Let's get to the down and dirty details right away. I am a 27-year-old woman who is an escort. I've never thought much of monogamy because of my profession. (Yes, I do like my job.) But I've met someone, a 35-year-old male, who also didn't think much about monogamy until we started dating. The problem comes down to this: We became monogamous because we are happy with each other and satisfied sexually. I've stopped work for a short time to open discussions with him about what it means to date a sex worker. I want to start work again but remain "monogamous." Sex at work is exactly that: work. I'm getting paid to have relations with others. It's totally transactional. I'm faced with this: If I do go back to work he wants to be able to have sex with other partners too. I feel this is not "fair." He says he's happy being monogamous and would only see others if I start work again. I have asked him not to see others because it is not the same as what I do. I do not get to choose someone I am attracted to on my own free time, like he would be doing. I'm having relations on my "work time" and 99% of the people I see aren't even people I would see in my free time. Yet he's convinced I might dump him for someone I meet through work because two of my colleagues happen to be in long-term relationships with former clients. Ultimately, I feel my "providing services" puts money in the bank towards our future whilst if he is having relations with others it is not productive to our future. Am I wrong for wanting to continue this monogamous relationship even though I am a sex worker? Is his request "fair"?

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I got online and tossed your question out to #SexWorkTwitter, HOL. Here's what some of your peers had to say...

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There's a lot more advice, discussion, and debate on the thread under my original tweet โ€” a big "thank you!" to all the sex workers from all over the world who took the time to respond!

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