We guarantee this is 100% premium organic marijuana and NOT a bag of oregano sprinkled with Sudafed. Also, what the hell is the point of hash with no THC?


If only they had fucking Placebos, too. Not sure I could afford them, these guys aren't cheep -- but what else WOULD you expect from such a fine high-quality outstandingly fully Legitimate non-drug Drug Store?

(I'm thinking there might be onehellova Market for that THC-Free hash in our local Prisons. ALL the benes of an excellent hashish, without that annoying high. Fucking brilliant. Wait'll the old cellmates try THIS)

Mail me some, pronto -- the Check's in the fucking Mail.


Many moons ago, when I was stationed in Germany, we sampled hash from many parts of the world. Most common was Lebanese Red, always a good standard. About every 6 months some Afghan Black would be available, with white specks in it. The white specks were opium, that was some killer shit...….


Is it delivered by a Nigerian prince?


My guess is this site is a sting operation of some kind.


@6: Considering how this is your first post, I am sure you are a real person and not shilling at all.

Some advice: no one actually talks that way. You can't just copy and paste exactly what your PR guide/employee handbook says. You have to pretend you are a real person engaging in conversation.

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