Too bad they're not both laughing while eating salads.
They really shoulda bounced that name off a few people first.
How offensive! Let's get on the freeway and shut these fucking nazis DOWN!
Why not just concentrate on things really worth getting agitated about instead of extrapolating outrage from innocuous adjectives?
Good Afternoon Charles,
Good insights. Clearly, this so-named magazine is a bad idea. It's from the Dept. of "What the heck were the publisher/editor thinking?" When I mentioned to the clerk at Bulldog my disbelief, he concurred.

Weird, at best. Racially insensitive at worst.
What drek. This is emblematic of the imminent death of a viable political left - a descent into the insane, not to mention the trivial. Out with a whimper not a bang, eh Charles?

Every time I think Mudede has finally jumped the shark he straps on his running shoes and goes for it again. Reach for the stars, Charles.
@2&7. Is this what you mean by "America is racist"?

Seems airtight. Might as well drop that mic and strut off into the sunset with irrefutable proof like this.
Let us see, this article is displacing what Properly Outrage-Worthy articles from liberals' little minds? Articles bumped down one slot on the blog are:
gay gay musical theater ad
Jared Kushner poll
Charles on housing
Young Thug EP

So you're saying we are discarding our power of reading another Charles article.
@10: I think we're all wasting time on this thread trying to make sense over defining what is hypersensitive and what is not. Any conclusions aren't worth the effort. Sorry I dragged you into this.
Charles, Bulldog appears to be displaying issue #35. Ask them if they have issue #36--the cover shot appears to depict what could be a multi-racial couple.
@14 Whoops, it's actually issue #37 I was thinking of:
@9 Maybe I am missing something, but how did you get to "Is America Racist?" This is an Australian publication.
@13. Still waiting for those examples yo.
@16. Maybe I'm missing something but aren't we talking about a neo nazi wedding magazine sold right here in Seattle?
Charles, have you looked at this publication's social media? I am curious if you saw the people of color featured in their Instagram feed, and whether this played any part in your views of this publication.
The UK has an entire store called "The White Company."

They sell white stuff mostly.
"White" #37 bride is also indigenous, I reckon. Black Pete (Holland). Now there's a tone-deaf misunderstood tradition begging for a magazine cover.
BTW, speaking of magazines, just read that Hugh Hefner died.

RIP Hugh M. Hefner 1926-2017

"In life, it's not whether you win or whether you lose. It's whether you score."

-Hugh Hefner
@3: Market research is for wimps.
EVERYBODY ELSE: I'm being sarcastic.

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