I figure it's a given that they will be invited to the White House by Trump. What I'm curious about is whether they will get fast food, too.


He’ll do anything to appeal to the stupid, bitter people,


1 - the white house invite was known to be a 'fake' story hours before this was published.

2 - 'The current dominant reading of the expanded recording of the incident is that the blacks were racists and homophobic, the Native Americans were dishonest and even made the situation worse with their dumb drumming. And the white kids were, to use the words of Donald Trump's son, a "bunch of nice Catholic kids."'

In what fucking universe is this the dominant narrative? Breitbart maybe? But that's certainly not the narrative on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, MSNBC, NPR, or the BBC. It's the dominant narrative in your dreams, Charles, not in anywhere approaching reality. It's your fantasy narrative because it rationalizes any kind of reaction from you. These kids and families have MONEY - not power. If they had power, you'd be defending them. Your friends would be defending him. In reality, not even Katie Herzog is defending them.

Please join reality before writing anything more. A decade ago you were a respected writer in this town, now you're a fucking nobody. maybe there's a reason.


@5 its like Rashomon, man. I sure don't know what the "dominant narrative" is. Why should I take your word for it rather than Mudede's? Who made you the expert?


Like Trumpfy has a Choice -- if the FOX says there's gonna be
a meet'n'greet, there's gonna be a meet'n'greet.

Rupert 'Uncle Snoopy' Murdoch didn't give Trumpfy all that Free Publicity
for nothing.

Look forward to chocolate milk, pinza and cookies, kids!
And don't take any Crap off'n the Prez!


@1 seatackled, @3 Catalina Vel-DuRay, and @4 German Sausage: I know, right?

Trumpty Dumpty and Fox Network are two main reasons why I am SO glad I no longer have a TV and avoid Twitter altogether. I don't miss it at all.


@8 kristofarian: Accepting tepid, E-coli-infested Big Macs from Trumpty Dumpty? Yeeeeechhh! I'll pass. Griz doesn't do toxic industrial waste.


@7 - I have no opinion whatsoever on the events themselves. I haven't watched a single second of video. And so therefore I have no opinion on what people say about it as such. But I could possibly form an opinion on what the "dominant narrative" is. Because ffs you can hardly avoid the narratives. But which is dominant?

That's what Sportlandia is yelling at Mudede about - identifying the wrong "dominant narrative" which is like a third order gripe. Talk about silly. ugh, this whole thing. Those Russian troll farms really hit the jackpot this time.


Wherein an old man who did not serve in Vietnam gets into a pissing match with a sixteen year old boy and loses.

What’s next, everyone?


i want president asshole to invite all these dipshits for a beer summit. and all of them have to drink beer of my choosing. even trump.

fuck this story. america is a fucking child.


Ingraham probably made that up, but Trump is scared shitless of her and Ann Coulter so he'll feel compelled to have a photo op with the lads. Otherwise, the girls will call him a wuss.


Good Evening Charles,
I believe Mark Twain in the 19th century said it best "Rumor goes round the world before the truth has a chance to get its boots on".

This tempest will calm. There are no winners here.


@11 since the article is about the dominant narrative, and your responding to my response, does that put you as like, 6th order? Strange accusation.


That was a beautiful comment, CM. Stunner of an ending.


The content of your character resembles the bottom of a port-a-potty my dude.


Are 28, 29, and 30 the same person? Their rants are so similar in their idiocy, fantasy, and projection.



Idiocy, fantasy, and projection...

Says the guy with the Saints Row video game avatar....lolz. Oohhhhhhh, he so tough!


I missed the little dig as rastafarianism. My grandfather is a jamaican rasta. I asked him once about what he thought about white kids with dreadlocks. He said "one thing we say a lot, is don't judge so much".

Seems impossible that BHI could have any relationship with rastafarianism, since BHI seems aggressively racist and separatist.


When white kids act like assholes its a black guys fault, that includes when the kids called those white girls "sluts" and said it isn't rape if they "like it".


A good article about how this incident was played by the conservative media:

Too bad some folks at the Stranger pushed the conservative narrative about this. Covington High School kids wore blackface to challenge their opponents in basketball. Is blackface now acceptable among the Stranger staff?


@35 wouldn't you know it? Blackface IS acceptable to Stranger staff!

Do you know what the response was, from the leaders at the Stranger to that? NOTHING.

Also, absolutely nobody on the Stranger staff (by which you mean Katie Herzogg) has implied that the boys are heroes, or anything remotely close, and if you think otherwise, you are straight lying. A lying liar who lies because your opinion is more important than the truth. See you at the March for Science!



At least two of the three things in that dude's comment in that thread you link are objectively (and easily vetted to be) factually incorrect. He whines that Savage/The Stranger never apologized for their role in outing the wrong guy in that fiasco from 2011 when a waitress received an insult laden $0 tip. There are several follow-up slog posts about it, one of which indicates they're deleting the original post for that specific reason, and then another in which Dan himself explicitly apologizes, viewable here...

Then the commenter whines about former staff photographer Kelly O posing in blackface, but having looked into that previously, I'm pretty certain she never posed and isn't in blackface. She definitely would seem to have taken a picture of posed friends which... FUCKING SUCKS! But it absolutely does not implicate her of posing in blackface, as the commenter claims.

Given the nature of this current saga and all the insistence on posting verifiably factual information, I'm gonna go ahead and dismiss that comment as irrelevant shitposting, despite being too lazy to look into whether the third gripe was any more legitimate (it was honestly something that I had absolutely no recollection of, unlike the first two.)


@32 - At least when Teddy whines about my avatar he can place it in the appropriate series.


@37 Go fuck yourself. You want to hold some high school kids accountable because some other kids who went to their high school a decade ago wore blackface, but give Kelly a pass because she was merely celebrating and dancing with her friend in blackface while simultaneously trying to end someone else's career? (I saw the pictures with my own eyes). How do you get that hypocritical? If I were that much a piece of shit, I'd do my community a favor and off myself.


@37 "Blackface: ok for white liberals, not ok for anyone else" - woke liberalism defined.


@39 - you're a liar for numerous reasons but in this case it's because you're still here even after clearly meeting your own standard.


@41 name one


@42 - I guess you're right, you don't have any standards. I don't really consider "being a peice of shit" one, but maybe you do.


@42 - I guess you're right, you don't have any standards. And you're a piece of shit.

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