why the fuck would this dude want a congratulations tweet from the President? Why do we care? Are we going to decide Trump isn't a piece of shit anymore? Are we wavering on if he is racist or not and if he does tweet then he isn't?

Like, y'all playing yourselves over this.
The premise of expecting or wanting any Trump tweet is flawed.

Good Afternoon Charles,
First of all, my condolences to each of the victims' families. It was a most despicable act. If in fact a hate crime, I wish the perpetrator (the prime suspect, Travis Reinking was apprehended.) prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That includes capital punishment. The crime was absolute savagery and warrants the greatest punishment.

That said, Mr. Shaw displayed great fortitude and I salute him. I agree with @5. I don't believe it relevant that Pres. Trump saying anything about this tragedy is to be expected. And, I don't believe blacks or POC in this country are "less than nothing".

In other tragic news, 9 people were killed and 16 injured in Toronto. Again, my condolences to the victims' families. Yet another preposterous act. Senseless.
Read @7. He's right. Stop making excuses.

It doesn't matter if Trump is capable of understanding, we, the people, absolutely SHOULD expect the president of the United States to congratulate somebody who saved lives.

We should expect the president in 2018 to not be a racist pile of shit. It doesn't matter who that president is.

The constant adjustment of expectations downwards is the god damned problem and is just another form of chicken shit apologia and apathetic acquiescence.

Every time people say stupid shit like "I don't believe it('s) relevant that Pres________ saying anything about this tragedy..." means you've fallen for the bullshit and YOUR part of the god damned problem.

No, you don't get it.
@3 is a direct quote from the BLM homepage.
i think charles is right on, and i wish the stranger would cover the hero, Mr Shaw, first, rather that turning this into a trump thing right away.

Shaw's actions, interviews, and efforts at fundraising for the victims are really meaningful and inspiring. I dont know if they are getting the attention they deserve.
BLM doesn't have a homepage, idiot.
Under the 'Structure and Organization' subheading of the BLM Wikipedia page, the first paragraph reads...

"The phrase "Black Lives Matter" can refer to a Twitter hashtag, a slogan, a social movement, or a loose confederation of groups advocating for racial justice. As a movement, Black Lives Matter is decentralized, and leaders have emphasized the importance of local organizing over national leadership.[27] Activist DeRay McKesson has commented that the movement "encompasses all who publicly declare that black lives matter and devote their time and energy accordingly."[28]"

We wouldn't expect you girls to believe your own lying eyes.
Who called it an "iconic diner"? It's only been open a few months.
The denali racist, troll, and spammer, should be banned
LOL - liberals. They just need and require validation for everything little thing they “are”, “do” and “believe” - even by people they don’t like and in which they have an almost daily public disdain. Talk about psychotics.
"But again, only white American Christians who are killed by Muslims have the honor of being the victims of terrorism. White Christians killed by white people are just unlucky and have to moan and go on. Let me repeat this: If you are a white person killed by a white supremacist, you are nothing. If you are a black person killed by a white supremacist, you are less than nothing...."
So Charles, if you are a black kid in Chicago gunned down by some other black kid in Chicago where do you fit in the hierarchy of Sainted Victimhood? Do you get a shout-out from BLM? Does MSNBC rage at the injustice? Does Seattle's very own African Columnist even acknowledge that you ever existed?
"There is also lots of justified talk about this mass shooting being racially motivated, and therefore another act of domestic terrorism."
Interracial murder.
That's a can of worms.
How often do whites kill blacks in America, Charles.
How often to blacks kill whites?
What is the rate at which each race murders the other?
We wonder if the Obama Justice Dept and Eric Holder ever compiled any statistics about that.....Do you know?
@21, 22,

Is there a point somewhere in all these rhetorical questions of yours?
@1 german sausage: Agreed. I'm not holding my breath, either.
@2 Sportlandia: Agreed. The Shithead-in-Chief has made the awarding of the Presidential Medal of Honor into a bad joke for the recipient.
@23 Urgutha Forka: Forget it-- Denial's just trolling.
As an African American woman, I do not think that politics need to be pulled into every situation. Thos seems to be the standard lately, especially when dealing with race. Who cares what color the guy is? Does it add or take away from the good he has done? He did not even want this much attention. He just considers this as part of him being at the right place with the right opportunity.
@26 if you were a white person you'd be shouted down as a racist on The Stranger. Sad but that's where we are at in political discourse today. And it isn't going to get better.
Apparently it's still cool to use retard as a pejorative on Slog as well. Why stop there, how about cripple or palz?
I don’t read this as Charles, or anyone, wanting Drump’s approval, praise or recognition. It is more a telling compare and contrast of his reactions to various shootings during his time in office. He trumpets incidents involving POC and/or Muslim assailants as well as an incident when an armed white man may have helped in chasing down another armed white man when there was a church shooting. I say “may” as the church shooter had already left the church. This was widely hailed by the NRA and their clan as “a good guy with a guy stopping a bad guy with a gun”, although the facts would not seem to support that (the bad guy had already fled the church.

The contrast in reaction is not surprising or disappointing, it’s not even telling. We already know we have a racist puppet of the NRA, among other puppet masters, in the White House. The fact this is not news does not mean we shouldn’t repeatedly and noisily declare the truth.
It must be a dismal place to be- the mind of Mr. Mudede. Economic structures worldwide are out to get him. The economics he likes will never be adopted by any country worth mentioning because they've been shown not to work for 3/4 of a century.

Politics are entirely about skin color. Any social interaction or business transaction also entirely race based. He moved to a country he despises and for reasons unclear to me has stayed.

I've seen a flash of genuine enjoyment, just taking delight in something for its own sake, in his writing one time in the month or so I've read rhem. This is a man whose mind and thoughts give no joy. If he has a wife and children (odds are yes, but maybe not) they make so little impact on him- this essential set of relationships- that he never alludes to them at all.

This isn't a man to be argued with or disliked for his entirely erroneous ideas. He's a man to be deeply pitied.

Sorry for segment issue above, I think the point is clear.
@33: Mudede chose to come here and stay here for the exactly same reason half the world wants to do the same: free market capitalism and democracy offer the highest standards of living the world has ever known, and they give him everything he could expect out of life, and more.

He can pretend he hates it to seem cool, but actions speak very loudly.

Or I guess people from around the world come here on bleeding knees because it is an economic and racist hellhole.

Which makes more sense?

Not trying to be difficult but I have neither the need nor the talent to earn my living with a pen.

And at least one person read what I wrote....
@29: "Maybe Trump was busy"

Yes, he was busy all weekend golfing, and angrily tweeting about how Cohen is going to flip on him. Far too busy for such an insignificant event like a mass murderer being stopped.
you should consider getting help.
Perhaps we could start a Go Fund Me here on Slog to get the ball rolling?

I'm no supporter of this president. But there is literally nothing he could do or say or not do or say that won't be jumped on as racist etc etc etc by the "Resist!" folks.

(Love that by the way. Bet you "Resist!" folks see yourselves as the French Resistance instead of a bunch of often vulgar malcontents. Sorry, your team lost the election legally and by the rules which govern presidential elections. Want Trump out quit your whining and run a decent candidate next time.)

If the president tweeted right now that this guy was a hero Mr. Mudede would perform the mental gymnastics to make that out as racist too.


As you like. Enjoy the sunshine.
@36 best comment explaining Charles on Slog EVER!!
it looks like there could be;
perhaps we can be of assistance...
Charles tries to make a point that the response to and concern about a murder varies depending on the race and situation of the murderer and victim;
and finds hypocrisy in this.
In fact, the most glaring example of this phenomenon is the one Charles most studiously and hypocritically ignores (impressive considering it is this beam-sized obstruction right there sticking out of his eyeball...);
that is the Leftist/BLM response to thousands of murders of Black Americans every year from gang and street violence. BLM and the Left don't care about murdered Black Americans unless they were killed by a white police officer. They obliviously sprint over the bodies of a thousand slain Black Americans to get to the photo op of the rare police related unjustified killing.
The only Black Lives that Matter to BLM and The Left are the ones they can exploit for political advantage.
The rest don't even register on their radar.
With all due respect, the NRA consistently markets that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

I haven't worked out all the permutations, but I think it's abundantly clear that if the NRA is right, James Shaw Jr. is not worthy of any praise.
It appears they're focusing on the killings that appear racially motivated. A black guy shooting and killing another black guy to steal his wallet is probably not racially motivated, it's just a crime of opportunity. But a white police officer shooting and killing an unarmed black man who committed a minor crime (e.g., running a stop sign) appears to have more going on behind the scenes.

You do get the difference, yes?

Also, reporting on every shooting death would completely consume everyone's time. I mean, there are so many gun crimes every day it's simply impossible to cover them all. So many guns. So many gun crimes. It'd be an interesting challenge to post in a comment every single gun crime that happened in the United States yesterday. Just one day. It's almost like there's a gun problem in the US, don't you think?
No, sorry; we don't.
Both are just as dead.
And there are a thousand Black Americans killed by gang and street violence for every one killed by unjustified police killing.
We absolutely do not understand at all why, or even how, BLM and The Left can ignore the thousand;
why their lives, and tragic deaths, in fact do not matter;
we find the choice of name a cruel sadistic Orwellian perversion.

@48 the cracked out left only cares about deaths that feed a specific narrative. They really have become the right-wing of the 1990's with their focus on telling a story with selective choice of facts and ideological purity.

It won't be long until they start to nominate their own George W Bushes, Sarah Palins and Donald Trumps
Ignoring the thousands? The "left" (democrats, liberals, whatever) is constantly trying to pass legislation to help blacks in bad situations. Equal opportunity laws, more affordable housing, tougher gun laws, more public assistance, better public education funding, etc. But they're blocked by the right. They can't do it alone, they need bi-partisan support to help the thousands.

How is that "ignoring" them?

As for focusing on the "one unjustified police killing for every thousand gang/street killing" that's just human nature, regardless of race/gender/whatever. You said it yourself, it's a thousand to one ratio, what do you think the national media will zero in on? There are a thousand car crashes to every plane crash... how come you don't hear about every car crash every day but always hear about every plane crash? Do people not value car crash victims? Come on... don't be obtuse.
@48: With the number of names you run through monogramming your towels must be a nightmare.
Oh, I see the troll finally did something to cross the line with the Stranger, and he had to set up a new account again. (So that was why there was a blessed lull without his presence for a bit.) The last account lasted... two weeks? A new record! I see "they" are still using parks/mountains as the theme though.

@42: I wasn't talking to you. I'm also becoming more and more convinced that if you're not SeattleBlues, you're enough like him that I don't want to waste the mental energy attempting to engage with you. Equating CNN and NPR as equals to FOX as you did recently was enough to convince me you're too far gone down the rabbit hole to see the light of reason anymore.

We're sorry, but that just sounds insane.
Although I realize it actually is how The Left operates.

We're going to ignore the thousands of deaths because they are mundane and boring,
and we are going to get excited about the rare occurrences, because they are interesting and fresh and; rare?
But we don't stop there;
we distort and hype the rare events and convince the credulous that they happen EVERY DAY! OMG!!
And we terrify the communities that most desperately need a good relationship with the police into fearing and hating the police (with totally predictable results...)?
That is how we demonstrate that 'Black Lives Matter'?
We don't actually do anything about the thousands (of murders),
we ignore them, in fact;
and hype the rare?

To use your example, it would be as if we hyped and terrified about air travel to the point that people were terrified to fly, and insisted that we must shut vthe airlines down.

And to address the earlier part of your comment;
when we say "Ignoring the thousands" we are talking about the thousands of murders;
but your comment about addressing "black" issues raises an interesting point;
The Right solution to the "black" problem would be for black men to marry and raise their kids and avoid all the social pathology and poverty that inevitably plagues broken families.
The Left sees social welfare as the fix, never addressing the core problem.
Never even addressing the sky high rates of out-of-wed births.
Never even acknowledging the source of the problem makes reaching a solution pretty much impossible;
the bandaids the Left wants to slap on the gushing wounds of social pathology are really no fix at all.

Shoo fly, don't bother me.
Jumping to the meat of your comment (and I think, the point of this entire discussion?)
The Right solution to the "black" problem would be for black men to marry and raise their kids and avoid all the social pathology and poverty that inevitably plagues broken families.
The Left sees social welfare as the fix, never addressing the core problem.
Never even addressing the sky high rates of out-of-wed births.
Never even acknowledging the source of the problem makes reaching a solution pretty much impossible;
Actually, let me focus in on THIS part, that is the real issue between the "left" and "right":
Never even acknowledging the source of the problem
Unfortunately, that's really the key part of where the left and right disagree. The right believes that blacks make poor choices that lead to their problems, the left believes that the prejudices and influences of society lead to their problems. Put more simply, suppose you see someone walking along a path and they suddenly fall down. The right would assume that person is clumsy, the left would assume there was an uneven surface the person tripped on. The right says everything that happens to you is your own doing (the fault is personal), the left says everything that happens to you is society's doing (the fault is the environment).

What's the TRUE reason for high out-of-wedlock births? Is it really poor personal choices and nothing else? Just that black men are wired in their DNA to get women pregnant and to avoid marriage? Really?

The real reason is probably a mix of the two.

The right would do well to look at societal factors that might play into people's fates more (e.g., discrimination).
The left would do well to look at personal factors that might play into people's fates more (e.g., poor choices).

Unfortunately, it appears neither side does either very often.

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