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Congratulations on the final Hunsky, JibeHo!


Congratulations, JibeHo @100. Honoured winner of the farewell Hunsky.
And thank you for the informative post. I like the word Lesbian, it’s always seemed a strong & ..yes that’s who I am.. word, to me.


@100 JibeHo: WA-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Congratulations sincerely--this time there is no typo--you legitimately landed on @100 so you are awarded The Big Hunsky!! Bask in your newfound numeric riches and savor the glory. :)


@92 LavaGirl: Many thanks for the wonderful feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed Tail Spin. There are two more soundtracks coming soon to complete the series. :)

@93 fubar: Thank you for kindly offering assistance on registering for Disqus. I'll check it out and take you up on it if I hit a snag. I'm glad you've been enjoying Tail Spin. More soundtracks to come! :)

@96 LavaGirl: We reached the Big Hunsky--JjibeHo scored the @100 this week.
And it looks like we might still be able to play the Lucky Numbers Game as the new November 2nd Savage Love column still has numbered comments available. :)

@98 & @99 LavaGirl: So I'm among the last of the male kangaroos born in '64! Maybe that's why I'm so lively. :D
I read a little further upon Google searching, and it turns out there are actually two sub- generations of Baby Boomers: Boomer I's were born between 1944 and 1954; Boomer II's were born between 1955 and 1964. No matter how you slice the Snickers bar, I'm still among the last of the Boomer Generation. My oldest sister, born in '54 is among the last of Baby Boomer I; my older sister ('55), brother('56), and I were born in Baby Boomer II. :D


Ms Jibe - Well, words come an go, and it does seem time for a new word. Who might have the strongest claim to ownership of the G is interesting, but I have greater concerns. I just want a word that will be immediately understood without confusion with other genders or sexes, and resisted moving on to a new word mostly because of the difficulties in getting it properly established in the general consciousness. But as there seems to be no keeping it away from widespread use by women, however valid their claim to a superiour right may be, it is time to move on and your team is welcome to it and all the attendant annoyances of the general G if you all want them.

I appreciate your scholarship, though I'll admit to not thinking that you deliberately tailored your language to avoid offending. If you want it, use it freely. I do find a difference between women who present primarily under L and women who present primarily under GW, but cannot entirely pinpoint what it is and in any case would defer to one of your superiour standing (not to mention vastly superiour acquaintance with exclusively same-sexer women) on the question.


@95. Lava. Yes, I have tried to parent with a man (i.e. I have parented with a man)--and he was absent on the job most of the time.