New Civil Rights Movement:

"People can change," a mother tells her daughter after comparing same-sex marriage to a criminal trying to smuggle weapons on a plane in a new cartoon released on the official Jehovah's Witnesses website.... The official website for Jehovah’s Witnesses just released a short cartoon video with the purposes of teaching kids that same-sex marriage is wrong. The video propaganda is disturbing on so many levels. Not only does it push a view that marriage between two loving people of the same gender is wrong, but it also teaches kids that they should actively speak out against it and try to convert others to turn away from the “homosexual lifestyle.”

At the end of the video, Cartoon Mom asks Cartoon Daughter what she can say to Carrie, her classmate with the two moms, that might convince Carrie to change. Or convince Carrie to change moms. Or something. The little girl rattles off some reasons Carrie's moms might want to change divorce each other, marry men, and go through the motions of pretending to like dick for the rest of their immiserated lives: Paradise! All the cute animals you get to play with in paradise! The resurrection!

"That's awesome!" Mom says. "Let's practice!"

Now Carrie's parents could encourage their daughter to tell her JW classmate about birthdays and Christmas presents and Easter baskets and blood transfusions and all the other awesome stuff her parents and their stupid, shitty religion prevent her from enjoying here on earth—as well as all the other things that suck about growing up in a stupid fucking cult—in the hopes that Carrie classmate's parents might change. Because membership in an idiotic, harmful, dangerous, god-bothering "faith" is a choice and people can and do change, aka "convert," all the time. And Carrie's parents could encourage their daughter to send her JW classmate to websites like this one and this one.

But same-sex parents don't encourage their kids to be towering dicks to kids with religious parents. That shit only flows in one direction.