A germphobe wouldn't be trying to finger random ladies at fashion shows, either.
Obviously, but unconsensually so.
So in addition to CIA love and McCarthyism, liberals also picked up sexual snark from the Republicans.

Who would even think of rimming Bill O'Reilly's hole? You truly are a pervert, Dan.
The saddest part of this whole thing is that his alleged behavior is completely in character. We have a president-elect who belittles, humiliates, and mocks anyone he disagrees with, and who lies with impunity, even when that lie is blatant. He is untrustworthy. His moral character is disgusting, and he is going to be sitting in the highest office of our country.

Apparently, putting forth the idea that ALL people deserve equal rights and protections was an idea too far for conservatives.
I dunno, maybe we should check with Bill O'Reilly's boyfriend about that.
Dear god, Dan, THINK before you write about putting two dozen needles . . . My entire equipment set just retreated into my abdomen in terror; it's going to take a week to coax them all back out, and I had a date tonight.
@3: didn't you hear? the election is over, the Russians aren't paying for trolls now.
The info that has thus far been released RE: RussoPissGate is limited and doesn't include DT getting pissed on or even tangentially splashed. However, I could imagine someone as immature, petty, and vindictive as DT paying someone (in this case, sex workers) to piss all over a bed that had been slept in by someone he reviles and does not respect, namely President Obama. As the story has been described, it seems that DT's actions were less part of his personal kink and more about disrespecting President and Michele Obama.

Whether a purported germophobe, such as DT, would come close to a golden shower might not even be relevant to this scenario. Is he really phobic in regard to imagined, perceived, or actual contact with "germs"? Does he have an actual panic attack when he imagines or actually contacts "germs"? Or, perhaps, he just doesn't like touching "dirty" things. For those people who DON'T actually have a bonafide phobia in regard to "germs," their anger, dislike/hate, disrespect for someone (along with a hefty dose of ego) might help them override any revulsion they might feel and spur them to request and pay for sex workers' peeing activities.

**I am not a DT supporter and did not vote for him. I do, however, hope that the story isn't true. We do not need the soon to be POTUS to have this revolting behavior added to his already long list of revolting behaviors.
**it's not revolting because he could be into water sports; it's revolting because he allegedly did it out of disrespect and animus for POTUS and Ms. Obama.
@8: Didn't you hear? The election's over. Hillary lost. You should stop doubling down on failure now.
Wasn't germaphobia a Howard Hughes thing, too? HH was also a billionaire...and a ferocious womanizer...and a narcissist. Toward the end of his life, he became a paranoid, drug-addicted, deranged recluse. Sad.

PEEOTUS ... I don't want to laugh at this childish jibe, but my diaphragm seems to be involuntarily contracting in a giggling fashion.
If he is a germaphobe, then it just heightens the intensity of the disrespect he intended by directing others to urinate on that particular bed.
Thank you Audra. Jeez.

I felt like I was going crazy hearing people say he was into pee. No. He's into defiling symbols. He'd probably hire a hooker to take a shit on a rosary if he thought Obama was catholic and used it during office. But that doesn't mean he's a coprophiliac.

And, shaming him as being a piss-obsessed submissive is one of the liberal's low points. There's so much we can attack him on, shaming somebody for consensual sexual interests shouldn't be one of them. (Shaming him for non-consensual sexual interests, on the other hand, totally feasible)

A pathological liar? You don't say!
@15: "is one of the liberal's low points"

The Liberal?

Plenty of us don't agree with that.
That was hilarious. @4 well said.
Urine is NOT sterile, and I have no idea why people keep saying it is when a five second Google search is more than enough to confirm that it is not.…

The wheel of fortune is spinning you to the top, Dan. The PEEOTUS this election has wrought, heralds an era tailor made for a politically active no holes barred sex advice columnist. I know you'd trade it all for a Clinton presidency, but carpe diem!
Came here to say what 19 said. Thank you. In a healthy state, urine has no pathogens, but it's certainly not sterile. It has its own microbiome.
It's like you can't even trust the medical advice of Tyler Durden, MD anymore!
It's not just the collusion that's disturbing; it's that Russia may have blackmail material on Trump, and they won't be afraid to use it to get their way.
Echoing PattyH @ 23
The peeing alleged-incident made the news because of its sensational nature. I suspect the Russians know about him much more, as prezelect proves time after time with his words and actions.
His China dissing is likely to be a cover story for “aligning ourselves with our friends in Russia.” Wait till he decides to withdraw missile defense systems from the Czech Republic and other eastern European countries in order “to save money.” Next will be an attempt to dismantle NATO for that same reason.
In any case, the Russians have successfully mocked the US-style democracy.
@23 prior to the election a small group of people (the main stream media and the DNC) had information that Trump was a fraud (Trump University), a cheat (screwed his workers literally and figuratively), a tax loophole exploiter who was bankrupt not a billionaire, and a serial sexual harasser / sexual assaulter.

They shared it with EVERYONE.

He still won the electoral college. He also ran the most offensive, divisive, lie-filled campaign in the last 30 years. Enough people stayed home / didn't care that it didn't matter.

Just how could ANYTHING be used as blackmail against this utter and complete Belgium* - his Belgium* supporters will support him NO MATTER WHAT and not enough Belgium* Americans care to stop them. Sad!

*a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, where "Belgium" is rudest expletive in the entire galaxy, and banned, except in serious screenplays.…
I suspect the peeing part is only a hint that they also have a recording of the orgy that preceded. They probably have other sex scenes as well as embarrassing business practices.

There’s some wonderful lingerie coming out of Belgium, not to mention beer and chocolate.
@ 25 - That was only in the US edition of Hitchhiker's, which was bowdlerised. In the UK edition, it's the word 'fuck'. [/pedantic sci-fi nerd]

Totally agree with Dan that Trump's 'germphobia' means he's probably even more likely to be into piss. Probably because I'm a feminist with a bit of a submissive streak.
@ 26 - "There’s some wonderful lingerie coming out of Belgium, not to mention beer and chocolate."

What more could anyone ask for?
CMD @ 26 again - "I suspect the peeing part is only a hint that they also have a recording of the orgy that preceded."

I was thinking along the same lines. And if we happen to see the size of his dick in those videos, he'll do anything, even betray the US, in order for Russia never to release them.
Well..., Belgium also seems to have more than its fair share of fun people who love recreational sex ;) (even the French come over the border for the sex parties, apparently!) (Disclosure: I live in Belgium and love fucking Belgian men...)
Homophobia didn't seem to stop Larry Craig from wanting to blow dudes. Or Ted Haggard? In fact, their very disgust at all things gay seems to have fueled their passion to transgress in the most "disgusting" way possible. They get off on it because they think it's gross.

Trumps germaphobia, if anything, makes me more likely to believe the story. Just like if the only evidence that you've never been to Prague is a picture of the outside (basically anybody's) passport or the only evidence you've addressed your conflicts of interest is a bunch of envelopes with who knows what inside is so far from "proof" of anything that it makes me more likely to think you're hiding something. Especially since the Czech Republic won't ask for a passport or visa stamp it anyway.

If you're following the line that Trump wanted the bed peed in to defile it since Obama slept there, then it makes even more sense that a germaphobe would choose to watch someone pee on it.

The whole concern troll over "wasting" our attention on this when we should be making noise about some other Trump crime is, well, typical Glenn Greenwald thinking. Revealing to the public how gross Trump really is has far more chance to build a real opposition to him, and convince Congress they will lose votes if they don't get off the Trump train, than a lot of wonky complaints about violations of government rules and regulations. The people who vote for Republican Congress members hate rules and regulations.

But they also know pee in the bed is some fucked up shit.
And the beer and the chocolate are heavenly. But I'm confused about the lingerie???
Castora- I'm at work right now so can't give too many details, but look up this brand:
Carine Gilson | Couture Lingerie
Savageville residents can find it here:

Ricardo- I told you we need to get a drink some time.

@ 32 - Isn't Belgium famous for its lace?
@ 33 - I know, though in truth I'd rather we share some delicious chocolate truffles in Belgium after a generous plate of vlaamse frites with mayonnaise.
Hi @27 major HHG fan here, I think you may be mistaken. If memory serves me correctly (and the web backs me up), the original British HHG (first book) did use Belgium in the context I gave, as an expletive so bad it's unmentionable (sorry, Belgium the country! you are great).

And if memory serves me correctly, so did the original radio script (which came before the books), but I'm a bit hazy on this.

The HHG pages online say you are partly right -- in one of the sequels, the UK version used "fuck" and the US version censored it / replaced it with Belgium. May Douglas Adams' memory long live on! (For those who don't know him, he was also a great atheist, and a friend of Richard Dawkins.)
@27 @36, it looks like we're both wrong!

A little more digging and wikipedia says that you are right, Belgium was in the 3rd book in the USA edition only and never in the 1st HHG book.

However, I was right that the use of Belgium as the worst expletive ever in the 3rd book was lifted from the original radio series, which preceeded the books and for a true scifi nerd is the holiest of holies in the HHG universe, Adams at his purest. :)
Now if you'll excuse me, I've got this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left hand side....
@26: Huh! We have a layover there for a trip some months away. I'll have to see what's going on there.

@31: "Trumps germaphobia, if anything, makes me more likely to believe the story"

It contradicts what he's been on record saying previously, tho. He has a toddler's ability to lie convincingly. Sadly his fanboys are about the same mental state.
Agree with all Dan said, but pointing out to the LW that piss is sterile is probably neither here nor there given that I'm as sure as I can be that Putin's Puppet has no idea that piss is sterile. So, that wouldn't be a factor for him, if he's ignorant of I'm sure he is.
1) OCD, like any other mental illness, is NOT RATIONAL. You can be disgusted by the thought of germs on your food, but go out and play in the mud. There are germs either way, but that DOES NOT MATTER to a condition that is, by definition, irrational. Don't try to impose reason on mental illness. It's like telling a depressed person that they have so much to be happy about. OK, but they are still depressed.

2) The documents do not claim that Trump had anyone piss ON HIM. They say he paid sex workers to piss on each other on the bed. Hence, no "germs" on him.
So many comedians in the US. It's great.
So, the ex MI6 guy, who wrote the dossier, has gone into hiding. What does that tell us?
And trump knew the rooms were bugged. So he did it knowing it would be recorded.
Letting putin know he was on his side re Obama. This is trump after all, he's been a depraved man forever. That was then, this is now.
@42: This is a strange, strange world we live in, dear Lava.
Huh. I really would have thought that--if the details of the memos were to be substantiated--treason would carry more weight than a benign kink.

But I guess pee jokes are more entertaining.
Lava @ 42
My ever-horny perverted male side tells me that no one would hire bunch of prostitutes to just pee on a bed and/or each other.
This is the kind of activity that if I could afford- not that I would never, ever engage in any of it- would only occur after some nice, relaxing multiple releases, followed by mysterious Belgian food favored by Ricardo, and accompanied by lots of amazing Belgian beers in order to induce urine.

As undead keeps telling us, the a-la-carte version of the story as we know it now would not be a game changer for prezelect followers.
@25, fair point. His supporters haven't cared about anything horrible he's done so far; they are probably cheering him on for hiring prostitutes it depends if HE thinks something Russia has shouldn't be released or not.

I do shake my head at how he's complaining about the intelligence agencies leaking the doc - the doc apparently has been around for months, lots of people have seen it, so there is nothing to leak except that he now knows about it as well.
@45: I keep forgetting that he in a recent-ish interview he stated he could shoot someone without losing any supporters.
Oh but for an edit feature for mobile typists.
True words undead. And hey.
And Ophian, of course his treason is what really counts. Nice to see you.
CMD, you are a queer man, of course the golden showers alleged tape is blah to you.
For many millions and millions around the world, this will be the first time they hear of it.
The masses learning about kink from trump.
I'm not sure what your point is and maybe I was too oblique. When I read from reliable and trusted news sources, that the man who wrote the dossier, an ex MI6 guy.. spy person.. had gone into hiding, I got the shivers. So it's true then, is what I thought. Now. Here is the proof that trump is really in the shit, because money, with Russia.
Fuck. Facebook has blocked me getting onto Buzzfeed. Funny stuff going on over there.
Regardless of my nonbinary bigenderism and whether peeing is my thing or not, all I'm saying is that his followers would not find it too offensive had he hired prostitutes with the sole intention and execution of peeing on a bed where the Obamas slept.
I suspect this was only the after party.

Also, kinkiness knows no boundaries and one should not assume right away that any queer person is necessarily into all kind of stuff.
I find it a bit offensive, hopefully it's only ignorance and/or a bad choice of words.
I'm sorry CMD, all I meant was because you have tolerance and acceptance for difference, you wouldn't be freaked out by it. Or shocked.
His voters sure seem blind to his faults
I agree. Maybe once their health insurance and social security are gutted, then some rejection of trump will occur.
@ delta35 - I'm late to the party on this, but your Hitchhiker's trivia was very interesting, I didn't know that :)

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