophobic venom on the streets of Seattle and Boston, but antifa don't do or say shit.

Replace the races in this video, and tell me if something different wouldn't have happened in Seattle:…

(and $10 says the only reply I get will be ad hominem, as always)
That would be a good argument and there is merit to it! Don't get me wrong: Trump is a white nationalist sympathizer for sure. But still, even before the orange asshat got elected, antifa would go ape shit at the sight of anyone to the right of Sawant having a rally...except black supremacists.
Antifa even showed up at the fucking GARY JOHNSON RALLY!! You can say what you will about Johnson, but he is far from a Nazi. But the BHI? Antifa is too busy at Starbucks using their iphones to tweet about how much they hate capitalism to do anything.
Literally the only thought in your head is, "Oh yeah? Well what about...?"

You have this dumbfuck idea that nobody is ever allowed to oppose any bad thing unless they also say right then and there that they are also opposed every other bad thing that ever happened anywhere.

When somebody says "Remember the Alamo" it does not mean "Forget Pearl Harbor! Forget 9/11!". Because that would be stupid. Only a stupid, stupid fuck would say anything so fucking stupid.

"Black lives matter" doesn't mean "nobody else matters!" "Merry fucking Christmas" does not mean "Have a shitty New Year, asshole". You can wish someone a merry fucking Christmas without having to go down a checklist of every other fucking holiday and wish them a merry fucking one of those too. "Happy fucking Holidays" does not mean "Do NOT have a merry fucking Christmas".

If you wish someone to be happy or merry without saying fuck[ing] at all, it doesn't mean you're not thinking it. Just because we don't give your pet cause a fuck right this second doesn't mean we have no fucks to give. Don't assume.

When you assume you make an ass of you and me. Mostly you.

You can say "I'd like fries with that" without having to defend yourself against accusations that you want to destroy the onion ring industry.

Nobody is buying this bullshit. How do I know? More Confederate monuments came down today. More will come down next week. The owners of the Lenin statue in Fremont will continue do direct your complaints to the Troll, because they don't give a fuck and they don't have to.
@13 I like the "forget Pearl Harbor" line.
@13: That might be the best comment you've ever written.
13: You do realize that Lovecraft was a pathological racist, sexist and misanthrope don't you? I assume you black based on other comments you've made. I also assume your about 16 or 17, the typical Lovecraft fan's age. The rest of us grow out or it. You should too.
Lovecraft was a xenophobe and white supremacist for most of his life. Like today's alt-right, he hid himself in a bubble. But eventually he broadened his experience, became more involved with the wider world, came to his senses, and was happy to support FDR calling himself a socialist. There's hope for anyone.

But whatever the man was, who cares? I still enjoy the Mad Max movies regardless of whether or not Mel Gibson is a bad man. I can appreciate art like The Merchant of Venice without having to endorse and approve of every single idea in it.

The Lenin statue was made by a Soviet communist puppet regime to glorify the Soviets. The artist they hired spent his career making subversive works with layers of subtext. He made the only statue of Lenin that presented the man surround by guns and the flames of revolution, rather than merely holding a book in his intellectual guise. Do you think you have to be in theological lockstep with the church that commissioned paintings by Michelangelo or Caravaggio or Rubens? Obviously not. That would be stupid. Do you think Joy Division put a Nazi reference in their name because they're pro-Nazi?

Also, who takes internet handles seriously? Idiots.

The Lenin statue, regardless of its origins, became commodity art, sold for money and put up on display for several ambiguous reasons. Irony? Spectacle? Selling fast food?

There is no one answer! There is no one, single interpretation. There are many. Some are better than others. Some are based on sound reasons. Others are bullshit. How does one know? You think! Dialog! Questions! This is why we have art.

It's also why the government hardly ever contributes much when they are the ones sponsoring the art. When it is paid for by tax money, it can't help but be government propaganda. Government advice to wear a seat belt is fine. Government art making social and historical commentary on the varied meanings of ideological icons is usually shit. But the Fremont Lenin isn't government art. So no worries.

Oh, I see the headlines say four more Confederate statues came down overnight. Lenin hasn't moved an inch. So. Much. Winning.

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