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Dan, you don't need to be an expert to get a woman off with your tongue. Women may be a bit harder to get off than men, but it's not as if quantity doesn't have a quality all it's own.


there's a 99.9% chance i'm wrong, but after my mom pointed out that my skinnier-than-average girlfriend excused herself to visit the smallest room in the house frequently after meals, i became (incorrectly, in my specific case) paranoid about an eating disorder.

not accusing, just putting it out there as a possibility.


@108 BiDanFan: Thanks, Bi. I couldn't help myself. Plus, I needed the hunsky.
For those of you in the PNW experiencing what is being called "Snowmageddon", stay warm and safe! It's going to be one icy mess tomorrow. Great night for movies.


Mr Balls - Maybe they're just British. I'm recalling At Bertram's Hotel, and the manager's enumeration of the extra amenities in rooms allocated to Americans, chief among them being the temperature's being kept ten degrees (Fahrenheit) warmer.

I have heard quite enough testimony from women about their always being freezing to accept that evidence. In men, my assumption would perhaps first run in the direction of suspecting a liking for jock porn (athletes, not straps) and second in the direction of naivete (thinking of the virgin Justin boinked in QaF 2.08).


PLUS should see a doctor. I had similar troubles when I was young, too painful to masturbate. It was a blockage of some type that went away during (after?) my first BJ. My partner didn't know it was painful and just kept going, thankfully.


YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS. Ms Cufflinks from last weekend has just texted to ask me out! Now that's what I call extra lobster! :-D


BDF @118 Ha! Congrats and hopefully all goes well.