Well, IS your wife a skank, Dan?
Funny how bad your critics are at spelling, punctuation, grammar & behaving like decent human beings. I'm willing to bet that every one of them that wished you harm identifies as a good christian. Oh...and "poor" Melanie.
"I can't count the number of regimes which encouraged outing and coming out only to ultimately liquidate every LGBT living."

Funny, I don't seem to be able to count them, either......
Agony @ 3 - In his wildest guilt-ridden homoerotic fantasies, there have been quite a few.
How do you ass-fuck a butthole? Asking for a friend.
When Melanie picks up the baton and starts to behave like a First Lady, then maybe she might earn the right to the title and respect. And lives in the WH, recognising by staying in NY she is wasting precious defence or wall building money.
Fucking morons, these email writers. So much more concerned about how consenting adults behave in their bedrooms than the gigantic corruption and deception and hatred and division coming out of their federal government.
@5 I know, right? Is it the same as buttfucking an asshole? Or is that something else? Please enlighten.
could someone tell me what BV is short for?
@8 never mind...found it
I shouldn't be, but I am still constantly amazed at how much time people who are apparently against gay sex spend so much time fantasizing about gay sex.
Lava @ 6, I actually don't see the big deal about Melania choosing to keep her son in a stable environment until the end of the school year. I wish more parents thought about stuff like that. Yeah, I know it is costing extra for security. Not everything is about money, and there are lots of things we can rip on anyone about, but making a decision that she feels is in the best interest of her kid (and not something utterly moronic like refusing vaccines) isn't something someone should get flak for.
@11 tachycardia, they are your tax dollars.
To offset the enormous expense Melania could be doing a lot of charity work while her son is at school. I've not read that this is happening.
@11 Since her husband wants to save money by eliminating meals on wheels, I would say it is absolutely about money. Elderly getting food and healthcare? Too expensive. Having his boy not change schools? No expense too large. He could pay for it out of his own pocket of course, but why do that when you can spend more tax money on your wife and kid than you are willing to spend on a national food service program?

She should take flak for it. Lots and lots of flak. The idea that everyone else can fend for themselves but we all need to collectively pay for whatever she thinks is best for her child is not admirable. It's disgusting.
I was just amazed that Dan Savage thinks Melania is pretty!
@14 - oh, she's pretty enough, in that icy, skinny, runway-model sort of way (not my type, actually). But I think Dan was just making use of that "pretty outside/ugly inside" dynamic that everyone can pretty much get get their heads around.
@13 This. This. A thousand times, this.
ha ha This is all soooooo good. Especially the wild pig phallus. These people really do think an awful lot about sticking dicks in holes don't they?

(I mean, most of us do, but we aren't so angry about it.)

Yeah, but this guy has his stats down. 52% of people recognize Melania's courage. Another 33% are watching pornography in bathhouses of STDs. 12% are in the throes of left wing nut cases. 2% are topical left asst holes who only like one side. And the final 1% are assfucking other mens buttholes.

We should play the TAG YOURSELF game!!

I'm the whipped pussy ass. At least when I'm not in my demented spare time.
EmmaLiz #19 FTW!!
I like the idea of Dan being an assistant hole.

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