Hey Dan, Interested in your thoughts on public pup play…
I feel like GIRL has a specific fantasy, sex with a man who pretends to be her father, that is not a sin qua non for a Daddy/girl relationship. For many people Daddy/girl relationships tap into a softer, more loving aspects of D/s, which can feel at times a bit grim. Daddy's not only enjoy their partners submission, but also like to nurture and guide their partners, who thrive with the loving attention that a Daddy provides. As such, a Daddy/girl relationship is a lot more than what goes on during sex. And for some dominants, being called Daddy just feels more comfortable than Sir or Master. So for me, I've never felt Daddy/girl was an incest fantasy, or about pretend victimization, although I understand Dan contextualized it that way because of GIRL's interests. I guess this a roundabout way of saying that GIRL's potential Daddy may be coming at Daddy/girl play from a different perspective than GIRL.
I get that all the time too. I have a centaur fetish and people are always asking me if I want to fuck actual centaurs.
@3 Made me laugh.
@3 People are always asking about your fetish? That must make you the centaur of attention.
@5 wins the thread by a nose!
I wonder if this LW is a trans ager, which is the extent of interest I can muster for this one. This has been a disappointing August.
3/UF, my feelings about your fetish can best be expressed by this gentleman.
Nice touch by Dan on a controversial issue. Nice touch by SA on further detailing the issues at play.

LW should screen candidates just like anyone else should. I still follow the rules I learned here:
- Meet in a public place first, a neighborhood you feel safe in, no later than 8 pm. Daytime works even better.
- Exchange phone numbers if you haven’t already, as well as legal id’s for a short viewing.

Enhanced safety measures:
- Make it clear the initial meeting is just that, no playtime expected.
- If going to someone else’s place have a trusted friend give you a call. You may also leave a note with the hosting party's info some place where it is likely to be found by worried friends, family members, or police detectives.
To be fair, I don't think they're serious when they're asking me, they're just horsing around.
This notion of "I have a fetish which I enjoy, and I regard with suspicion anyone else who would engage in such a thing" is what ended my marriage (more or less).

Manely, perhaps. But I bet a few are serious.
@12 the mane point is it's a bit of a joke. don't saddle him with unfair expectations.
My initial thought is that he could be one of the "good pedophiles" Dan has mentioned before. He MIGHT be attracted to children, but he also MIGHT know that he should NEVER EVER EVER act on that desire with actual kids. Daddy/daughter play might be the best way to release some sexual frustration.

But, I'm not a pedophile and I'm not into daddy/daughter or mother/son (I just puked a little typing that) stuff so take it with grain of salt.
@14 ah ye old friendly pedophiles. Kind of like when Adam Carolla wondered aloud if his future daughter would be better off if he arranged a "friendly rapist" to take her r-card rather than any old rapist off the street.

Sorry. I don't mean to stirrup any trouble.
@13, 16 please, it behooves your to stop all this nonsense.
Geez, thse puns are the stuff night mares are made of!
@17 FlyByNight, @18 DonnyKlicious, you seem to be bridling at these puns. Do you find them tack-y? Perhaps you feel the previous punsters have made asses of themselves. But don't worry, I'm sure things will saddle down and become more stable soon. (Hay now, don't give me any dirty looks.) ;)
Don't bridle at people's curiosity. It's all meant in fun.
Ooh, you beat me to it, not sure why we're all jockeying around this issue.
All things being equine, I don't see why anyone would say neigh to any of these comments.
@22 straight from the horse's mouth VP.
How many commenters here have a horse in this race anyway?
The question seems to have got lost down the paddock.
LW, go over to fetlife, this scenario in the kink community is very popular.
If you sense a creppy vibe from this guy, then drop him.
Do fathers' fancy their daughters? I remember my therapist talking about it, as my father had some distorted connection to my eldest sister. Lots of arguments when she started dating.
My therapist said he recognized when his daughter became an adult woman, and how he dealt with it, was to acknowledge to himself, that she was an attractive young woman. Not block the recognition, not step over the line either.
You grew up without a father, I can see your attraction to entering into this sort of relationship, and it's good you see where the impulse for this kink may have come from.
If this man, or any man wanting to play Daddy is sorting out some aspect of his psyche by doing this, which may or may not involve any attraction to his daughter, my guess is it's nicely sublimated.
As the father of daughters this kink always squicks me out. I want to protect and love my girls. It's their friends I want to fuck (though not really – teenage girls are WAAAAY too much drama and work in real life!)
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My wife and I are into some Dom/Sub play and we both get off on it but now and then mid-fuck I'll say or do something and she'll say "that's not very feminist" or the like and the scene dies. Everyone has their limits and I try to respect hers, but the same thing she is objecting to is what made her super wet and quivery last time. I try to get her to tell me in advance if she isn't in the mood to be treated mean but she does not like to talk about it and does not seem to know till we are well into it.

It's annoying that the sex gets sidetracked, but it is worse that she judges me like I am some kind of asshole selectively based on how horny she is. So from the other side of this equation: try to take Dans advice, and once your guy has proven himself generally decent try to cut him some slack and not project your guilty feelings post-orgasm onto him.
Donny, I have a fantasy go to(o) where I am a young college student having some fun with the dad of a friend I've gone to stay with.
Or I'm the babysitter and the dad, when he drives me home, offers to teach me the ways of the flesh, in the car.
I Recognize my sons are good looking, healthy young men. I have trained myself from their early
childhood( I think the last time I saw any of them naked was when they were about six), to stay the hell away from their sexuality. I still see them as sexual beings, and it sort of makes me proud. I helped them get there. And they have sexual restraint, they don't Need to have a woman. Or at least all but one.
Having Catholic priests around in my childhood, I learnt that fuzzy boundaries must have a better way of expressing themselves.
Yes drjones, I can see how that would be annoying. A scene is just that, a little play acting. Funny though. I can see one of the comedians using that.
' that's not very feminist.' You should just grab her shoulders and hold her down , saying..
' damn straight there lady.'
About the lack of flies in current underwear - for tiny briefs, yes, there's no need for a fly. For more traditional briefs, though, unless you have a huge dick it's about the same amount of effort to use a fly or pull the waistband down, but pulling the waistband down can inch your underwear down, too, and then you have to pull it up all around - and all efficiency gains are lost.

I think the main reason flies have been eliminated in underwear is cost saving for the manufacturer - less cloth, less sewing, more profit.
@31: "For more traditional briefs, though, unless you have a huge dick it's about the same amount of effort to use a fly or pull the waistband down"

I understand people wanting the fly because they're used to it, but it's more effort regardless to pull it through and back. Any backlash is going to be from convention rather than utility.
@31 To check on my comment, and see if I was just being conservative and reactionary, I experimented. Without trousers or a shirt, just wearing underwear - pulling down the waistband was quicker than using the fly. With a shirt tucked into trousers over underwear - using the fly was quickest.

I don't wear tight clothes, and for various reasons I do tuck in my shirts. Both of which probably affect the relative speed of flies vs waistbands. So, since not everyone wears the same clothes and in the same ways, having the fly option is good, whether or not the man or boy wearing them uses it every time he pisses.

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