Thank you for another fine recap article, Spike. It seems like a subconscious typo when you write "I criticized Seahawks offensive Brian Schottenheimer a lot "
Missing an apostrophe and a job title, in my semi-literate opinion.

Merry Holidays!


How fun! Let’s all root for the home team as they fuck it in the 11th hour like always.





In my also semi-literate opinion, I don't think you need an apostrophe for Seahawks. Isn't "Seahawks offensive coordinator" like saying "car door"? We could say "the car's door," just as we can say "the Seahawks' coordinator," but they mean something different.


@2: That smug jibe indicates you really don't understand or love football.



Now, now, tis the Season to be Charitable.
After all, we haven't Been to the Superbowl
since 2005, 2013 and 2014, which was
Four VERY long years ago.

Did I mention WE WON! in 2013?

Pete (Christmas) Carroll ROCKS!
Deck the Halls!


You're right @6. I just have a hard time dealing with pessimism on Christmas.



Unfortunately, Seattle is nation’s capital when it comes to pessimism, angst, and self loathing. Qualities that seems to go hand in hand with today’s uber-progressives.

Go Hawks!


Love the energy in your writing, Spike! It was a truly amazing/fun game to watch in light of the rest of this season.

Go Hawks!!


Pretty sure @2 meant the Mariners, their home field is about a nine-iron away and, frankly, no one's better at tossing away a season at the eleventh hour. It's so Lucy-and-the-proverbial-football . . . not sure how their Fanatics handle it, but, if you don't Expect too much, you can never be too emotionally overwhelmed / depressed, come the Playoffs. 'Cause there's always Football. Besides, there's nothing the Mariners love more than making it count, usually right up until midway through the final game of the season.

Nevertheless, too much Optimism is seldom recommended when dealing with a body-decimating/head cavitating, "not-for-Profit" (or whatever) Monopoly.

Remember, Major League "Sports" are about selling cars,
War, beer* and Capitalism -- not necessarily in that order.

*say, friendo, have you tried Kavanaugh's Hard Right Turn pale ale?
It's Thee Brand™ for those who just LOVE their beers! Do YOU?!
I'm Talkin to YOU, Senator!

(I just love that last part!)


That's some Quality Bait!
Let's see who takes the hook...


Not all of the breaks went the 'Hawks way, as some spectacular plays from the Chiefs' QB showed. The main reason Seattle won was the Chiefs had already clinched their spot in the playoffs, and therefore weren't trying very hard when it comes to that obscure defensive maneuver known as the 'tackle'. (The Seahawks' running back going unblocked through two defenders into the end zone was the tell in the Chiefs trying to avoid injuries over trying to actually, you know, stop the 'Hawks from advancing the ball.)

Between the 'Hawks' lackluster offense, bad place-kicking, and KC's indifferent attempts at defense, it made for a fun game to watch. If the Hawks take that level of play to the playoffs, their post-season will be exactly one game long. (And that one game will seem very long indeed here in Seattle.)

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