I saw a professional for 2+ years on almost a monthly basis. I saw her at her home and she was comfortable enough with me that I had even met her sisters. The last time I saw her we parted ways well as always. Then nothing. I attempted to contact her and her phone didn't work. The last time I saw her, her phone was on the fritz. I am hoping, probably naively, that her phone died and she couldn't recover my info to contact me. Is it wrong to send flowers to try to contact her? If we didn't part ways well that last time or she told me she didn't want to see me anymore, I'd understand and wouldn't bother her again. Just the fact there was no indication that there was a problem is the bothersome part. I understand she may have changed her life, or just didn't want anything to do with me anymore. Just not knowing is the worst.

A response would be greatly appreciated.

The Wonderer

Rather than answering your question myself, TW, I tossed it up on Twitter and invited sex workers to weigh in...

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