Is Mingo as bad of a player as I think he is? I see him standing around a lot, missing tackles and losing receivers. Granted, he did stop a potential touchdown pass but that seemed like an exception versus what’s normal. Side note: I had a health teacher in high school named Ms. Mingo. She was single and shared her frustration with our class once about meeting handsome and nice gay men that wouldn’t date her.


I think Q13’s Aaron Levine hit the nail on the head: “That was fun. At times maddening. At times frustrating, but in the end? Fun.”

We can debate and analyze all the things that are frustrating about this year’s Seahawks, but I came into this season expecting it to be a grueling series of defeat and disappointment. And somehow, they’ve managed to exceed expectations. The Carrol/Wilson era has almost always been start messy and dire looking, then somehow, either in the second quarter or second half and the back end of the season, things start clicking.


If anyone got lucky yesterday, it was the Panthers. The Hawks forced FIVE FUMBLES and the Panthers recovered ALL FIVE. Lucky!

Another great game from a super fun team. Go Hawks!


They sure do seem to be a proverbial backs-against-the-wall sorta team; the two previous games came down to what, the very last plays of the games: win/tie or Die? Damn Exciting and a hellova lotta Fun. And Russell Wilson's STILL Awesome.

Let's hope they dont relax and succumb to the shitty teams yet to be played.
It'd suck BIG Time to play like they have, and then, not make it to Postseason.
(What a crappy way to hafta spend the rest of Winter!)

Here's to an injury-Free rest of the season.

Oh, and we got Lucky when we got Pete Carroll.


@3 DOUG and @4 kristofarian: Agreed. And Seattle won in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I certainly hope (Richard) Sherman Tank doesn't roll over us in a Seahawks / 49ers grudge match, Spike.

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