This is probably too easy, but the non-op, presenting as female, no-hormone-taking gay trans man could date straight men. Or if straight men aren't "queer" enough, bi men.
@1 He specifically said in the call that he can easily sleep with straight men, but wants to be seen as a gay man by other gay men. I think that Dan brought up bi guys, since that seems a pretty obvious solution.
I found the call absurd, a twisting of progressive thinking into a bizarre sense of personal entitlement. "Since I feel this way I think that others should see me this way and the fact that they don't makes me suffer"
By all means, I support anyone to identify however is right for them; but that doesn't magically mean that we control the eyes/desires of other people, that we're somehow entitled to their attraction. I.e. you're not owed the attraction from gay men just because that's how you feel (or from anyone, for any reason).

Politically, our tendency to nurture victimhood and entitlement is not helping the left (of which I am a passionate member). We see it in the right wing (in MRA circles, in Trump-loving communities), and call it for what it is, but it's not pretty among progressives either.
"Talk to your medical care provider" is a good idea any time bruising might be involved, especially if it's bruising around the bottom/genitals/front of the groin.

I'm a long-distance cyclist and a soccer player. I also bruise easily and am as clumsy as hell and I'm as white as a hotel bedsheet so it all really shows up. After a 60-70 mile ride, even with the best shammy cream and good care my ass looks like I've been paddled and sometimes I'll get bruises around my vulva (one really good bump will leave a mark). A soccer ball to the groin or upper leg has the same effect.

It's in my OB/GYN chart that I'm an athlete who bruises easily and don't panic. If for some weird reason I'm ever needing emergency GYN care, it's in my chart and nobody will freak out beyond whatever emergency brought me in there in the first place.
Seeking out other trans men, why is this a problem. Two gay trans men together, how is that discriminatory. Unless this trans man specifically wants to go with a cis gay man. If he has preference for certain genitals then he can't get cross and cry if other gay men feel the same.

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