"But for Wigner, it is still in the condition of potential (or what the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze called the virtual)"

I don't want to come off facetious here, but is this not just as true of the sandwich I made for lunch? Have I or have I not yet eaten it? You don't know so for you the sandwich is still in the condition of potential. When you're talking about sandwiches instead of particles, it seems trivial rather than profound.

Is that really what spooked Einstein? I have a hard time believing it.

n.b. it is eaten.


Happy you found the Rovelli compelling as well.


The observer effect has nothing to do with consciousness. That's one of the worst misconceptions about quantum physics, which is already completely misunderstood.


"If Wigner's friend tells him what that photon is doing, their realities merge and become one in an instant. Just saying it, makes it so."

What if he's got Verizon and it gets all garbled n' jumbled?

What becomes of the poor photon then?


"(Entropy means moving from a state of order to one of disorder because the latter, obviously—for example, a messy room—is more stable than the former—a clean room)."

Thank you for that, Chas.
Looks like I'm done cleaning MY room.


Schrödinger's cat

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