I have absolutely no interest in broadcasting my political opinions even if I'm confident most people I tend to be around will agree with me.
I wish there was a local pick-up option so I wouldn't have to spend $6 or whatever on 10 pins.
While I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment, I live in Louisiana and it would be physically hazardous to wear such a thing in public.
Dan you're a saint
Just use option #7, "Give," if you don't want shipping or stuff.
Where are you, Stinkbug?
This is awesome. Good job, Dan, and ITMFA supporters.
Wore mine (T-shirt) at the tax march on Saturday. Not one person asked me what ITMFA stood for. I don't know if it was super obvious to the sort of people who go on tax marches, or if people just mind their own business.
Depending on where you are, originalcinner, it might just be that the sorts of people who go to marches already know. I've seen them at marches frequently enough.

And I agree about not wanting the swag in certain locales, donating directly instead, & (myself) not favoriing impeachment. But Dan managed to raise 100K so far for three really great causes that might not have gotten that much money without this campaign and that is AWESOME. Plus he's promoting groups. I already give regularly to Planned Parenthood and ACLU, but I'd never heard of the refugee group. Every time Dan does something like this, some of us learn a bit. I'd never heard of nnaf before Dan gave to them either, and now several friends and I have been donating to them since finding out. So this sort of shit is awesome and helpful regardless of how it affects you personally- where you can wear it, what the shipping costs, etc.
Dan, I wish you guys had a 2-day shipping option. I'd love to have a bunch of buttons on hand to pass out at the March for Science this weekend but I didn't think to order them in time for them to arrive.
@6: I'm in Seattle. There should be a few local Seattle places (or the Stranger HQ) where people can toss money and get pins or something.
@6: I'll see if I can set that up!
See, this is why I come here. Been buried in my dissertation 24/7 for so long and most "internet breaks" are all about "aaaagh Trump Trump everything sucks doom doom doom" but I come here and it's "Trump sucks and that makes it possible for us to give huge donations to awesome projects, also wacker tacker wacker tacker wacker tacker!"

Everyone wish me luck, I have to finish writing in the next month and I have so much more than a month's worth of work to do...also I have to meet my advisers tomorrow morning and that is why I will be up all or most of the night and I still will not have enough done...whee...

*dives headlong back into LabVIEW coding and writing, trying to keep the "wacker tacker" chant on inside-voice only since hubby is sleeping two feet away*
Good one Dan. I must get one of my US buddies to send me a tshirt. I'd wear it proudly. Maybe I should buy one for our PM seeing he's gone
"all the way with the USA."
Good luck @13 with your work.
<3 capitalism, donating other people's money to support a joke that only 1,000 other people made.
Dan, MAJOR kudos for your donations to Planned Parethood, ACLU and IRAP! I never did receive my ITMFA gear in the mail---pins, tshirt, hat, etc. How much do I owe you for the order? Please email and contact me. I can't wait to advertise ITMFA!
@13: All the best with your work. Mad scientists rock! As a mad composer I can relate.
@14 LavaGirl: Your prime minister is pro-Trumpzilla? Sad! Dan, please send Lava and me each a shirt.
@3: You have my deepest sympathy.
Thanks auntie. We're planning to retire to Washington State, but that's about five years down the road.

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