This is our first annual edition of The Stranger's 101 favorite restrooms.

The idea here is to pay homage to the wide range of facilities available to Seattleites in need of relief. Public restrooms are the unsung heroes of the urban environment. Indeed, public restrooms are the saviors of our shared urban environment! Why if it weren't for public restrooms, the streets of our cities would still run with sewage!

When we began working on this special pullout section of The Stranger, we asked ourselves this question: "Could we actually whittle the broad spectrum of Seattle restrooms down to a mere 101?" While some may think that choosing to write about such a large number of restrooms is a desperate effort to cast a net wide enough to kiss the asses of as many potential advertisers as possible, we disagree! "There aren't 101 remarkable restrooms in a city the size of Seattle!" our cynical critics howl. "There aren't that many remarkable restrooms in a city the size of New York! Therefore The Stranger will be forced to praise not only Seattle's many meritorious restrooms but numerous mediocre restrooms as well, restrooms unworthy of inclusion on such an august list! Owners of unworthy restrooms that win undeserved praise in the Stranger's pages will proudly display framed certificates in their windows, thereby misleading their patrons about the quality of the restrooms inside! The display of these framed certificates--provided by the paper itself!--will provide not only The Stranger with free advertising but also create a feeling of obligation on the part of the unworthy restrooms' owners when The Stranger's ad sales staff comes calling. While this gambit may temporarily increase The Stranger's ad sales revenues, a paper can only sell out its editorial product and mislead its readers for so long! Sooner or later readers and advertisers will catch on! Readers will cease to trust the paper's opinion about our city's many restrooms, and restroom owners will refuse to be manipulated by insincere praise!"

To our doubters we say pish-posh! There isn't a restroom on our list that we can't praise unreservedly. From the swank to the dank, from the glorious ladies' lounge at the downtown Bon-Macy's to the Human Toilet in Kirkland, from the city's pricey new automated kiosks to the post-apocalyptic bunker/restrooms at the Alibi Room, every last restroom on our list is special, unique, and very, very Seattle.

On the Cover: Photos by Michael Doucet. Bathroom locations: The Ruins; Coffee Messiah; Rudy's, Capitol Hill; Bauhaus, Capitol Hill Photography: Alice Wheeler and Lance Hammond

Art Direction and Design: American Standard, HoneyBucket LLC, "The Bold Look of Kohler." Special issue edited by John Flushing

Internet Support: Drizzle Northwest

Corportate Sponsor: UPS, "See what brown can do for you!"

Key to Authors

A. T. --Annie Tinkle

K. P. --Kurt Plunk

H. D. --Harry Doubleflusher

P. E. L. --Pinche Eu Leuf

S. F. --Salmon Flushie

I. P. F. --I. P. Freeley

C. B. --Colin Bowel

C. T. --Chuck Taylor

M. L. --May Locks

B. S. --Brownie Splashwell

T. P. --Tamara Paris

L. S. --Lucy Stool

M. B. --Murphy Brown

C. C. --Corny Chunks

B. R. B. --Bebe Ruth Barre

P. A. B. --Phil A. Bladder

S. B. --Shi'tfeur Braynes

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