Hmm, a lot of those herbal supplements actually have viagra as a hidden ingredient (that isnt on the label).… Many of them are also contaminated with heavy metals or prednisone (steroid) and aren't as safe as that writer implied, especially because you dont actually know what are in many of the products. There's a reason medications can through testing and regulation of doses etc. Many of our pharmaceuticals originally come from plants but are refined and controlled amounts for safety reasons. A 3 month change in diet is very unlikely to reduce the atherosclerotic plaques that have developed over many, many years. You shouldn't promote this pseudoscience Dan!
People are incredibly naive about what's in products that claim to be herbal medicine. You don't trust Pfizer so you trust anonymous for-profit companies controlled by the Chinese military?
Gee you people, western medicine is not direct from god. Do any of you know what's in regular pills and if you do, understand the incredients? Not all herbal remedies are from China either.
@1 hold on, you are telling me that by buying cheap herbal supplements i can actually receive dickhard pills and roids?

This is like that rumor that the drugs you buy might be laced. Drug dealers aren't in the business of giving away free drugs!
It cracks me up how dogs react to sex. My partner and I have 2 dogs. One was hers for a year and a half before we dated, mine I had 8 years before we dated. My dog goes under the bed, like a creep. Hers runs to the couch and I shit you not gives me the stink eye when we're done.
Kudos to Dan for printing those responses to CLIF. He's not often wrong -- unsurprisingly, it's usually where the female anatomy is concerned -- but it's great that he admits when he is.
BDF @6 - To be fair to Dan, it was his expert (presumably one with both personal and professional knowledge of female anatomy) who said there was no absolutely no physical problem as long as CLIF's wife was able to come by any means, and that CLIF was likely to spoil Wife's "party" by continuing to make efforts to bring her to orgasm through PIV.
Going to put in a second plug for my book, The Orgasmic Diet. It does have tips for gaining (or regaining) the ability to have vaginal orgasms (which for most women are a different type of orgasm than clitoral orgasms).
Cap @7: And it was Dan who suggested CLIF's wife had been faking orgasms prior to the latest child. But yes, fair point -- it was the expert who was answering as if the question were "My wife does not orgasm from PIV" rather than "My wife used to orgasm from PIV, but doesn't anymore. How can we get this back?

Marrena @8: One plug is fine, two plugs is spam. Reported!
BDF @9 - You're right, I forgot about Dan raising the theory that Wife could have been faking it all along before the birth, and the new baby gave her the opportunity to stop faking and tell CLIF she could no longer orgasm through PIV. I'm with Sportlandia @79 in the weekly column in recalling Occam and his famous razor on that one - the theory is far too outlandish and contrived to be the likely true story, and in reality is just a cheap shot at CLIF for writing in.
Dan, why are you posting a "Big Pharma doesn't want you to know that ginseng and cadmium get your dick hard" rant?
@4: Sticking some real medicine in an "alternative medicine"[1] nostrum is a classic trick that dates back all the way to patent medicines, (which often included alcohol, laudanum[2] or marijuana). However, the dosage is inconstant, (but generally lower than in real medicine), and you are never quite sure what you are getting.

"Big herbal"[3] also isn't giving it away, the lack of any real quality control and the avoidance of having to actually show that things work means that adding a bit of real drugs is cheap.

[1] "Alternative medicine" is self contradictory: If it works, it isn't alternative, if it doesn't, it's not medicine.

[2] i.e. Opium.

[3] Which are, in many cases, the _exact same companies_ that alt-med idiots whine about as "big pharma".
As a longtime practitioner of Chinese medicine, which includes herbs (well, there are animal, vegetable, and mineral medicinals, so, technically 'medicinals,') also wanted to weigh in on the letter written to NOTHARD.

It's well-known in the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) community that many mainland China producers of 'herbal' supplements (also in Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, like that) will adulterate their formulae, including with antibiotics, just to gain a market edge of 'wow, this works great!' To say this is dangerous, especially to those with sensitivities to those additives, is an understatement, which is why I (and the majority of other practitioners) confine myself to buying from a small group of rigorously tested and monitored purveyors. Buy off the Net/Amazon, or from a small herb shop, and you're taking your chances.
To promote male virility, there is no TCM formula that works like Viagra, as in you take it, minutes later, pow, there you go. There are formulae to assist in building virility 'from the ground up,' but that's over a period of weeks, or more likely, months. Same thing goes with building energy, BTW, no TCM 5-Hour Energy. In both cases, it's because your homeostasis has gone so far over to one side, something that would immediately zing it back to the other side would most likely be an immense strain to your system, e.g. post-Viagra cardiac incident.
And rhino horn was never used in TCM to put lead in the pencil, before anyone asks about it, it was used for extreme 'heat' conditions like fever with pupura and convulsions, the sort of stuff now in a Chinese hospital they'd treat with 'Western' drugs (they don't see it as either/or, just as having a larger toolbox.) Thought I'd add that in there.
"Herbal cleanses" do not "remove toxins" from your body or really do much else, except probably give you the runs. The idea that your body is full of "toxins" (always nebulous and ill-defined) is silly. That's what your liver is FOR.

That's not to say you shouldn't eat less junk, all of us should. But the problem is usually that people aren't cooking for themselves, they're eating pre-made garbage from the supermarket. Eat some fruit and make dinner every night. That's how you eat more healthily.
@9 Oh come on, I'm a regular, and it was two different threads, and pertinent to both.
Thanks CatB for coming on. I thought of you when Dan put this up.
True Mike @14, diet and exercise. I've been surprised by the number of men who suffer ed, and at such early ages. The last man I had regular sex with, my ex husband, he was fine and he was sixty when we broke up. It was not an issue I knew of, like from girlfriends, until I came on SL.
And I'd not come across this blind adherence to western medicine before. In Australia alternate medicines, at least in my world, have acceptance and are used with western medicine, depending on the ailment.
For example. Years ago I had a recurrence of a skin cancer under my right eye. Something had been there in my childhood and the Drs burnt it off.
It recurred and the Dr was going to cut it out then cut a piece of skin from somewhere else. Then a herbalist I knew at the time, brought some radium weed to my house and dropped the sap onto the cancer. Over the next couple of days it blew up into a big bubble, then it was gone. No more skin cancer. Now if that hadn't worked, I'd have gone with the Drs procedure.
Lava @16 - You had something called "radium-weed" dripped onto your face to blister it up, and that permanently removed your cancer lesion? Sweet Lord. To me that sounds almost as nasty as dick injections.
It's just a small plant Capri, grows in cracks in cement by the side of the road. Got to findones with juicy stems, and just drop a few drop of sap onto the skin cancer, and it does its magic. Pretty cool, eh. Better than having a scar on my face.
I watched Please Like Me and there's a scene where Josh just talks about how alternative medicine is nonsense.…

I assumed, based on that, that all Australians were against alternative medicine.

(There's also a great scene where he goes on a date with a guy who likes reiki.)
@19Forky, all twenty six odd million of us, because of Josh? No. Some of our Aborigines have an extensive knowledge of bush healing plants.
Western medicine is the preferred choice by most though. Like I said, in my world.
BiDanFan I really went off the deep end in my final four comments on the "She Cheated. He Got The Clap. What Does She Owe Him?" column. If you read them start with 96 and work your way back. Some of what I wrote is based on my reading of books on the psychology of cheating. Extreme as it is, I think it accurately projects how the fiance will be affected and his potential reactions. From what little LW wrote about the fiance I conclude that as a traditionalist he will be rigid and inflexible. I admittedly may be completely wrong, but it is not a stretch of my imagination to believe that he will not be able to cope with the lies, deceit and betrayal.
if I could (I don't know if it possible or how to do it if it is) I would go back and delete the comments.
Skeptic @22: I wish we could edit or delete comments sometimes, too. I think I'm done with the cheating debate. You and I both recognise the possibility of mitigating circumstances, but we disagree on what we would consider an acceptable mitigating circumstance. And that's fine; we don't have to agree, we just have to both hope to find partners who share our values. Peace out.
Always nice when one of these threads hits a peaceful spot...
Couple more points on the ‘alternative medicine’ tip -
- To repeat, with TCM, it’s not either/or; all of my Asian instructors were also MD’s. In China, you now have to have an MD to study TCM, where it is folded in with what we’d call standard ‘Western’ medicine. Many many different styles of doing Chinese medicine, the acupuncture and the other stuff, as well.
- I certainly don’t vouch for every other damn thing that calls itself ‘alternative,’ there’s tons of crap out there. All I really know about Reiki is that you can apparently call yourself a Master after a weekend cert.
- agree with above posters who say that ‘cleanses’ are crap. Yes, most people need to re-set their diet from the crap most Americans eat, and yes, this reset usually takes a couple weeks to become a habit (the Reset Diet book, probably at your local library, is a dang good way to go about this, BTW), but no, you won’t flush away toxins by existing on maple syrup, cayenne, and water.
@22&23 cynic and Fan. I stumbled across your convo, interesting. Cynic. I'm about to leave you a comment.
"but tens of thousands of men have found encouraging results in these supplements. In the long run, they're far cheaper than Viagra, and can provide many other benefits to health in general."

They have been tested to contain unsafe levels of viagra.

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