Meh. He's a vain old man with an ego and narcissism that can't keep up with his age.
His hair (or whatever it is) has been the butt of jokes for ages.
Hillary on a bad hair day wasn't so pretty either.
I've never really understood why more balding people don't just shave their heads, especially now that doing so is a fairly trendy look. Cheeto would like fairly fucking insane of course, but only because we've become accustomed to looking at that monstrosity for the past 30 freaking years.

If he did his followers would have even more difficulty than they already do telling the difference between this and this.
Something looks weird about this video, it might be doctored. I'm going to wait for Snopes to weigh in on this before I let it haunt my nightmares.
@3, isn't it time to stop bringing Hillary into everything? If you hadn't noticed, the Presidential campaign is over.
Can we keep articles simply dissing someone's appearance to tumblr? Like, trump fucking sucks like no one in our political world has sucked before. But this belongs on the "Kim Davis is Fugly" list of posts that petty, cruel, and pointless.
Maybe Sportlandia @8, if this little fascist wasn't destroying the US and scaring the bejesus out of the rest of us. Every little bit to erode this man is welcome.
Back of his head looks like Darth Vader just before he died, after he took the helmet off. Except Anakin was hot as a young padwan, and old man Vader redeemed himself. Trump was never cute and looks unlikely to redeem himself.
That looks fake.
he's an oberse, vain clown, and his engineered blonde pompadour should have been ridiculed in 2016 as effeminate. loudly and often, like the way Kerry was mocked for wearing spandex while riding a road bike.

HRC should have directly and repeatedly mocked it at their debates. she should have emasculated him. told him to just be bald; he looks ridiculous, everyone can see what he's trying to hide.

oh, but that's beneath the Dems. never mock someone's appearance, even if they do it to you over and over and over. now we do it and it just looks peevish.

whipeepo won't vote for a pussy - they want a strong daddy who'll spank the scary brown peepo. trump gave it to them, and no Dem had the wherewithal to point out that the emperor wasn't wearing any clothes.

in 2020 we need someone like John Tester on the ticket. someone who can credibly point out that a preening Lord Fauntleroy like Trump isn't a "real man" in the way that working-class whites conceive of themselves. gender stereotype the fuck out of trump.
@9 but that's exactly my point. once you start making exceptions because this person deserves it...

You know, I recently talked about the old "he's so well spoken" dog-whistle on facebook; many of my white friends - my urbane, liberal friends who support BLM and such - had no idea that "So well spoken" was a thing, no idea at all. I assumed this shit was blatantly obvious to everyone, but maybe white folks really do get to be that oblivious and still proceed to positions of power in life. All this is to say: You may think the slope isn't slippery because it'll never be steep enough to include you. But some of us are closer to the frontlines; and trust me, this slope is slippery as fuck.
I dislike Trump as much as anyone, but I think it is a mistake to make fun of his appearance. At least Iā€™m public. We cede the high moral ground and it makes it harder to criticize when Trump and those around him criticize progressives, particularly women, about their appearance.
Clearly you don't just like him as much as anyone.
Clearly you don't dislike him as much as anyone.
Trump proves that ugly is not just skin deep.
@15 I have no problem making fun of his appearance, mainly it gets a rise out of him. I mean who in the world would during a 2016 primary season debate have to publicly state they have large genitals, because people were mocking his hands?

Trump's hair has been an issue for some time, and he has gone out of his way to say his hair is real, what the video showed, it has a hinge, and most likely a very elaborate combover...
@13: Sportlandia: this post points to how he lies, even about his hair. It's all false, all lies.
This is all you have?


If this is the best you can come up not only will Trump win a second term but he will deserve it.
Will The Left ever wake up to the fact that hating Trump, in as small and petty ways as can be imagined, is not a formulae for winning elections. Or leading the nation.
Shame on you.

If there is more perhaps you might dispense with the elementary school name calling and tomfoolery
and bring your A game.

Because Trump and the koolaid drinkers are getting a fair amount of their agenda passed into law.
And reversing all of Obama's decrees.
And Ruth isn't looking too good lately.
And Anthony has told clerks he is retiring later this year.

So, sure; laugh it up, fuzzball...
don't let us interrupt you.
@7: Think of it as nostalgic.
@26; and what do you suggest? Armed coup perhaps, or everybody move to New Zealand?
The Women's March brought out millions of people a few short weeks ago. It looks like there is lots of on the ground activity with people running for office. You value your democracy, then you follow the rules.
Mocking this totalitarian misfit trump, just letting off a bit of steam.
* it may not have been millions, although it should have been.
in 2020 we need someone like John Tester on the ticket. someone who can credibly point out that a preening Lord Fauntleroy like Trump isn't a "real man" in the way that working-class whites conceive of themselves. gender stereotype the fuck out of trump.

Agreed, Max. He would be a fantastic choice, in my opinion. Everything I've seen of him makes me want to see him take on more responsibilities. He seems like one of the very few politicians left that isn't repugnant to some degree.

And I see that Slog has a new alt-right troll. Joy of joys.
Trump is a clown, even his own supporters are only lukewarm on his personality. But jesus fucking christ stop laughing WITH him and start laughing AT him. Get this destruction of the u.s. started NOW please, thank you very much.
Ugh. I love Dan and hate Trump but wtf is up with the body shaming?!

Armed Coup?
oh my....

How about a terrible-twos kicking screaming tantrum in the floor?
They are about the same thing....

Here is a crazy idea;
How about 'voting'?

Democracy in Americas actually works pretty well.
In fact, the last election was a stark demonstration that the common people can defeat the combined might of Hollywood, Big Media, the Press,the two organized parties and the Establishment's hand-picked shoo-in can't-loose candidate to elect someone nobody gave anychance of winning.

The People. United. Will Never Be Defeated!

The problem for The Left is not that the system doesn't work.
The problem for The Left is that the system works too well.
(please don't whine about the Electoral College.....don't make us remind you for the umpteenth time how much less support Hillary got from Black voters)

The Left has a message problem, not a message delivery problem.
The problem The Left has is that the American people see thru and aren't buying their bullshit.

What we are going to say next will sound inflammatory and intentionally provocative but it is not, it is a measured considered objective fact;
Leftism as practiced in America has degenerated to the level of a mental illness.
The infantile mass hysteria disfunction on college campuses after the election is an example.
The recent post here on Slog featuring Rose McGowan is another. go watch it. It is literally frightening.

The Left needs to take a deep long look into its own soul and do some searching.

Because next to The Left, even Trump looks acceptable.
And that is the most frightening example of all.

Joy of Joys, indeed.
Slog should listen to its Troll and not ban us.
@31 - Nothing "new" here. One of the same. The one who's almost Seattleblues, may even be Seattleblues, but doesn't make the same claims to have a wife of color or a villa in Italy, either to avoid detection, or because he's actually a different person rendered indistinguishable by a lack of original thought among the alt-right rank & file.

But the modus operandi is unmistakable. There's even an outline. See @26, with headings for reference:
I. If there is more perhaps you might dispense with the elementary school name calling and tomfoolery
and bring your A game.

II. Because Trump and the koolaid drinkers are getting a fair amount of their agenda passed into law.
III. And reversing all of Obama's decrees.
And Ruth isn't looking too good lately.
And Anthony has told clerks he is retiring later this year.

IV. So, sure; laugh it up, fuzzball...
V. don't let us interrupt you.

Here's the breakdown:

I. Dolled-up playground taunt accusing either the author of the post or a previous commenter of making a (slightly less dolled-up) playground taunt.

II. Wordy sentence fragment, usually blaming the election of the current demagogue on the playground taunts referenced in I. Not unlike an abuser who says, "I wouldn't hit you if you wouldn't keep bringing me warm beer."

III. A weirdly formatted list of all the things that will keep happening to liberals and progressives because they lack the insight the troll possesses. Looks like a haiku, but I actually find it's most enjoyable to read them aloud as if they're Jason Statham one-liners.

IV. Pop culture reference so we don't think he's some fundamentalist fuddy duddy who hasn't read a book since Aquinas (maybe not the best reference, since I doubt the troll is well-read enough to be able to competently discuss Aquinas).

V. Tossed-off, falsely acquiescent dismissal to remind you that he thinks of himself as the adult in the room, and all others as unworthy children that he needn't trouble himself to engage.

He may wear a new name, but he doesn't do much else to disguise himself.
Why waste bandwidth on body shaming when there's so much more important horror related to President Cheeto-I-Found-In-The-Hide-A-Bed?
@35 - I agree. Not because you bring any value or originality to the dialogue; there's not enough stone in your wheel to sharpen our blades, and you're not interested enough in serious dialogue to reach any kind of mutual understanding through dialectic. But I think if we ban all middling intellects prone to your brand of chest-beating and self-aggrandizement, we'll never know enough about that sub-species of homo sapien to keep yet another one from, say, winning the presidency.

See, personally, I know people who believe strongly in all sorts of things. What makes the likes of you a mystery to me is the lack of some baseline of rational self-doubt. I only encounter that absence among the rarest and most deeply damaged (and damaging) of people out here in the meat world. On the internet, they - you - are enabled by, one imagines, relative anonymity allowing you to either affect a bravado that you don't actually possess, or, just as likely, shed the affectation of rational self-doubt and curiosity that allows you to function day-to-day.
All that said ... I don't know what we gain by shaming his appearance. I'm perplexed by combovers and hair replacements, being a head-shaver myself, but I know some funny-looking progressives, too. I voted for Bernie in the primaries and Clinton in the general, and I would gladly give either of them a makeover; I don't know if that would have helped them at the polls, and I'm certain it wouldn't have had any effect on their policy proposals.

On the other hand ... Are blog comment sections ground for discourse, or are they cocktail parties? Because bitching about bad style is perfectly fair for the latter.
@12 @31 oh shit are we talking about my main man Tester
@12 Agree, but that role should be reserved for the VP, aka Biden attack dog.
@37: How is mocking his spray-tanned skin color any different than mocking his absurd hair styling? While tu quoque is a logical fallacy, it's still relevant to social credibility, so admonishments that don't engage in the behavior they're admonishing tend to taken more seriously.
+1 for use of "emotional-support peacock".
@34 even as an Australian I know you talk shit. Yes, Americans should vote. Make it compulsory like here and make it easily available to do so people aren't in lines for hours. You're not a third world country. Not yet anyways.
And no your democracy doesn't seem to work fine at all. The Electoral College is a crock and allows a president who hasn't won the majority of votes to be President. And please nobody give me a rave about the EC. I've done enough reading to see what a dud it is, the way it operates now. But yes. A constitutional change would be needed. So. There goes your "our democracy is working fine" bullshit.
So basically, he's a Centari from Babylon 5?
@3 & @7: STFU about Hillary already! She is infinitely better qualified as 45th President of the United States than the criminally inept, HUUUUUUUGE MISTAKE in CHIEF.
@34: Speak for yourself. I don't find Trumpzilla acceptable at ALL.
@44 LavaGirl: Bless you, and keep on rockin' the house!
On one hand, yes, hilarious and horrifying. On the other, making fun of him for this is being kind. He thrives on this sort of distraction. So, please more posts about him hiding his tax returns and financial interests, or one of the dozens of other things he's doing that make him evil and un-American.
@33 and @37 I was about to make similar comments, but in jest.

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