It never ceases to amaze me how savvy we have to be in this digital age.


So learn some journalistic practices and confirm your sources first.


sorry but that looks photoshopped like a mofo. not buying that at all.



Not to mention the fact it's basically a digital recreation of a well-known Chesley Bonestell painting:


"No way this crystal clear, color image of another planet being shown by a no name twitter account with a string of nonsense characters at the end could be fake."


hell, if you reverse search the image you are taken to NASA's own use of the shot where it is clearly labeled an artist rendition of what they thought it might look like.


Hot tip: that far from the sun, there isn't much visible color. Everything you see is colorized. That's how you can tell most fakes.


Try checking the next one? Spend two minutes looking for facts before pushing the button? If it's not worth two minutes of your time, it's not worth anyone else's.

Fuck all reshares, basically.


Undo, then retweet the image with an accurate comment that it is a fake, but beautiful bit of fictional space art.


Or post a link to this video space art of the imagined end of Cassini... pretty dramatic stuff :'>)


Fahrenheit? Seriously?


NASA does do massive post-processing of all their images (its required but I do distrust the artistic instincts of their image manipulators) so why be surprised that end-users do some more work on top of that. 100% no color space shot is believable.


just one more bogus doctored nasa image. makes you wonder what is real from them. or at least makes me wonder, I don't have their dick in my mouth

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