Christianing is hard.
Gotta love the chistofascists. They are so out of touch, they let their preachers rape their children. They pump nonstop propaganda, in every automated and otherwise, echochamber in murica,with lies and confubulatory conspiracy bullshit.

They spread lies and propaganda, about everyone else being pedopholes. They are by far the largest group of pedophiles possible! From herr trumpo the clown, to republican sickos like larry from heidieho, to priests, preachers, fundamentalist cults (on tv noless), mormons, mormon polygamists, christian boy scout leaders, and sunday school teachers.

Twisted, mind-warped, psychos, so brainwashed by their psychoic religious crap and obsessed by it, that they are the most prolific , mentally ill bastards possible! Bigots, genociders, anti-life in every possible way. They bear false witness, murder all life on earth, covetous of everything, liars, thieves, pedophiles of the worse sort.
Evangelical christians are all morally bankrupt. They are apostates.
alls i had to see was ‘ star alabama preacher ‘ and i knew what was up.
On the bright side, Rob Corddry just found his twin!
4 comments deleted in less than 15 minutes?
Guess we weren't the triggered ones....
I find it especially galling that they use "Think of the children!" to pass things like censorship laws (e.g. SESTA) or drug prohibition while simultaneously enabling the largest sex abuse institutions in the country.
Oh, so this post isn't about the midwestern megachurch pastor? Totally different guy? Sorry! It's hard to keep up.
"sissies are awesome"
I'll drink to that later this evening
Gadsden seems like a shithole.…
@ 16,

Thought for sure you'd be talking about this Alabaman shithole.…
(though I suppose that's perhaps more of a shitpile.
@16: You think it's bad now — you should have been there before they banned Roy Moore from the mall.
Note to Fred: Reading link before replying to comment is a good practice.
Let's try again.
If Dan gags on too much Inconvenient Truth at one time perhaps just a little bit at a time will go in easier....

"If kids got raped by clowns as often as they get raped by preachers it would be illegal to take your kids to the circus."

OK, Dan; how often do kids get raped by preachers?
How many preachers are molesters?
One in a hundred?
One in a thousand?
One in a million?
And how does that compare to teachers?
Coaches? (Olympic coaches?)

Just exactly what is the level of threat that preachers pose to children?

Thank you in advance.
Mobile is nice.

Defender of The Truth.

How many child rapist mayors is OK withThe Left, blip?
How many child rapist teachers?
Scout Masters?

Are there more molesting preachers than murdering cops?
Are more children molested by preachers than are slaughtered by military style assault weapons at school?

Do you stay at home hiding under your bed afraid a meteor might fall on your head, blip?
Keeping our children safe requires a realistic knowledge of the risks, blip.
The actual risks, not some scary fable spun by hatemongering bitter old queens whose momma drug them off to mass.

How many preachers rape children, blip.
We really want to know.

I think it's whether or not the good works they are doing outweighs the child molesting they are doing.
For yosemite sam the yingyang troll spam. Most of the south, and all of utah are, imbued with the largest and most prolific, institutionalized- pedophile scum possible. All preacher endorsed. Go fuk yurself and eatshit devil thing
@17 Ha! I hadn’t seen that story. Disgusting.

@20 Hey, it happens.
Is that what Dan is doing, documenting it?
So there have been two molesting preachers?
Factored over the number of preachers in the country they must be way safer than teachers,
way way safer than top tier Olympic trainers,
way way way safer than mayors....

I think blip is referring to this:…
So this is the first molesting preacher since 2008?

You seem smart. Let’s be friends!
Keeping our children safe requires a realistic knowledge of the risks, blip.
The actual risks, not some scary fable spun by hatemongering bitter old queens whose momma drug them off to mass.
You mean risks like trans people using the "wrong" bathroom?

Dan's Youth Pastor Watch posts get filed under a slog 'Religion' tag. I clicked on said tag so as to yield all posts filed under it and was rewarded with 2,106 pages worth of results, each of which contained 50 posts. I counted the number of posts implicating pastors of molestation on the first page and came up with 11. Multiplying that by the number of pages containing such posts, I come up with over 23,000. Of course, Dan's YPW posts back in the day would typically report as many as six or more perverted pedophiles who rape children under the guise of some sad Catholic indoctrination scam within a single entry, so this number may be wildly conservative and inaccurate, though it's still appalling and horrific regardless.

Evangelicalism is a monstrosity; even you can embrace this simple truth. Can't imagine this'll answer your question, but hopefully it offers some more fodder for your trolling idiocy.
@31 Why are you so invested? Are you a youth pastor? Married to one?
That is 2106 posts, not pages.
We went back three years and read every post watching youth pastors and counted the number of preachers within the posts;
23 in three years.

Any is too many.

With about 350,000 congregations in the USA, and assuming three pastors each say about a million clergymen.
divided by eight a year yields one out of 130,000 preachers a year raping children.
but how does that compare to other groups?

There are 750,000 people on sex offender registries in the USA.
With 235 million adults in the country that means one out of every 300 adults in the country is a registered sex offender.
1/300 is way more than 1/130,000

There are 100 million children under 18 in the country.
20% of girls and 8% of boys will be sexually abused by their 18th birthday.
Of the 100 million that yields about 14 million abused by 18, about a million a year.
Let's say our 8 pastors assault 5 victims each (none of the ones Dan listed were accused of that many but we'll estimate high...) that is 40 assaults out of a million a year.
So one of 25,000 assaulted children was victimized by a pastor, the other 24,999 by someone else.
Again, pastors seem to be a pretty small piece of the equation.…

Any rapes of children by pastors is too many.
But pastors are a very small piece of the overall threat children face.

Because we care about children, and what actually poses a threat to them.

Because we have a thing about The Truth, and an aversion to lying propaganda.

Because if police are MURDERING black men it should stop, but if The Left is lying about police they should stop.
Because The Left is lying about the risk schoolchildren face of being slaughtered by "military style" "assault weapons".

If Dan is ignorant of the actual risk posed to children/teens by preachers he should educate himself.
If Dan is intentionally lying and hatemongering he should stop.

Actual risks to children: (from the HuffPost linked above)

"As many of 40 percent of children who are sexually abused are abused by older, or more powerful children. (Finkelhor, 2012) Note: with the easy access to pornography we are seeing more and more cases of child on child sexual abuse, and older children/siblings sexually abusing younger children."

Dan is a big fan of pornography.
Will he not think of the children?
ditto for prostitution.
How many children are forced into Dan's favorite industry?
Aw, Yosemite can’t stand big ol’ meanie libs talking about child molesting preachers.

Do you know why there are so many child-raping priests and preachers, Yosemite? Because the teachers, doctors, child-care workers and such need certifications from the government, and that requires screening for known warning signs of pedophelia. But the government can’t require that of church employees, so that entree into the kiddies — often with parents believing a Man of Gawd would do no harm — is left wide open for abuse. (Maybe if those parents had a little less faith...)

So keep on pulling big numbers out of your big ass. Nobody cares, and it won’t un-rape any altar boys, either.
The other scandalous thing here is this grammatically awful sentence: "Once recognized as one of the nation's leading student pastors, God has clearly blessed Acton with the ability to reach today's high tech, attention-lacking culture." "God" was "once recognized as one of the nation's leading student pastors"? That position seems beneath Her.
@ 36,

"According to a 2004 research study by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 4,392 Catholic priests and deacons in active ministry between 1950 and 2002 have been plausibly (neither withdrawn nor disproven) accused by 10,667 individuals of the sexual abuse of a youth under the age of 18. Estimating the number of priests and deacons active in the same period at 110,000, the report concluded that approximately 4% have faced these allegations."…

Just incomprehensibly fucking awful, regardless of however many postings are made to any alt-weekly publication blogs..

And to take a step back, there exists an alarming element of predictability to it all. An ancient institution thats populated by and caters to vulnerable and wayward children is naturally going to attract predatory types to positions of leadership, particularly when those children's parental and authority figures are similarly naive and gullible.
I don't get it ...who fall$ for & finance$ the bizarre Christian brands & their strange medieval myths, fairy tales & hatreds? Is it for eternal life? (very plausible, right!) ...or could it be that folks are terrified of the Super Santa Claus in the Sky™—who is everywhere & sees everything you do. One question for the xTians: If your 'god' (The Lord, Jesus, Holy Ghost) is all-powerful, as the 'Bible' says...why doesn't He/She/It just kill Satan? Yeah, why doesn't your 'god' just huff & puff & smite & smote & destroy that ol' Devil? I think I know wouldn't be good for the 'god' bu$ine$$
@16 - please don't send us to Alabama, it is too scary....
From the movie "Spotlight". Estimates were that 6% of Catholic priests were pedophiles. (Spoiler alert: The Boston Globe Spotlight reporters eventually found their ~90 odd pedophile priests in the archdiocese.)…

And yet teachers, doctors, child-care workers, youth coaches, college football coaches, top tier Olympic trainers working out of prestigious universities do abuse children in their care.
Do they do it more often than "youth pastors"? Less often?
Dan doesn't know.
He doesn't care.
He hates religion and he hates xtians so he dredges up stories off the internet and presents them with no context and asserts that it should be illegal to send your kids to church.

Preachers do sometimes exploit their position of trust to abuse. And financially exploit. And etc. Preachers, even the ones not abusing kids, can be pretty slimy creepy characters. (disclaimer- we do not and never have affiliated with a 'religion' with preachers...) but lying about and distorting the truth to feed one's own and create hatred and bigotry is also creepy and evil.

How often do preachers rape kids?
The Pope estimates 2%.
Sorry, our commitment to fairness and accuracy does not extend to defending the Catholic Church.
If Dan wants to call for parents who drag their children there to be locked up we would not argue with him.
But he should realize that his experiences are not be typical of all Americans' experiences with religion.
Dan is not alone in twisting reality to feed the huge Leftist appetite for distorted fake hate-fostering "news".

Remember back when police were MURDERING black men?
It was a 24/7 story for months on end.
The formulae is the same; take occurrences, hype them endlessly, omit context, create terror at this HUGE crisis, gin up hatred.
rinse and repeat.
The Left spun 2 or 3 actual occurrences of unjustified killings of black men (2 or 3 is too many, btw...) plus throwing in and lying about a bunch of justified (but tragic) killings just to get the fire really hot and created an environment where people set out ad murdered white police officers just because they were white police officers. Mission acomplished.

School children slaughtered by Military Style Assault Weapons?
Rare. A teeny tiny slice of the pie of dangers our children face. Any is too many, but exceedingly rare. In fact, probably about as many kids get driven off a cliff into the ocean by their adoptive moms as get gunned down at school by scary Military Style Assault Weapons.
but never let the facts deter The Left from whipping up terror and hatred, this time in children, against gun owners and the NRA.

What about the lesbian moms?
What if Fox News hyped that story the way The Left hyped Parkland. Three weeks later still giving it 24/7 coverage. What if they made it front page news anytime an adoptive homosexual parent abused their children. Followed each and every occurrence for weeks. Until the next one came along.
What if they said; "If clowns abused kids as often as adoptive homosexual parents do it would be illegal to go to the circus".
Dan would squeal, justifiably, that they were distorting reality to feed a hateful bigoted narrative.
Creating the perception of a huge crisis, a huge threat to our children, that was totally out of proportion to the reality.
That they were condemning innocent people doing good work for the, admittedly horrible, sins of a very small minority.
Dan would recognize what a despicable abuse of their public platform that was.

Not to needle a point, but quoting some number of people on sex offender registries is a specious claim for your argument. Not all 750,000 people on sex offender registries are people who have raped or molested children specifically. In some states you can end up on sex offender registries for public urination, or sexting, or any of a number of 'crimes' which have nothing to do with raping anyone, let alone a minor.

You need more specific stats and less hyperbolic vitriol.
I'm beginning to think a Yosemite is sort of like a Sodomite, except they can't stop typing on their cellphone while being fucked.

So, basically a power bottom with a texting fetish...
Well, that's a very insightful contribution to the conversation, Chris.
@50: @49 actually explains your behavior here pretty well.

@45: Do you know what the difference is between doctors, nurses, teachers, child-care workers, and preachers? We don’t need the last. Make every book of scripture, every shepherd of the faith, all magically disappear overnight, and what have we lost? Basis for bloody conflicts in various places, maybe. Otherwise, nothing. NOTHING. That’s why no one cares about the smoke-screen you keep trying to emanate here. (And no, your endless flatulence does not actually obscure anything.)

There’s a reason Dan wrote “clowns,” you know. That you just don’t get it makes it all the more hilarious to the rest of us.
Do you think that we can only be upset about 1 issue? Personally I think we should reduce unwarranted police murder, child rape by priests, child rape by non-priests and adoptive parents abusing their kids, among other things. I don't expect every single post to address every single issue. To attempt that would make every post impossibly long and unreadable. I can be appalled by yet another pastor raping kids and that does not in any way diminish how appalled I am when a cop shoots yet another unarmed person.

You try to compare rapey priests to rapey teachers but you miss a critical point. When a teacher rapes kids they lose their job and go to jail. Consistently. When they're convicted they go to jail and everyone berates them, rightfully, for their heinous act. When a priest rapes kids their "Christian" followers, in many cases, attack the kid. They continually support their human shitstain of a priest. They attack the "liberal left media" for pointing out what an evil bastard he (almost always he) is. In many many cases the priest is bounced around to different parishes and hidden from the law to avoid conviction until they retire to their cush priestly retirement home to live out their lives in comfort while their victims spend their lives in therapy.

That's the fundamental difference. It's false Christians like yourself who continue to defend and protect these maggots and then go right back to donating to them once they've "gotten right with God" and sending their children right back in for more good times. A pedo teacher on the other hand goes to jail and never gets to go back to teaching.

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