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Also to the queer person who met someone while both of you were on vacation? It happened to me once, and I've heard many tales of it happening to others. It's not uncommon to find that the person you met in some exotic, romantic place - the person with whom you found much in common and who evoked excitement and maybe even passion - may not be the person you met and deliciously courted in, say, Vienna. You visit him at home, or he visits you at home, and either or both of you might discover a different person. You didn't know about the collection of Victorian dolls that crowd his bedroom. He didn't know you were into cats and that your house smells strongly of imitation vanilla, That sort of thing

It's not that people pose on holiday necessarily, but meeting someone in a great place heightens everything, and sometimes seeing someone in their natural setting is a cold shower. Don't get swept up until you have some real time. I don't think I'd even travel with someone until I knew him/her/them better. Good luck.


Has LW2 considered Liberty University? IIRc the administration there seems to have a few kinks.


Disagree with Dan’s advice to last LW. There are much better ways to sabotage a relationship than by introducing someone as your ex-gf. The guy’s position is slightly odd, but certainly defensible. Maybe the guy is a little autistic? Who knows. If it really bothers her, she just can ask not meet any of his new girlfriends.
Speaking of slightly autistic people… I would also like to point out that the percentage of time they have known each other and not been going out is 99.9% not 99.999%.

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