Very bitter semen can also be caused by a yeast infection. Now, I'm guessing a severe one would have given the LW oral thrush sometime over the years, but it's a possibility anyway. If it's the case, treating the yeast overgrowth will improve his taste dramatically. (Personal experience talking here.)


I think you have a typo. "What can you do? Well you don't stop swallowing...."

Which is shitty advice, and which advice you immediately contradict. I think you meant to tell her not to swallow.


I think, you don't need to actually swallow to experience an unpleasant taste - you taste with your tongue, not your stomach, so just not swallowing isn't enough for this LW.

Anecdotally, I've heard that eating meat leads towards bad-tasting jizz. I don't know what leads to good-tasting fluid, but maybe experiment? Alternatively, you could have your hubby blow on your face and not taste it all. Dollars to doughnuts he'll love it.


Try it on will ya @3.
What an efficient little system. Isn’t nature amazing.
LW, you have been a good and loving wife, follow Dan’s suggestions.. take it out of your mouth just before he comes. He can’t fault you for your yrs of swallowing service, and better not complain.


You might also think about any medication your husband is on as those can and do affect the taste of cum. Srri meds in particular can make both Male cum and vaginal juices taste horrible.


Yeah, I was thinking with @5, did he start taking any meds? They can have a huge effect on the smell/taste of bodily fluids.


Another thing to consider is how her sense of taste might have changed over time. I've noticed a lot of people seem to grow to like things they didn't used to like as they get older and vice versa. Or perhaps she got the idea in her head that she didn't like the taste anymore (maybe she didn't enjoy it once or twice bc she focused on it differently and the idea the flavor had changed took root) and it just grew in her head and became more and more gross to her. Cum has a certain consistency and isn't exactly delicious, so it strikes me as something that you might easily start thinking about differently and change from "it's ok" to "it makes me throw up in my mouth". I'm not trying to discount lw's experience of it changing, just noting how for me perception can really transform how I experience certain things. She might try her best to pretend/convince herself beforehand that she actually likes the taste (or at least doesn't mind it) and see if this changes anything.


P.S. even if the taste actually has changed, LW adjusting the way she looks at it could still help.


Perhaps a blow job shouldn't be the first thing on the sex menu? A second or third orgasm might produce very little ejaculate, so there may not be much to taste. Relatedly, how often does he have an orgasm now as compared to years past? If he is having fewer orgasms than in the past, perhaps that might be an issue as well, and could be rectified by some masturbation or a hand job now and again.

Also is coffee drinking being cited because it is thought to be a diuretic? If you are only drinking a couple of cups of coffee per day, it will not cause you to excrete more fluid than what you are imbibing. At any rate, if he is urinating frequently during the day, and his urine is typically clear, then hydration is probably not his issue. That said, I do think it is worthwhile to play around with his diet looking at items that are eaten frequently or categories of foods that consumed in volume and try to an elimination diet to figure out if a dietary change has any effect.


Attitude @2: Typo appears to have been fixed.

Sporty @3: It's clear from Dan's "use your hand" advice that he meant she doesn't need to take his loads in her mouth, full stop. Good advice, though if his precum tastes nasty too that won't completely solve that problem. (Also, if he is uncircumcised she won't need to lube her hand, just saying.) I've heard the thing about red meat, which he probably should be eating less of anyway. Which does he like more: steak or blowjobs? Despite the growing popularity of a day dedicated to both, he may have to make a choice.

Sublime @9: A second or third orgasm? Hahahaha, he is in his 50s.


Pineapple does make things taste sweeter, along with other fruits. And the presence of a lot of garlic is noticeable in a bad way.

I went out for a romantic anniversary meal once, and he had seafood pie. I couldn't blow him for a week, because it was so fishy down there. I'm very sensitive to smells and I hate fish anyway. Good job he normally smells and tastes great. Excellent personal hygiene is one of the most attractive qualities in a person.


@3. Sportlandia. I am also under the impression that the reproductive-system secretions of vegetarians, both men and women, taste far better than non-vegetarians.




@3 Sportlandia
"...just not swallowing isn't enough for this LW"

I agree that rather than "So what can you do? Well, you don't have to keep swallowing." a more clear answer would've been "Well, don't let him cum into your mouth". (I guess 'down the throat' isn't an option[?], but would 'into a condom' work?)

Dan did go on to offer (in addition to 'spit it out') the "pull out...Protip", but the initial word choice of "swallowing" muddied the issue.

Admittedly, from my perspective the most crucial time is during the ejaculation so switching to a handjob even only at the /very/ end would make me consider the whole procedure (disappointingly) more of a handjob than a blowjob.


I have to agree with curious2 @14. Nobody should feel pressured to do anything they don't want, but in my view a blowjob which ends "inside" with a purely mouth-induced orgasm is the best thing ever. Sadly coming just from a blowjob gets more difficult as I age.

On the other hand, I couldn't care less about swallowing or not swallowing.


In my expreience, the difference between a skillful handjob (mouth away just before I come) and swallowing isn't that big of a "letdown". Often the most intense orgasms are when I pull out and jerk myself off onto GF's tummy/tits (plus, I love seeing her covered in come). It's still plenty powerful and satisfying either way, definitely worth the price to keep LW happy and blowing. As an alternative, maybe she could keep a can of Coke (or something) handy for a quick swish so she's not stuck with a mouthful of ick for more than a few seconds if she wants to continue her swallowing ways.


Yes, as others have said, medications can make cum taste terrible. Having him cum outside your mouth is also good advice.

But - if he really loves having you cum inside his mouth, experiment with non-latex condoms, to see if you can find a brand that doesn't taste bad and will give him enough sensation to enjoy it all.


@17 sorry, that should have read, "if he really loves cumming inside your mouth", I got distracted and mis-wrote.


This is an aside but blowjobs are weird when you get down to it, especially in casual relationships. Putting someone's dick inside your mouth who you don't know is crazy, especially when you think about how germaphobic most Americans are and how rarely a shower precedes a blowjob, particularly in casual relationships. You're out at a club, sweating and dancing and then bam, blowjob. Cunnilingis is also weird but somehow not as weird? Maybe that's my biased POV but licking seems less intimate than putting something in your mouth.

Sexual attraction is a weird and wonderful thing.


@Larry: But you don't think kissing is weird? Or touching someone's hands? Dicks may be sweaty, but generally they've been encased most of the day...hands go all over the place!


I seem to not have a problem shooting it down the throat mixed with other saliva so that you never really taste it, sort of how you'd shoot a tequila shot. I guess is the taste is very bad that would not work and I'm sorry for the LW and her man that they are in this position. I agree w/ RE and Curious above about it being sort of a let down to have to pull out right then at the end if he doesn't have to otherwise (some guys do anyway)- but since the LW is disliking the taste so much that she's giving him fewer blow jobs, it's not really a choice between having a blow job where he finishes outside and having a blow job where he cums in her mouth- it's a choice between frequent blow jobs finishing outside or fewer blow jobs finishing in her mouth. If finishing outside her mouth means he goes back to getting more blow jobs, he'll probably choose that. Still yes it's a bummer, and my guess is they have already experimented with most of these variables. It could just be a matter of hormones and body changes.

In any case, the taste is so bad it literally makes her vomit and this means she's reduced his blow jobs to around 12 a year tops, so it sounds like pulling out before he cums is really the only immediate solution if they want more frequent blow jobs.

Sex of all sort is weird if you start thinking about it like that, Larry.


She might also have developed an allergy to his semen:

"I have given a lot of blow jobs in my day, but recently a very strange thing happened. I was with a new fellow, and the morning after delighting him orally, I had really appalling diarrhea."


@10 BiDanFan
"A second or third orgasm? Hahahaha, he is in his 50s."

Twice that is quite possible at that age. Though it's true, not dozens like when I was younger.


@27 cockyballsup
I recall thinking in my teens I was gonna set some kind of record, LOL.

But hey there are some who don't even have a refractory period; which sounds GREAT (but might have killed me, like those rats in experiments who get coke every time they pull a lever and never stop until they perish).


@19 - actually, life is weird when you get down to it. Religion, needing to sleep, snot, the way backs and knees are put together - blowjobs are just one weird thing out of thousands. And a lot more fun than most.


You excrete what you eat even more than you are what you eat.

"Bitter" suggests coffee (without enough water), charred meats, or medication, assuming it's not just due to alkalinity (it's possible there was something unusual initially and that the change is a reversion to the mean bitterness of alkaline semen). "Nasty" isn't specifically descriptive. Ethanol metabolites smell/taste more like acetone or vinegar, so it's relatively easy to judge their contribution. Excess protien leads to more nitrogenous metabolites, which generally smell/taste like ammonia. Cigarettes likewise contribute to ammonic smells/tastes (nicotine is a nitrogenous compound). Cannabinoid metabolites smell/taste like cannabis - often to a much greater degree than habituated stoners realize (if you smoke daily or more, attentive observers can probably smell it in your sweat, even if you haven't smoked yet that day).

@22: Diabetes generally results is excess glucose excretion - insulin insensitivity means less blood glucose transported into fat cells, so it remains in the blood stream where it can cause damage by glycation and otherwise be excreted in sweat, urine, semen, maybe saliva? At any rate, sweet smelling/tasting urine, sweat, or semen might inficate diabetes.

@25: Allergies are an exteme histamine reaction to something not actually harmful, which causes mucus membrane overstimulation and site-specific or generalized inflammation as the main symptoms (which can result in gastric symptoms due to inflammation of gastric tissues). The only impact on flavor of which I'm aware would be a metalic taste associated with sever anaphylaxis.


General advice: drink more water. I suggest a pint first thing in the morning, with lunch, and before bed, in addition to current water consumption. That will help flush more metabolites of [whatever] out through the urinary tract and dilute any compounds excreted by other pathways (sweat, semen, etc.). Also, unless you're already drinking too much water, more water is generally a good thing - it ensures there's sufficient water for various metabolic and tissue synthesis pathways, and lower concentrations of excreted toxins are good for preserving/restoring kidney function.


I was going to suggest medication as a cause, i see that is covered. Low grade bladder infection? also, fenugreek makes girls and guys taste and smell like maple syrup. have to take it every day, but it has been used as an anti-inflammatory and digestive aid for centuries.


@32 lynniebabes
Wow ANB, give him fenugreek and y'all will want to spit it out and put in on pancakes!


@lynniebabes....I was scrolling the comments to see if anyone suggested fenugreek! You can find fenugreek tea in the herbal tea aisle, sometimes mixed with ginger and other digestion-enhancing herbs. A cuppa day seems to do the trick. As a bonus, fenugreek has been traditionally used for ED, to enhance testosterone production, as well as for lowering blood sugar.


Honestly I've found coffee makes semen taste better. My boyfriend tastes best after his daily cuppa.


I'm sure y'all know this, but it is worth stating: The taste-receptors on our 'tastebuds' (which line the surface of our tonges and parts of our mouths) actually only detect a limited range of flavours - sweet, sour, bitter, salty and 'umami'. In fact, most of the sensations we experience when we 'taste' something actually come from our sense of smell, vial our nasal smell-receptors. It's the reason that food seems bland and less appetising when you have a cold with a badly blocked nose.

Speaking as a lifelong devotee of cum eating, I noticed long ago that sometimes my partner's cum has a really strong taste, and other times the taste is so bland that I can barely even tell if he came. Same guy, same cum, vastly different experiences of eating it from one time to the next. Anyone who eats cum frequently will probably know what I am talking about.

Having contemplated this concept for many years, I have drawn some conclusions from my observations, and it relates to the taste/smell concept!

If I have my mouth closed tight around the guy's cock as he ejaculates, and I swallow it down without opening my mouth, then the cum is not exposed to air. Molecules can then not be carried through the air to my nasal passages in order for the smell receptors to detect them, and as a result, I don't 'taste' the cum very much.

On the other hand, I have noticed that if he shoots into my open mouth, if I open my mouth with the cum in still in there, or if I eat the cum up off his belly (where it is exposed to air), then I smell it - and taste it - much more strongly.

So, LW might find that if she just keeps her mouth closed more tightly around his cock, and swallows his cum down before she breathes in, she may not notice the taste of her man's bad-tasting cum quite so strongly. Worth trying, anyway!


In 20 years Wife has never - not even once - had me come in her mouth. She dislikes giving head, loves getting it, and that puts LW's dilemma in perspective!


Girl you do your thang

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