That's chilling. Not to mention how bad people can be by easily ascertaining we're gay on Facebook.
What is it with bakers and discrimination? Why do we never hear of the butcher or the candlestickmaker ... or car-salesperson or realtor? Do bible-thumpers tend to become bakers rather than cheese-makers?
I just thought it was all cakes and gays. She could've just ordered a bunch of birthday cookies and it would have been fine. Or carrot cake... Because... I mean... Does it really even count as cake. According to Jesus anyway?
@3: Are you being sarcastic? Obviously the symbolism of the wedding cake for same sex newlyweds was the catayst.
@3 "What is it with bakers and discrimination? Why do we never hear of the [...] realtor?"

Because, culturally, we seem largely incapable of discussing racism or systemic discrimination?
As the late, great Christopher Hitchens noted in the subtitle of his book God is not Great, "...religion poisons everything."

Well, to be a cheese-maker, you'd have to be blessed, and I doubt most christians are.

After all, Jesus DID say "blessed are the cheese-makers." Though obviously it's not meant to be taken literally. It refers to any manufacturer of dairy products.
Sue them. They'll lose and have to pay just like the bigoted bakers in Oregon. When will these a$$holes learn? They need to stuff their bigotry in the closet or close their businesses.
Should go to a Muslim baker and ask for something gay. And then see what happens and the lack of outrage by the left.

What's the name of YOUR Muslim baker? We could use them to test your theory.
@11: You mean like a birthday cake? Which is the dessert under discussion. Would you care to explain the homosexual significance of celebrating the day of one's birth with baked goods?

@11 what do you mean "ask for something gay"? A sexual act or a date with someone of the same sex? All they asked for here was a cake and I'm pretty sure there's no evidence of cakes being gay. Sea lions, yes. Cakes, not so much.
If the gay couple asked for a cake from a Muslim baker, then they would have to do it, if you asked the Muslim baker for a pork sandwich, and it is not on their menu, then they don't have to make the sandwich. See how that works?
What state was this in?
What is this baker doing looking up customers on Facebook? Why do you need to do that? Just bake the damn cake.
@16: Dan's "birthday cake" linky goes to a page that says this happened in Toledo, Ohio.
I bet the baker is raking it in on their GoFundMe page already. You want to be the first baker to get in on this, get the most attention.

What a Christ asshole.
Can you really blame the baker? Refusing service to a gay couple is pretty much like winning the lottery, after the gofundme accounts get started…
Here's what I find most amazing. Customer comes in and places an order for a cake, one that says on it "Happy Birthday, Amanda". Customer gives her name as "Candace." At that point Candace could be Amanda's sister or cousin or co-worker or friend. Bakery clerk says "hmm, I better check Candace's facebook page just to be sure," and THAT'S where she finds out that Amanda and Candace are married. I know I'm behind the times, but is that a thing? Clerks checking their customers' facebook pages before filling orders? What do they think if they find a lot of pictures of cats?
@22 Fichu - that's what I was thinking. If a woman came in and ordered a cake that had another woman's name on it, I would probably assume that the customer is a sister or co-worker or mother, not that it's for a lesbian couple. The only explanation I can think of for the baker looking up their Facebook page is that the customer didn't specify anything like preferred colors or decorations and the baker tried to figure it out on their own. But even that's a lame explanation, considering it's usual to ask for that kind of information while the customer is standing there.
@22, 23 Or the customer had a certain hairstyle, dressed a certain way, and the baker's dingus-brain cogs started turning. Baker didn't say anything when the order was taken, in case their bigotry was unfounded. The stalking came next.
The name of this shop Dan? Be good to send them a little fb greeting.
put your facebook page on private. seriously. if it can be used against you, it will.

this will never stop. never. always be ready to fight them, whether by legislation or in the courts. keep fighting!
I know! How about if the request was for a cake with a background of rainbow frosting and a picture of labia and a clitoris on it?
@3, I think to justify investing your time and money into a bakery you either have to be independently wealthy or kind of an idiot. It's a low(ish) margin and low(ish) volume industry, but you don't need to be that smart or talented or educated to convince yourself that you could be good at it. And that combination is likely to attract a certain type of person. I personally think that if gays were more inclined to go to tupperware parties (or any other kind of bored-house-wife kind of entrepreneurial setting) we'd hear about this kind of discrimination in other industries more often. There's just this small and isolated overlap between our interest in entertaining and their idea of a what a "goodly-enterprise" is for a properly submissive woman.
Around here, there are a lot of semi-professional cake bakers who operate out of their own kitchens (not sure how that squares with health regulations....) They're bakers, I suppose, but they don't actually have bakeries, if by bakery you mean an actual shop with actual ovens behind, and glass cases, and middle aged women with strong accents and mustaches to wait on you..... All the girls who were really good at crafts in Girl Guides, who are now home with kids and want to make a few extra bucks now and then, seem to be doing this.
Their business was probably failing (thus lots of time to waste online). So they came up with this idea to refuse to sell to the gayz, hoping the story will go national, so then they can set up a begging Go fund me, and get $$$$ from bigots.

"...middle aged women with strong accents and mustaches", "...All the girls good at crafts in Girl Guides... now home with kids.."

Are you fucking kidding us here?
@11: Literally nothing will happen, you pile of human garbage.
Was it the lesbian relationship, or the interracial one, that triggered this bigoty baker?
@31: Due to mention of Girl Guides (and not Girl Scouts) I think 29 is not from the US. They also may be taking the piss.
A commenter on their Facebook page points out that she does not have a brick & mortar store, she does the baking out of her home at 445 Irving Street Toledo Ohio. Guessing the health inspector, zoning commission, & business license division will all be paying LaGresha a visit real soon. ☺ Well lady, that does take the cake.
These are closeted republican gays protecting their infidelity to their party. I know several gay bakers who say the same thing.
@36: That statement makes little sense.
I guess athiest medics won't have to help christians or other bigoted religions soon enough. Would a gay christian have to help a straight atheist? It's getting so complicated....
Is this a bakery in our city? Id like to know so I can avoid it all costs.

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