Second Life has some good vore sims for you.
Did not know the term, but it is far less freaky than it could have been.
We're the heck do I get a platinum ggg card ?????

Or, what are the criteria for getting a platinum ggg card? Is there a black ggg card??? What are the perks that go along with these cards???

I think it's hi time for Dan and the readers to dig into the hard work of answering these questions???
@3+1. That was my first thought, vore is way beyond platinum, it's Centurion territory.
From whence comes the name? I tried making an acronym or looking for something of a latin root construct or something, but am coming up empty.
For readers who aren't familiar with vore, the thread that links its different genres is that the person is turned on by the thought of being eaten alive...

On a hike near Mt. Shuksan . . .

Shelby: "Fuck! Fuck!!!! I fucking hate these mosquitos. Even with the spray, I'm being eaten alive? How come you're smiling???!!"

Justin: "Omigod...Omigod...Oh...Oh...Oh...Ohgod..Ohgod...Ohhhhh...."

Lesson, yet again, from today's letter:
"Tell me your fetishes."
"They'll shock you."
"No they won't."

... They will.
Ugh. Some of these columns need trigger warnings.
"Vorare" Latin, to devour. More commonly encountered in words such as carnivore, etc.
I don't think this would be my particular jam at all but it sounds like it'd be fun to give a friend advice on?
Perhaps role play that you are preparing him for dinner? "Tenderize" his ass (spanking), clean him, oil him up, make him get on the table, and put an apple in his mouth? You can include commentary evaluating him as a piece of meat (nice rump!) and telling him how much you are looking forward to the meal. Leave him like that while you enjoy a nice glass of wine.

BTW, Thanksgiving is coming up. He might like to be your turkey.
10 Best Cannibal movies you can watch with him...…

And, although The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover only got honorable mention, I remember it as a bizarre, yet visually sumptuous film, that took a bit of patience to get through.…
Vore doesn't sound like that crazy of a kink. Hell, it's one that you have to make fantasy about because it can't actually be done for real (like centaurs and 50' tall women).

Platinum GGG should for the people who indulge their partner's kinks that CAN be done and are super difficult and complex. Like the girl from a savagelovecast call some time ago with the boyfriend whose fantasy involved giant pie and cake food fights. Huge set up, huge clean up, major investment of time and energy. THAT'S a platinum GGG winner there. Or people who go through with gangbang fantasies for their partner. Or baby fantasies. That's some difficult shit there.
Can't you just get a big old kettle, light a fire under it, but your boyfriend in there and chop up carrots into it?

That's what Bugs Bunny always did when he wanted to jack off.
"my understanding of it is that vores really long for intimacy and protection."

Other potential motivations for the fantasy:

He may want to be the object of your intense desire. (Maybe you would never eat other men, but you've just got to have HIM. You know it's wrong, but he is going to be so delicious! You just CAN'T HELP YOURSELF! You're really GOING TO MISS HIM, but it would be SUCH A SHAME to not eat such a delicious piece of meat. You hope he understands and wants YOU to be happy. He'd let you do this if he truly loved you.)

He may want to be used for your pleasure and your pleasure only. (The cook and the diner do not care that the livestock would not want to be on the menu. The pig/cow/chicken is there for the diner to enjoy the meal. And many cooks really enjoy the opportunity to prepare something special with unusual or high-quality ingredients. You get to be BOTH THE COOK AND THE DINER. In role play, he may want to enjoy the experience of you enjoying him so much.)
Wow, good one! That's sexy af.
She could also stick a thermometer up his ass. A large thermometer. Shaped very much like a butt plug.
What about using one of those giant balloons that can hold a person inside (seen them at kink events). Seems like it might fit the fantasy.
I remember a great call about this on the Lovecast awhile back, a response call to an earlier Vore-related question. This woman called in to talk about how she'd given her vore-fetishist ex the best orgasms he'd ever had by slowly pulling him into a sleeping bag and holding him really tight as she talked about how she was devouring him.

That caller really stuck in my head. She had the most relaxed, positive, open attitude, she seemed like such a wonderful person. Her voice was very girlish, from the tone of her voice you'd fill in the stereotype by imagining she was kind of chaste or traditional (or at least that's what I would do). It was easy to imagine the guy who is certain she is going to freak out over this confession, and instead her response is to cheerfully commence researching vore roleplay. I myself was incredibly depressed at the time I heard that call, and it was a bit of a restoring-my-faith-in-humanity moment... "people are good!" etc.
LW, check out artists and writers that are into Vore on Deviantart.…

You may want to invest in some colored pencils, or get a copy of photoshop.
If photoshop is to pricey try 'the Gimp', it's open source and free.

I'm no expert on vore, but it seems like a lot of folks who are enjoy expressing their kink through art.
It looks like a good place to start.
@19: Get an artistically/crafty minded person to make you some kind of beast/huge human head out of paper-mache or something (Christmas is just around the corner!), put a sleeping bag behind that, and bob's your uncle.

Hmm. Hold on, let me call the patent office real quick.
@12/14: Right? Once I got over my eyeroll over anything Deviantart related (that being primarily because I remember when a misprioritizarion of SEO gave any google search returning sonic the hedgehog porn relating to whatever term) it doesn't seem to hard to meet on some level and much less needy than many.
@21: I thought of this ep of Hannibal.

Actually, fuck it, they should watch the whole series. Plenty of sexy, sexy cannibalism.
What do I do if I have a fantasy of Donald Trump and Mike Pence getting devoured by wild beasts?
@21 I think that's the first time in decades that anyone has put "real quick" and "patent office" in the same sentence.
@9 I know what you mean, I was swallowed whole in 'Nam so these letters can be kinda rough
@27 Thrustwell: post a request on an image board, or somewhere amateur animators hang out? Improvise something with action figures and hand puppets? They've both already got hair like Lego figurines. And if any of those work, share on YouTube?
Some of the comments here are getting vore confused with cannibalism. There's some overlap, but it's not really the same thing. Just as people who engage in age play are probably not into pedophilia, or furries probably aren't into beastiality. Vore is a distinct fantasy. I've met cannibal fetishists who insist they hate vore because it's "furry shit." Yet when most people learn about vore, "cannibalism" is their first reaction. Dan had this reaction a couple of times as well, but he grew out of it.

Since I am a voraphile I hope I qualify for the platinum GGG card also. For me the appeal is in dominance, but there are some voraphiles who don't care for that at all. They just want the enclosure without disgestion or anything and call themselves "endos."
While taking care of business in Vermillion last night I notice a line above the urinal that read, “No GGG in outer space.”
@29: "There's some overlap, but it's not really the same thing"

I don't think it is the same thing, I'm discussing the overlap.
And yes, I am rather curious what you think of the show.
"Snuggie Tails are more than just fun blankets, Snuggie Tails are comfy fleece wraps that swallow you up..." Basically a sleeping bag that makes it look like you're being eaten by an orca, shark, or alligator. I saw these at my local supermarket last week. They're marketed to children, so larger adults won't be able to get the completely-eaten experience.…
TLC @29: I think the platinum GGG card is reserved for those who are game to participate in fantasies they don't personally find arousing. Kinky people are not "GGG"; GGG people are non-kinksters who happily indulge their partners' kinks.

It's like an ex of mine who was lactose intolerant, learned about vegans (yes he'd had a sheltered life) and exclaimed "Vegans would love me!" Um, no -- vegans are all about not eating animal products out of conviction, not because they make you ill!
LW - Have you asked him if he has any desire to act out this fantasy in some sort of role play? I ask as someone who has this same fantasy but is completely turned off by the idea of any type of simulation. I just like having the thought in my head sometimes. If you haven't already, you may want to confirm that he would actually enjoy this type of role play.

Good lord. This brings a whole new meaning to the OKCupid question "Do you eat in bed." Think I'm gonna have to re-answer that one...
@35: Why would they be asking if their partner didn't make it a point?
@37 @undead I've shared that information with a few partners who were super curious and inquisitive about what I fantasize about. They were polite but didn't understand it. Nor did they attempt to incorporate it as sex play which was good because that would've been a turn-off for me.

I know it has been discussed many times here that some people only fantasize about things they'd do in reality if they could while others have some fantasies that they only appreciate if kept in their minds. I didn't know if LW might be making assumptions in that regard.

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