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Griz, you deserve the Hunsky Award this week! Agreed, Delta35 @101 - Group hug!


"I will contact Berklee School of Music"

Great (particularly given your contacts), but I don't think there's any need to restrict your outreach to them. Both outreach (as I touched on @92) and the work itself could it seems to me be done over the Internet. (A filmmaker could send you video, and you could send her audio.)

Put your sample scores online so your ads can point your target audience (filmmakers) towards them.


Ooops, p.s. @103
Apologies, I just realized that I got all mixed up, I don't know what school I was thinking was local.

It's very cool that Berklee has a film school. It's very cool that your Music School contacts can serve as references for students at film school(s).

But whatever film school(s) you end up reaching out to, I imagine your renown growing. Perhaps first you score a short for one student. Then score shorts for more students. Fast forward a year and you've scored a feature-length student film that wins national awards. And then the next thing we know, Hans Zimmer envies griz.


Hey, you guys... I'm going to be brining back the SLLOTD. Hold tight.


Thank you very much, I'm speechless with happiness!!! And thank you for letting us know, that's great news!!


A new column is up!


Great news, Dan @105!!!


@101 delta35: WA-HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Thank you for bequeathing upon me the Big Hunsky Award! I graciously accept it, and appreciate all the incredible love and support by everyone here in the Savage Love comment thread. Big hugs,positrons, and VW beeps!
As for my Happy First Anniversary Post-Op--I indeed have plans tonight---Let the "Regan / Carrie" party begin, commemorating a year since what I call a gynecological exorcism and just deserts ("desserts", in the form of gluten free Devil's food cake and symbolic red, red wine) toward the welcome removal of "mean girls" from my system. It has been a long, painful 37 years of monthlies that I am glad to have over. Time to waste the prom! :)

@102 BiDanFan and delta35 @101 Group Hug! Big hugs, positrons, and VW beeps! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO :)

@103 curious2: What wonderful suggestions! I have been lately soliciting mp3s from scored film clips from my Berklee days.

@104 curious2: I love it! My favorite Hans Zimmer score is of course, from the 1991 film, Thelma & Louise, directed by Ridley Scott. :)

@105 Dan the Man: Many thanks! What fabulous news that Savage Love SLLOTD is back! I will indeed look for it, read, and post comments. :)