"Really not much at all. I just relaxed and enjoyed a chamge of scenery. No big tourist stuff."
Or, buy a guide book.

Memorize some tourist stuff, download some photos of the tourist stuff onto your phone, complain about some of the tourist stuff, and you can be just as boring as anyone else about your vacation.

Even your parents will be too bored to interrogate on the fine details.
"...You can be high—legally high—without sinking into a couch, ordering in a pizza (or three), and wasting your entire night/free time/vacation that way...
Yes! Smoke up and get out there! The world is a fascinating place, made a little brighter and a little funnier when you're viewing it through cannabis-colored glasses.
When you hop on a plane and travel 8330 miles, people naturally assume you're going to get out and see things, unless you're going to a topical island to sit out on a beach. So I can imagine that POTs family will be curious about her trip to Colorado, which happens to be a beautiful part of the world, and will wonder why she is so evasive about what she was doing there. That only makes people ask more questions.

I would recommend POTs google Colorado and look at the images of mountains and then make up a couple stories about driving into the Rockies and looking at the scenic vistas.
Is this letter for real?
Wtf, POT. You got thru airport security, past the police, to a beautiful part of the US and you stayed indoors stoned? That was a waste.
What @5 and @6 said
What @1 said. Sometimes, just getting away is enough.
@Dan wrote: "You don't have a problem. You don't need help. It's not a big deal."

While I think POT is free to smoke pot if she chooses, I think there is something questionable about traveling so far to sit inside and get high for a week, when there were so many new things to see and do. Based on her letter, that's all she did for a week on an international trip. Maybe it's not a big deal, and maybe it's just a lost opportunity, but there seems something sad about a vacation spent seemingly isolated and getting high, and even if that's the only issue she may still need to think about indulging in greater moderation.
If this person wants to fly to Colorado and get stoned all week more power to her. It's her vacation and money. Fuck these judgy Sloggers and parents.
LW is pulling your chain Dan.
It certainly seems likely that a week spent stoned on a couch could have been done more cheaply (if less legally) at home--but then, people often go to far-off beaches to do nothing for a week but sit and drink mojitos while staring at the ocean. I'm not sure this is that different, especially if she looked out the window at the pretty mountains some while she did it. So I think @1 has the right response.
@12: Well, maybe if was all Indica.
do you guys know how far the US is from Australia, how long the plane trip(s) take.
Back in the day I knew some Americans who flew to Amersterdam and guess what was the only thing they did there?
Yes, LavaGirl I've done that flight often. It's shorter than Australia to Amsterdam, where many young people have wasted time being wasted in other years.
Finding dope in Australia these days is not hard, despite it's illegal status, so I've heard.
If she's going to lie, she should make up something where nobody wants to hear the rest. "I did the Mork and Mindy tour of Boulder, and liked it so much that I went back and repeated it every day. Did you know the music store was actually a bookstore?"

Note: her audience will infer she got high if that's the line she actually uses.
Am I the only one wondering why this letter was sent to a SEX advice columnist? And why Mr. Savage printed it? I know that Dan is very weed-positive (so am I), but this is not what I come here to read! Were there zero letters about sex/relationships today?
I thought the whole point of being in a pot-legal state was that you don't have to hide inside to get high!
OK, Coloradan here to help you. Here's your script:
• Start with, "oh yeah, I had a great time in Colorado. The mountains are so big!"
• Then complain about the weird airport art. "They have a blue horse out front that looks like a demon. Glowing red eyes and everything!" Also, "there are these weird little gargoyles sitting in suitcases all over the baggage claim, And some creepy mural of death in the hall." (You can find pictures on the Internet.)
• Parents haven't fallen asleep yet? Tell then about the food you ate and whether or not it was like your food at home... use lots of details.
• OK, they're still asking for details? Now you can just make stuff up. Say you hiked (see, "mountains are really big"). Museums are good because you can go online and look at what you would've looked at had you actually gone. The Art museum looks like a big crystal and has a giant broom and dustpan made of metal out front. The Colorado History Museum has a buffalo in front and you learned that the Tabor family was rich and everyone who moved here was looking for gold or dying of consumption (tuberculosis). The Museum of Nature and Science had a ton of dinosaurs, a tiny section on mummies, and a bunch of weird dioramas of deer and moose and bears that live in CO.
That should be plenty for one trip.
Lance_Thrustwell @20 - pot being legal doesn't mean you can just smoke it whenever, wherever you like. It's really not that different from smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol, in that there are regulations governing its use, like not smoking while driving, or not smoking in public parks.

It also differs by city. Denver, Boulder, and Pueblo are pretty okay with recreational pot. Colorado Springs, however, only allows the sale of medicinal pot, but since Manitou Springs is only a few minutes away and is a quaint little tourist town, most pot tourists just go there.

To add to what COgal said, also make sure to say that you didn't expect the altitude to get to you, so you were tired out a lot more than you expected, so you stayed in to rest/watch TV a lot more than you thought you would, and didn't think to take photos when you went out. Altitude sickness is a real thing here!
What Lance @20 said! If I want to get stoned in my own house, I'll stay home. If I want to get stoned in a public or semi-public place like a coffee shop, I'll go to Amsterdam.

And Janders @19: What other weed-positive advice columnist do you suggest POT should have written to instead?
BDF @23
If I want to get stoned in a public or semi-public place like a coffee shop, I'll go to Amsterdam.

Any concrete plans to do so? If so, let me know: registeredeuropean at
BiDanFan@23: Good point, and Dan does make some good points in his response, so I guess it was a worthwhile letter after all. But when I went to check out the SLOTD, I was just hoping for something a little more...titillating!

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