Ok, cute and all, but less than 1% of Vancouver-ians are going to know this is connected to the alt-right and will instead probably think it's some teen prank. Even I didn't know what the hell the headline and story was about until I specifically saw that a tiny group of people is calling another tiny group of people dildos. It'll be a tiny effort, a waste of money and dildos, and a point that will be lost on over 99% of anyone who sees it.

Sorry, but it's kinda like when conservatives destroyed their already paid for Nike stuff protesting a kneeling football player... except even LESS people will be aware of it.


Just a reminder: crossing a state line to incite or commit violence is a federal crime. Just sayin.


4 - U R wrong about that. Every krusty kracker in the couv will be clutching her pearls and screetching about the 2018 dildo problem.



And yet that seems to be little deterrence for the dildos who go from Vancouver to Portland, just sayin'.


Afterthought: the volunteer dildo cleanup brigade should be HILARIOUS.


See, the best tool is free speech and mockery.

Not non-binaries in black masks smashing windows out at Starbucks.



So, we can assume you would have come down against property destruction like tossing that tea over the side of the ship into Boston Harbor?


@13 I wouldn't compare fighting for national independence from a monarchy by dumping tea into a harbor with smashing up a Starbucks because everyone thinks your "ze" pronoun is stupid.

Now maybe you would, but that's a special kind of stupid.



I must say, I'm now really looking forward to seeing all the angry kiddos dressed up as a Native Americans instead of Carhart Ninjas at the next May Day post-march Direct Action thing they do.



A special kind of stupid?

How about conflating protests centered around the opposition of white power marches with those relating to pronouns.


"How about conflating protests centered around the opposition of white power marches with those relating to pronouns."

I would except that's pretty much all this is about. Bullshit SJWs vs. trolling Alt-right Reddits. It's the live-on-stage version of everything that is stupid on the internet.






Apparently you slept through this portion of U.S. History class, so here's a brief refresher - DO try to stay awake this time.

The "Boston Tea Party" did not occur during the American Revolutionary War, seeing as it: A. of All) was a local protest against a specific tax levied by the Crown in order to help prop up the floundering British East India Company, and; B. of All): took place in December of 1774, nearly a year and a-half prior to the outbreak of the war. Now, you may rightly suggest a loose correlation between the two events, but we were not "fighting for national independence" at the time the BTP took place; we didn't start doing that until Maj. Pitcairn marched his contingent of redcoats into Lexington (or Concord, depending on your sentiments) and the "shot heard round the world" was fired on April 19, 1775.

Thus endeth the lesson for today...

But, in any case, it's good to know your concern trolling isn't focused on the destruction of property per-se, but rather what is considered the proper attire when doing so.


My last statement should have been directed at @15, not @14.


@19 So why are you comparing the Tea Party to gender-fluid anarchists fighting alt-righters?

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