kathryn rathke

Once a year, The Stranger takes a break from its usual posture of aggressive criticism and devotes its pages to unalloyed praise of five artists who make the city—and the world—a better place. We also give them each $5,000. The Stranger’s arts editors select the Geniuses. There is no nomination process. Winners are notified via cake. Here's more information (you can donate!).

We celebrated mightily at the Ninth Annual Stranger Genius Awards, Seattle’s only all-arts party, where set designers made out with filmmakers and musicians bought drinks for writers (thanks!). It was Friday, September 16, at the Moore Theatre, with Wild Orchid Children, Wheedle’s Groove, OC Notes, and Emerald City Soul Club. It ruled. We are really hungover.

And now, please meet the 2011 Geniuses.