Savage Love May 31, 2017 at 4:00 am



What happened to my response to DonnyKlicious?
Have I been yanked from the comment threads?
Dan? Anyone? Hello?
@nocutename: I like the idea of asking her to lend you the book. Solid move.

As for favorite authors, maybe I'll drop some references sometime and see if anyone picks up on them. :-)
It's Sunday and after 4 pm. I still only see comments 1-100 for this week (out of 106). Is it a technical glitch or has Griz been yanked from Savage Love?
Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine this weekend--catch you all if not tomorrow, for next week's Savage Love.
ALONE, how much do you want a (potential) partner to be like yourself? Would compatible but different do?
@nocutename: It's more fun to drop references and see who (if anyone) picks up on them. :-)
@101: You're pretty much right, and I agree in general. The only point that makes it a debate (to me) is that close to everyone else is coloring in that exact coloring book. So then, yeah, the painter still shouldn't have to do something that silly, but she might also choose to do just a little bit of it, just enough to say, "yeah, I think the patterns in that book are decent." (Or hell, to say "I just can't dig the patterns in there," which is still a better response than, "No, I never opened it.") But this is assuming that there's just that one book that everyone is into, that the societal request to spend some time doing something like that is rare, or a one-off. If the coloring book people care about changes every month, sure, skip the whole venture.
Cooking is poetry. Baking is chemistry.
Have a number of comments been deleted, or am I just not seeing 102-112 for some weird reason?
When I posted, there were several comments listed but did not show up, including two of mine. Have I been yanked from Savage Love?
Dan----? Anybody----? What did I do to get locked out of Savage Love's Looking--??
Please help! Seriously, I know it couldn't have had anything to do with my preference of classic rock over disco. Are the SL computers down?
Why am I not able to see comments 102 to 117 ?
QuothTheRaven @80 - your question went well with one of the letters Dan posted in the next week's column, so I answered it there:……
GRINDR -- I spend way too much time on there. Way way. That said, my profile makes it clear that I'm there to chat and maybe make new FWBs. The guys who get all frantic that I can't drop everything and welcome them in to my bedroom are either extremely desperate or full on sex addicts. Yuck either way.

HHH -- I'm a 50ish bi / more gay man who is HHH, and somewhat of an expert on scoring bois. Finding a young hot boi who wants a daddy and his accompanying wife is going to be difficult. I'd advise either a pro, or giving your hubby permission to find a boi on his own. That said, a LOT of the youngens who want a daddy have ISSUES. So be careful.
You obviously don't care about the difference between fact and opinion, but when you go around telling me that my opinion is wrong because you say so, you've lost your argument.

The LW is a shitty person, obviously. She's alone because she is bad at relating to people and she justifies it by claiming to be superior. You can tell me I'm wrong for thinking that all you like, but the fact is that she signed her letter "ALONE" and that her example, written by her so it's clearly going to be biased in her favor, shows her to be a priggish snob. By the way, it's spelled "snob." When you can't even make yourself look good in your one sided fantasy, you've got issues.

And by the way, YOU have got issues if you think that conversion therapy, which is violent and abusive toward children, is the same thing as basic politeness.

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