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Judge Doug North, a Proponent of Diverting Non-Violent First-Time Offenders into Treatment Programs, is Endorsed by The Stranger
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Paid for by Committee to Reelect Judge North, P.O. Box 27113, Seattle, WA 98165

K. ♥♥ I still got the biggest wea'ness fer yr wiggles. Yr wiggles are the rockinest. Yr non-wiggles also rock. sincerely, xoxo, yr pal, as ever, t

I'M STILL INFECTED ♥♥ I keep on livin' with the fullness of the one like the heat from the sun, I'm the skin on the drum. My love is gigantic. I will always be here for U!!

FATHER OF OUR CHILD ♥♥ Blue eyes squeeze shut at Our most creative moment. Will his eyes be blue? love you! c

SWEETPEA!!! ♥♥ I love you so much! We've been through hell together and have survived! Our bond is much stronger as a result! Happy Valentine's Day my love!

MRRAWRR!!!! ♥♥ Love you deeply Mr Corgi-lion. Am looking forward to growing old with you :)

DEAREST JEREMY ♥♥ On our 1st Valentine's as husband & wife, I cherish our love & can't wait to spend many more years together. Always know that you have my heart. Linda


NICK MIKE ♥♥ A little lady in the midwest is thinking of you!

CHERRY ♥♥ I love you and the way you can squirt on demand!!! always your Roman

DOLCETTO! ♥♥ I love you more with each passing day, and look forward to the future we'll build with love and passion!

I CHOOSE YOU ♥♥ You are brilliant and precious. Love gazing into your night eyes, treasuring you. Coochie interruption––you sex me exquisitely. Yours. Always. Bises.

ABU DHABI RSVP ♥♥ The cast platinum handcuffs are sparkling with 4500ct of ice and the lube is made from the rarest Oil of Narwhal. Yer brave'n'sexy... please join.

EMILY ♥♥ You're the best thing that has ever happened to me. I will always remember the day you said "Yes."

BEAUTIFUL FILTHY ♥♥ C All my love and thanks to you for your support... and for being so damn good in so many ways ;^) Love ya baby! R

HEY BOO ♥♥ Heather you are the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. You are absolutely boo-tiful

TIM ♥♥ I like stuff, do you like stuff? Love Barbara

O NUMBER 3 DRIVER ♥♥ lovely jazz man you catch the ladies' eyes. just maybe, just maybe you've caught my heart!

CAZ AWAY FOR VTINES ♥♥ I won't blame you for scheduling your research trip in February, I suppose there are more important things than celebrating love. Happy Vday babe!

ERIC AND JORGE ♥♥ Eric, I fall in love with you more every day. You rock my world. Jorge, you are enormous and always amazing. I can't wait to marry you guys.

<3 YOU, KEEKS. ♥♥ From your gay.

LINDSAY TART ♥♥ I ch'ch'chooze you! Love Babs

AN ODE TO MELLZAH ♥♥ Yer smile be worth more than a million gold dubloons; yer booty ain't bad, neither. Shiver me timbers, lass! Me kraken is awaitin' ye!

MENG! ♥♥ Hey Hottie Mchotterson... tag you're it! Come get some. Ad nauseum.

SWEET CURLY! ♥♥ I love loving you. You make me happier than a hot tub full of creme brulee. GEORGE

MY KITTEN WHO PURRS ♥♥ You fill up my hugs perfectly. I dream of growing old with you and never doubt this love we have. I would quit coffee for you!!!!

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MITTENS N STARFISHES ♥♥ What a year! You're one badass mama. I adore you with every ounce of my heart & soul. Burlap Rox going strong forever.

SEAN AND AMY ♥♥ I love you both, you are so cool! You really, really, RULE! -LOVE Babs

MATINAY! ♥♥ You are the awesome Protoss Templar to my Zergling. You've made like a Dark Archon and Mind Controlled my heart. Happy Valentine's Day, aown!

IN THIS TINY SPACE ♥♥ Tommy i really gotta talk. luv so much bout u, ur face, ur style, ur... walk. it's been 1 year, da party hasn't stopped. luv is a mountain & were on top.

*FEATHERHEAD* ♥♥ I have a crush on you that grows redder and hotter everytime I see you! I wanna ride your bike! From the one that leaves you les lettres d'amour.

SWEETUMS ♥♥ Sweetums baby bacon sugarbeet, I love you, please obtain your graduate degree and come home. We'll get a puppy as soon as is practicable.

#1 QUEEN CJ ♥♥ You believed in me when I couldn't believe in myself. You speak a language I understand. Forever your friend. All my Love & admiration. Neighbor boy

AMERS ♥♥ My heart is on fire for you... It's been 2 months of on and off... You've got me girl... you make me dizzy... I love you darlin'... J

OH SMOO-OOOOOOOOOOO ♥♥ our snow days were fun, but the sun's coming out a little more often, and i can't wait to pack a food and go outside and get a sun with you. ~

SWEET BEAST ♥♥ I love you wife, I hope you know just how much... every day. Thank you for loving me and being the woman of my dreams.

TUMISHNA ♥♥ I sure love you. I could stay awake just to hear you breathing. My neck, my back. Thx for loving me. Love is a very splendid thing! Happy vday! luv Karki

HUSPEAR ♥♥ Amor, amor, un hábito vestí el cual de vuestro paño fue cortado; al vestir ancho fue, más apretado y estrecho cuando estuvo sobre mí. WESLINN

THE Z ♥♥ One year later, here you and I are. From 250 miles to 5 miles to 4 blocks. A good progression. Funk the haters and do that which you are so good at

DARIN. ♥♥ I procrastinated. I haven't come up with the perfect note yet. Let alone gift. Jesus. However, I love you. Like sparks and shining dragons, I do.

MY KENTUCKYTUFF MAN ♥♥ 54 oz beers while biking our heads off stickers of deer, watching the tip off. Stoked that it all gets to be w/you, kentuckytuffman you're my boo. e*

BROOKLYN BROWNSTONE ♥♥ You, me, the St. Clair... love is in the air.

MET AT MAMA'S ♥♥ Two years ago we met at mama's. How fitting! You are my rock, and roll. I love you more than xbox, and can't wait for our little bebe.

EXTRA ANCHOVIES ♥♥ To the best valentine ever: there is nothing better than delivering an extra large pizza to you. Don't forget to order vegan anchovies next time.

TO LISA AND LEIGH ♥♥ I couldn't think of two lovelier ladies to harass day in and day out, than the two of you. My 2 little asian flowers, I love you so DEMETRIUS

TO MY LOVING HUSBAND ♥♥ I am so happy we found each other and made it work cause we are a perfect match. 8 years strong and now happily married. love your Mexican Princess

ROCKSTAR OF MY LIFE ♥♥ I don't know what I'd do w/out my lady lay in my life, u r amazing. I luv u more than any rat in the world. PS Would u like that sausage hearty sized?

I LOVE YOU, MR.GUTS ♥♥ your all i ever wanted, through thick and thin you proved to be true. let me just say that i am totally satisfied being with you and only you forever.

CAPTAIN NOT STOPPIN, ♥♥ Cappy! I just wanted to tell you I love you and your sweet ass! and that you are the Lloyd to my Harry! Ahh thank you!! Loves, Lieutenant Sweeps.

HI TAMMY! ♥♥ Sunshine asked me who I thought the hottest girl at work was. I said it was still you. Are we still gonna go see Pan's Labyrinth?

DEAR CONNIELOVESTOM ♥♥ I love you too--lots and lots. Happy VD.

1000 TIMES ♥♥ Dear Love - I would marry you a 1000 times. I am ridiculously and disgustingly happy. You are soo wonderful, kind, etc. Even Binti loves you! All love

IDEBELLE76! ♥♥ CDI i got you in my grips now! there is no escape from the wild lushness of my bed! keep pushing back, back, back!

DOOGLES HOWSER, M.A.D ♥♥ you're the bestest baby of all the babies, baby! 5 minutes after you leave and I miss you baby. No one else will ever love you!

LP HEARTS EW ♥♥ high-ten on us.

EVERYDAY MINUTIAE ♥♥ Gary, "You're doing that right." xxxjoseph

***CLARIKA*** ♥♥ Over a year of underwater cadence, and now we say, "Yes, I can hear you." Sharing a timezone and a bed w/you is my dream come true. I love you, belle.

ROB K. ♥♥ It seems like yesterday that I drank a bottle of wine and outed you. You're a true friend, Happy Valentine's Day. Love JK.

MY WONDERFUL PATRICK ♥♥ To wake up with you every morning is the first best thing of the day. To fall asleep all tangled together is the second. I Love you so much.

BABY GIRLS ♥♥ my lovely ladies, you put the sweet in the bittersweet of divorce. much love jeanina, e-han & kristin. best partners in crime a girl could ask for.


PANTLESS DEVELOPER! ♥♥ I didn't love you then, but I surely love you now. Be mine with a cupcake, please. <3<3<3, Pig

DEAR MR. SHRODE ♥♥ I regret to inform you, but since valentine's day is approaching you have to do something for me... Bamboo Garden and a bottle of raspberry beer? love Tina

TO ALL OF MY GAPPERS ♥♥ i just wanted to say happy valentine's day to all of my favorite gappers from u-village. life wouldnt be half as interesting without you guys!!

NICK & ASHER ♥♥ You're my boys & I adore you! Even when you shit & puke everywhere & I have to clean it up, you're mine 4ever & you will always be my Stinky & MonkeyPox

PATTYMAYONAISE ♥♥ Hey Tricia, thanks for the heart chocolates... they were delicious... Happy Venereal Disease day Love, Tina

KATT ELITE SCHOLAR ♥♥ Thank you for our year together, I love you more than you could ever know. Ocean Island is just a few months away.

TO: MR. VALENTINE ♥♥ 1st valentine's day in 10 years without you. now you have a new lady to use. Hope you are happy asshole. Free as a bird. Karma baby Karma

GCC ♥♥ happy vday to everyone at the gayborhood. i love you kids!

DEAR JERRON ♥♥ i love u very much i hope you're happy on february the 14th this year no matter what you end up doing mr. skuttlebutt. love: haylee

IN LOVE ♥♥ E, My love, you make my world a brighter place. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us! You have my love... -S

BRADLEY ♥♥ happy birthday, i love you. I hope you get wasted and puke your fucking head off. Don't get too out of control though. -Love Tina

VALENTINEVERSARRY ♥♥ The first time you put your hand up my kilt I knew our love would have no guilt, I kissed you deep and made you wilt then I drove it home to the hilt.

HEY HUNKAPILLAR ♥♥ I love you more than all the owls in the world! 4 years, and I'm still completely smitten with you. Love, M.

JORDAN ♥♥ I super hella love the shit out of you forever to the max. Yes!

DEAREST NIBS ♥♥ With amazement at how far we've come and in anticipation of where we're headed: I love you always and forever! -Your Sprite.

A HUGBUG VALENTINE ♥♥ Dear Afghan, You are my morning coffee. Tall. Dark. Extremely hot. Love, Your Jew

OUT IN YAKIMA ♥♥ Jesse, Tony, Chona, Lola, & Betty I love you all and I hope you have a great Valentine's day!! and Pepe you're pretty cool too.

BFF ♥♥ where would i be without you? you're more than the wind beneath my wings, you're the air that i breath. j&j por vida

KYLE ♥♥ I love you sooo much and i would like you to have my babies... i want to make sweet rhino love to you. Love, yours truly, Teresa

FOREVER LOVE ♥♥ Baby B, forever will you hold my heart in your hands. Thank you for blessing me with your love! Happy Valentine's day!I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!Love Lyrtle!

MENG!!!!! ♥♥ Your crotch and my crotch need some quality time together. xxoo Hootie

ABONDANZA QUEEN ♥♥ Hey Girlie, U R 1 of the sweetest people I know, deserve nut'n but the best. Glad we've become friends. XOXO till I see you at the pub.

THE LOVES OF MY LIFE ♥♥ baby chicken and lil deevil: i don't get to see you that often since daddy and i split up, but i love and miss you guys more than words can say. xoxomom

THOMAS! ♥♥ You're the best future husband a girl could ever hope for and I love you tremendously; even more than the dogs.

BAGBE - I WIN ♥♥ Happy Valentine's, pookass!

I WUV WU BABY PEEPEE ♥♥ I love you more and more everyday. I'm going to kiss Lulu Bell and Ricky Booby and then go south to Geez Louise tonight so you better be ready. Luv poo

NOW MORE THAN EVER ♥♥ a baked potato, some wheat grass and a bottle of blue sky vodka.

JRO, ME SAY JRO ♥♥ J, me say J, me say J, me say Jay-ro. One day only at the JRO Marche. My name is BLU, this is my song. My name is BLU, BLU St. John! Happy V-Day JRO! BLU

MCMANIMAL HOUSE ♥♥ Steve-o, Jake, Mike, and even you Dylan, happy valentine's day, i love you all. Thanks for letting me get drunk at your house! Love, Tina

GEMINI ♥♥ I will wear a maid costume if you promise to spank me. Miss Beth

FROM MRS.VALENTINE ♥♥ To all my kids- Kyle, Shanelle, Kela Mae and Keith Jr. Valentine. Our special day! I love you. Mommy

TO CHICKEN JESSICA ♥♥ u r a fart and I love u. i m happy to sleep with the fan on for the rest of my life. as long as it's with u.

IMP (3/4 PIMP) ♥♥ To the only one I will walk home with, even if its an hour. Sometimes i don't hate you (my spicy little tater tot). Prost! To Germany & to us. schatze

STECKLER ♥♥ Just for the record: You're my everything. I love you, Happy Valentine's.

PANATTONI BRIAN ♥♥ You're adorable and hot. Yes, I would say I am getting P-Dubbed! I think this could be the start of something great if you would only trust me. -Molly

EXTRA SAUSAGE PLEASE ♥♥ Pizza is yummy especially with you! I Heart you lots...

I LOVE YOU FINN!!!! ♥♥ I can't imagine my world without you as my Queen! Your beauty shines through even your thickest grumpy pants. You bring me happiness I've never known.

P-NUT ♥♥ Hopefully this year will be chock full o' peanuts and love. Your love is like a shining beacon of joy. Your song is like a flock of "special" birds.

TO MY SEATTLE CREW ♥♥ I miss all of you, girls and boys, friends and family, although it was great to see you in December. Come visit me! I love you all! Love, Genevieve

4 <3S STILL IN SEA ♥♥ I think this should be tradition. No better way for v-day. Distance sucks. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but beer would be better.

THE PEACH OF MY LIFE ♥♥ Colin darling, I don't know what I would do without you. Love you more than a Stranger valentine could express. Anal sex for you big boy!

DARREN : A HAIKU ♥♥ you make me complete/every day I'm happy/because you're with me

MY PRECIOUS BOY ♥♥ sweet, deep, pale blue eyes... you are everything to me and I will always love your delicious lips, your beautiful smile. I love you punk rock!

C ♥♥ Hey Handsome, you're fabulous. Oh, and I can't get enough of the sniffer. Love you! FO

BARK BARK BARK ♥♥ We just wanted to thank you for being the best goddamn mom that 2 dogs could ever have. You Rock! We love the shit outta you & treats. xoxo Jack & Chloe

OH HARROWWWW! ♥♥ Ching chong ching chong bing bong bong, that means I love you!! Poop face me loving you so muchly!! BEEEG BEEG Time #1!! Kerzujo

GRRRRRRR RRRRR RRR ♥♥ hey alex, what an awesome three months... super fashion baby tiger:)

POOTUS ♥♥ bff- por vida yo! fk what ya heard... settin' it off in '07! xxchema

CATHERINE & ALLEN ♥♥ Congratulations on getting married, I know u 2 will be happy. Treat my sister well, she deserves it. Welcome to the family brother. All the best, John

ONLY WEINER I NEED ♥♥ bixby- its been a year & i fall more in love with you each day. yr the best thing to ever happen to me. smoooooooch! xxmama

KOCHAM CIE KOCHANIE! ♥♥ You're my sweetest valentine! My sunshine, ocean of gorgeousness, bottomless well. Paradise valley! I love you forever and ever Facipka! Yours, Bobby

OMAR & MOGWAI ♥♥ You 2 dogs, you have brought so much to our lives, so much love, so much shit on the floor and puddles of pee, & even though you eat the shoes, You 2 r loved.

HEY FUCKERS!!! ♥♥ I love yous guys, you're the awesomest! Much love to Lindsey(s), Chanel, Tiff, Liz, Grackle, Mo, Nate, NRG, Nicole, Isha, and everyone else! -Christ

A SNEAKY NOTE? ♥♥ I'll scrape the ice off your windshield anytime! Happy Valentine's Day.

MISSEMILYNACHOMAKER ♥♥ Miss Emily, still maker of my nachos, still my best friend, it's been a tough year for us, but I need you to know I love you, sweet, snarkygirl. Pequino Asno

TRIPLE-WORD SCORE ♥♥ Izzibet, thank you for taking a chance on Mr. Dampsocks back in 2003. You have made me very, very happy. Love, your own personal Lloyd Dobbler

HOT SPICY ITALIAN ♥♥ What could be better than a hot Italian up against the wall? Perhaps a hot Italian over an ottoman? When shall we meet for a spicy lunch? ~ The German

GAYBORHOOD! ♥♥ yr the best! much love & happy fkn bday to andrew eli jenny sid & eedz! w/a shout out to all the critters. xo jamie

RAVE ON ♥♥ Next month it will be official. I've loved you half my life. And what a sexy silly strange trip it has been. Here's to blue moons and blue monsters.

YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE ♥♥ ...even when Seattle skies are gray. You're the best thing in my life and the father of my son/dog. Things wouldn't be as bright without you beebee.

I LOVE YOU PATRICK!! ♥♥ I like you so much it makes me queasy. You make me feel happy. You're soo sexy! I can't keep my hands off of you. I trust you, and I love you! ~Christ

LOVE IS YOU ♥♥ In this fleeting world of cruel distractions, I see my baby's eyes--the color of calm sea, just like yours, my soulmate, my husband, my love.

ALL I NEED ♥♥ No stars out tonight, we're shining our own light, it's never felt so right, Cause girl the way I'm feeling, It's easy to believe, That you're all I need!

<3 NOODLE! <3 ♥♥ These have been the best times of my life! Your little caterpillar wants you to know how much she loves you!

-= MARRIAGE BUN =- ♥♥ Eight years can really fly by, can't they? xoxo

CHRISSY ♥♥ thanks for being such a sweet girlfriend. let's have a nasty good time soon. lotsa love, K

LONG DISTANT INFO ♥♥ LP I thnk of u everyday fighting like tigers on Vaseline all night, you've been dead 21 years. We should have worn a condom. I still love you forever. TDM

I LOVE HIM THIS MUCH ♥♥ We've had our ups and downs, but we stuck together with no frowns. I married you last summer and that was the best decision of my life! I love u 4ever.

MU AND A CUP OF TEA! ♥♥ A happy valentine's (2nd year of this!) for a very strange CS student who works too hard avoiding discussions of plethodontid synapomorphies. Mu, I say!

CASSIE B! ♥♥ Happy V Day! I miss ya and I hope you are doing well! Reilly

BEFFREY LOVES BAMY ♥♥ Amy bamy bobamy, Banana fana fofamy, Be my bobamy, Amy. ~ Your Beffrey

BELOVED CHRISPY FIR ♥♥ oh the joys of bbq'd leeks and peanuthead bugs. blackberry stains, vetiver, kombucha and long walks in the froggy dusk. I'll adore you forever. love, k

FOR MY FIRECRACKER ♥♥ "sweet nothing" "sweet nothing" "I LOVE you" "sweet nothing" "sweet nothing" "I love you" Love, Jake

TURDLE TURDLE TURDLE ♥♥ Shawn, I love you! I could say "yay" and "nice" all day long. Here's to more movies and improving your taste in beer. Happy Valentine's Day Turdle.

HEY DR. POLLY ♥♥ you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and i would be lost without you. i promise: i will love you forever

USUAL SUSPECT OF LUV ♥♥ To the woman who has put up with my mood swings and bad temper, Happy V-Day. You are more precious to me than I show and I should tell you more often.

TITTER ♥♥ O Hoffman, my talented tantalizing Hoffman, I love to tickle your prickle. You titillate my titties! Love, Titi

I MISS YOU ♥♥ Wherever you are, whomever you may be. I wish you were part of my life right now, but I don't even know you. Hopefuly we will meet soon.

DIDDY!! ♥♥ I couldn't dream up a life better than the one I share with you. I love you more than all the raindrops that fall from all the skies. Love. Ray Ray.

MY LONG-HAIRED LOVE, ♥♥ I will always give you the big piece of chicken! Never fear, your kumquat is forever here. My heart always.

SMOOSHES ♥♥ You are my sunshine and I love you extra. Smooshes

SONG FOR BIRDIE ♥♥ Snip my pelo make a wish Find a fortune lucky fish! Luv Voyage? Tea? Two parrots in a tree! True love love true finds Always my VALENTINE! Love, Sam

YOU ARE SO F'N HOT! ♥♥ Abby- my love for you grows with each day we spend together, please be mine! From your smile to your sexy ways your never gonna lose this bad boy. -G

SWEETIE ♥♥ thank you for always reminding me about the location of the fruit.

LOVERBOY ♥♥ Ian, I love you so much I could just puke (you know what I mean?) You're my sunshine, my kittyhead, my main man. Drooly drops.

TRE ALL DAY ♥♥ Booda you deserve a BJ for breakfast every morning. Will you settle for waffles and whip cream, with the occasional treat? I love you, you're sweet.

ZARFACE ♥♥ Puffy cheeks, a smile that's wild. Drool on me... Yeah, Yeah baby. I love you foreva and I wish you great wisdom! xoxxoxoxo

NESALICIOUS ♥♥ 50 cent ain't got nothing on DJW. I'm a hardcore street rapper, the way you move, I wanna tap ya, rock ya. I'm funky, got the moves of a street monkey

TO MY SOUL MATE ♥♥ Kate I think you're great. You make me glad I'm straight. You com-plate... me. Happy Valentine's... D.

EVIL DAVE PART III ♥♥ This is it my handsome 3L! Our last VD as LDR! I love you very much my querido EDS. *SMOOCH*!

CHARLESD-MY BEEFCAKE ♥♥ I will love u 4ever, as I promised. There is a place in me where ur kisses still linger, a part of u will 4evr be a part of me. Always-RT Bettie Page

B+S+P = HAPPYNESS ♥♥ Sooz! Can you believe it's been almost 5 years of wedded bliss? Marrying you was the best and smartest thing I've ever done. Fuff 'oo. Nose! Bee

SEAN P. ♥♥ happy valentine's day love always Christa*GQ

KLOP KLOP ♥♥ cute bunny, I love the way the snow catches on your cute fanny. the way you wiggle that ass, it makes me numb with cum. This is heartfelt love baby!

CRUNKY BREWSTER ♥♥ Too bad you chose that hipster girl instead of me. I would have never broken your heart... just loved you hard and long...

REZA ♥♥ The past few months just made me realize what I had, thank you for being you. I love you, in ways that I cannot explain.

DRAG QUEENS KISSIN! ♥♥ Lily and GLAM, sittin' in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Yes, Ma'am! Never knew I was lesbian 'til I met you. Mmwwah! Luv ya Grrl! xoxo, GLAM

YOU ARE MY WOOD PIG ♥♥ --the best of the clan! My OCD sucks me into a vortex of madness when I'm away from you for long periods of time. Hurry home! I love you!--Prisc

BUSTY LOVES YOU! ♥♥ Steph and Jo - I wish I was sharing a box of chocolates with you this Valentine's Day. I miss you, Busty

ANGEL ANGELE ♥♥ you are the cream in my coffee, the honey in my tea. to really please me just say WEEEE!!! Buster

YOU GOT A CUTE BUTT ♥♥ baby, I love you, you are better than 5 tacos with cheese. You are my pickle. You are my sweet honey in a rock. I wanna look at you now and forever


10PM? NOT ANYMORE. ♥♥ you, me, and no parental interruptions. sounds like a plan, yes? be nice and i may even cook. in a thong. consider this an IOU. ;)

HEY KIDDO, IT'S ME ♥♥ You always ask me, how much do I love you? Well, y'know how much I love movies? Sushi? A. D.? More than any of those. Forever and ever. Your Danny.

LO-LO BEAN LOVE LUST ♥♥ First we were two and it was three praise a day, then arrived Sadie C and we're married and housed and the love grows and grows; triangles are strong.

LOVE SUX GET DRUNK ♥♥ This is for all the kids on 4th street and a few others. i really love you guys so come on over and get drunk with me.

COWBOY CASS ♥♥ Tea & laughter & great hugs & sexy dance moves! You have graced my life with so much fun! Bugjuice 4eva! And Tutti too! I love you! (in a liza voice!)

YOU ARE INSIDE ME ♥♥ sweet & tangy, dreamy hubby. our 1st year has been the best. cuddle-time makes me happy. together in our little nest. yr inside me, forever & always!!!

HAIKU LOVE FOR JCS ♥♥ R jrny bgn A lng mny yrs ago. Tgthr at lst; 10 yrs of swt luv U R the luv of my lif. R luv mks us 1; nevr did I dbt Tht U wr the nly 1 Yr lv mks me whl.

DINGY DAVE: ♥♥ Thank you for your hard work that you provide for us. I love you more than the stars in the sky and I look forward to our future. Love, Lil' C.

AUDUR ♥♥ I'm not one to forget to cross my d's, so don't hold the lack of font options against me. You are the bestest friend ever! Mina rakastan sinua!

NENE LOVES HYPE ♥♥ The triangle between you, me and tuna would not be complete without a hypotenus like you. I love you my pumkin, my husband, my hype! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

TO @ ♥♥ Thanks for fucking me over more than anyone has before. Everytime you look at her it still kills me inside. You're as lame as the music you play. Dang.

LOVE BABEN? ♥♥ I love you my darling, you make me feel swell. I love you my darling, much more than doo-dell.

SPIDER ♥♥ heresthemushyoneiloveusomuchimsoproudofhowfarwevecomethroughall thebsandmoreitsbeenthebestandtoughestridewouldnotchangeathingnow stopreading&kissme

CHANCHITA ♥♥ I love you. Chanchito

MY TOAD LILY PRINCESS ♥♥ Thanks for being such a wonderful wife, mother and life partner. Can't wait to build a dream home and garden together. Love you long-time. db

TUNA ♥♥ Flee bitten and a little fishy but loved. You followed me home, bells and all, and up the stairs to my apt. We never turned back. My purfect valentine

JUST ONE AROCK ♥♥ I look at your pants, and I need a kiss! Thanks to you and the H-bomb for bein' my family. Love, N.

NOOK OF NECK LOVE ♥♥ Your soft skin is my sweet dreams. Your smile is my sunshine & Moon-shine. Our forever makes me glow inside & out. Life's adventure together! Love mrs.

COLLEEN ♥♥ More than bunnies. L

CAKES OF DANGER ♥♥ Babydoll, you fucking rule. I am blessed to have you in my life. Here's to a killa 2007. Love, Pickle

LIKE AN IONIC COLUMN ♥♥ Supporting you even wayyyy out here/enduring your stress so well/& achieve your dreams through star-fishing/remember me, my loyalty everlastin:-)--M

MY FAKE ROCK AKA BFF ♥♥ Z~ Be it polyurethane, fiberglass or foam--you have always been there for me. Seattle didn't know what hit 'em! I love you more than you know. ~Goodz

EVERYBODY KNOWS ♥♥ dana loves rob

THE GLORY OF YOU ♥♥ I bask in it daily now, whether or not you are near, Ms. NLB. Io sono qui vicino a te e proteggerò ogni nostro momento. Yours truly, Mister.

HOT HANDS RUBDOWN ♥♥ I don't even ask and your nimble fingers ripple my flesh, strumming the chords of muscle into subdued waves of hungry erotica. Dig deeper on me. -M

DIRTY SOUTHERN BOY ♥♥ You are the best thing that never happened to me--even though I will always know that we could have been amazing. Thank you for everything. I love you.

P. B. & J. ♥♥ we got us a family, congratulations mom! dad loves you. and likes you, more than a friend! you are flippin sweet!

SWEET AS PANCAKES! ♥♥ A~ I am forever grateful that we found each other, life has been sweeter than ever and more delicious and fun! Hugs and Cereal! I love you! ~S

HEARTLESS KICKER ♥♥ JD you rock my world in so few words simply apathic yet tickin' towards that stripper hot and your practical perspective that I appreciate--M

NENE ♥♥ You: Sweet, smart, and funny but not such a good cook. Me: happiest guy in the world. So glad we're married. B my valentine. Mush mush, Pumps! XOXO

PINBALL GIRL ♥♥ Roses are red Your pubes are black I wish you'd quit snowboarding So you don't have a heart attack

SWEETNESS ♥♥ Hi baby! look who sent you a valentine? me! cuz i loves ya! and i like you. and you're sexy. where's my dick in a box??? KISSES LOVER

NOW I SEE LOVE ♥♥ baby, you've made this world matter again. the mere sound of your voice sends equal amounts of blood rushing to my heart and crotch. you're the one. XO

TO MY HOT GEEK ♥♥ Jim, Since I first saw you, I've wanted nothing more than to stay in the warmth of your gaze. You make me laugh, smile, & shiver. More, please, Dawn

ACHING FOR YOU ♥♥ S.K., Although the bruises have faded, my love for you remains! S.H.

DIRTY LITTLE SECRET ♥♥ Je suis un folle pour toi. -Your Dirty Little Secret Admirer

HAPPY VD, KITTEN! ♥♥ Little gleaming claw I just want to carve a heart Into your forehead

EVEN IN FLANNEL, ♥♥ I loved you. Welcome back. I'm so proud of you, and happy that all your hard work has paid off. Thanks for sharing your success with poor little me.

2 DOLCEZZA FROM POGO ♥♥ Chi avrebbe saputo che dopo dui anni saremmo stati ancora insieme?Sono cosi orgogliosa di averti come amante! Non vedo lora passare piu tempo insieme!

BENNY BOYFRIEND. ♥♥ I love you. More than anything.

DEAR MR P ♥♥ The little gray ones and I think you're a big slice of you-know-what. We love you big time. Mrs P

MOUTHPANTS ♥♥ I am waiting for the time to be right, which is a difficult feat with my feelings for you being so great. Stacked balls of snow with a face. Forever.

HOT TUBS AND CANDLES ♥♥ Jerry, A nice boring note of love and devotion this year. You are the world to me and I enjoy our time together. Let's cuddle and fuck

KAREN MY TRUE LOVE! ♥♥ From Champery to Beijing, I'm looking forward to spending 2007 with you. Do a snow dance with me before it's too late. xxoxo.

HEY KITTYKAT ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day! I love you tons, chicken bones and all! I'm so glad that we got married. Love, Your Aaronbear

HEY PAULIE! ♥♥ One of us, one of us, gooble gobble, one of us! I love you sweetie!

I LOVE YOU EMMA ♥♥ and I'm so glad you're moving in with me!

HAY HAY HAY ♥♥ I heart you boo.

MARE MARE! ♥♥ You are the vodka in my red bull, you are the cheese on my bread, you are the spandex in my pants and I love you!

M' WEE SWEETIE ♥♥ ach! ye fill me wi lovies and bum pats. Thanks for beein the sweetest man in the world. I love you. snogs fae me

YOU ♥♥ When I think about how good you make my life I get all weepy. You are the best thing that has happened to me. Happy Valentine's Day!

LAURA ♥♥ Another year of bedtime stories and humping like a pair of bunnies.

ME, MYSELF & I ♥♥ Nobody can do for you what I can; nobody can help you like I can; nobody can love you like I can. Let me love you. Open your heart. Trust me.

T-BONE + E ROK = TLF ♥♥ After the first night I was all smiles and sighs. Nine months later, same deal. We're built for speed AND for distance.

OWLIE AND TONGO ♥♥ You make the best owl voice EVER. You can go to a three hour movie at midnight and leave for work at six. I love you and I'm glad I took that bus.

HE LOVES SHE ♥♥ We are the most cheese-tastic couple, with the isty and the puzzle pieces and the gmail lovefests. Baby, I'm yours fo-evah. Lovelab rules! We rule!

DRINK ME, MAH ALICE ♥♥ Sometimes when this glass tips the water spills and runs off. Some remain within; not so empty. Glasses are meant to be filled. Water, to be held.

DAWN W! ♥♥ I would do anything for love. I'd run right into hell and back. I would do anything for love. I'd never lie t'ya and that's a fact. Love you barista babe!

HUNNYBUNNY, MY LOVE: ♥♥ Marrying you was the happiest day of my life. I love you completely, now and forever and beyond, forever and ever plus! Your Love Always, CookieBear

----> YO, GIRLS.... ♥♥ cindy c. loves you sososososo much. you're the best friends of all time. yay you!

JENN, SARAH, JILL ♥♥ tyra's getting fat! what would i do without you!? My Wednesdays are now complete. I love you I love you!

ROCK STAR BOYFRIEND ♥♥ Josh, I am so glad I was looking for a music project when I was because it led me to you. You're my Rock Star! Love ya babe! Aly

HARD COR ♥♥ I love you baby--after 20+ years. Your RHC is still RH, not to mention those delicious gumdrop nipples... mmm. Yummy. Happy VD! Yours, E

THE HEART OF TEXAS ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, mon cher. I wish you the very best and lots of love :) M

JULES Y JOHN ♥♥ Parhapparpy parvalparlenpartines Paryou parare parmy parheart. Parcan parwe pardo para parreparmake parof parvparday05? Parbutt parnakparked? luv Jilli

G-MAN LOVE MACHINE ♥♥ Grady, UR the one for me. Better than a dark chocolate bar, pepporoni and olive pizza, or beer--ooo my mouth waters 4 u. What's up for tonight babe? -LJ

MY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS ♥♥ Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. Happy Valentine's Day my sexy gardeners

OH FEISTY ONE ♥♥ you, so ready to put a smile on my face. I want to shout your name off of rooftops and fuck you till we collapse from exhaustion. I love you. C.

MELISSA B ♥♥ To my dear broadway queen... may Perfume forever haunt you :)! Happy Valentine's Day my love! XO

JOSH LOVES ALY ♥♥ Aly, you are the rockinest chick I've ever known. You have an amazing voice and play almost every instrument to perfection, including me! I love you.

FUZZY ARCTIC MONKEY ♥♥ I bite you! I squeeeeeeze you! I cherish you forever! ...and I can't wait until you're home and I get to unwrap your MONSTER! love, your biscuit!

BORN WITH A TAIL ♥♥ Drunk on a beach down south, I'm dreaming of you. You are perfect, despite your unfortunate fondness for Thomas Jefferson. Te amo mucho. I miss you.

IHEARTBENGERALDBEARS ♥♥ thankyousomuchforbeingsosweet&caring. ihavenodoubtinmymindaboutyorsuccessinartandustogether. ialwaysfeelyouinmyheart&inmydream.this yearwillbesosuper!T


CHANGSTAR *** ♥♥ i love love love you. and i love love love demian. let's all go to the park together and chase the geese.

UNCLOTHED, ANGELTITS ♥♥ ... is such a better word than naked, or nude. I am happy every day cuz you moved in. You are the funniest person I know & I love you lots. - Buzzy

PADDY CAKE! ♥♥ i love you so much, and i miss you terribly... i will make time for you... call me? xoxo jes

AMY EILEEN ♥♥ You make my leg shake valentine

FILE UNDER SWEETUMS ♥♥ I miss you a whole lot, baby. I send you many hugs and smooches... with my mind! I love, love, love you. Jenny.

MISSED CONNECTION? ♥♥ Sarah: Hey--I think I met you in a bar and went home with you... can we get together and do that again? If not, no big deal. Happy Valentine's Day!

ODE TO LIZ ♥♥ Let us lay here, On the couch, Bad TV on, I'll be your cocktail pep, baby. xoym

FARMBOY ♥♥ You have fetched me that pail of water again and again. Our new arrangement pleases me greatly! Thank you for your dedication and love. I love you

BEASTIE ♥♥ Thank you for singing, laughing, for sharing secrets, for just being.

CELENE! ADORE! ♥♥ Congrats on finishing your album. I'm a big proud friend-lady. Kisses hugs, high-fives. ~Heather

WIND IT UP! ♥♥ RTB IS the party, I love you ladies! Heaven this Sunday? Be my valentine? Rocketabagerbomb!

MY LITTLE CABBAGE ♥♥ my little kumquat smoochums tacoman let's time travel some more! -kee

TO MY MAGIC SNAIL, ♥♥ everytime you twitch, everytime you mew, my heart feels true. Chocolate and herbs, horses and kittens, it's these strange forces that make me love you.

MADLY ; ) ♥♥ You can melt me in a glance. You the girl whose eyes like amber, capture moments in time, perserving them as precious fossils within your soul. grrrr

ERIN! ♥♥ Got a new last name? -N

BAGEL!!!!! ♥♥ You are the best husband a girl could ask for! Thank you for making my life so wonderful. Every second I breath, it's you that keeps me going. Jx

TO MY PUNK: ♥♥ I would die happy if I could spend the rest of my days in my bed eating red vines and wrasslin' with you. I love you, YT

STACY MY TREASURE ♥♥ I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck and a barrel and a heap and I'm talking in my sleep about you. You are better than a dream!

YOUWAAAAAAAH. ♥♥ Dear Chi Chi Rodrigues, I like you tons. Happy Valentine's Day and junk. ALSO. YMGTC! I win!

MY PINE MARTEN, ♥♥ I'm so glad that I trusted you; you're the best thing that's happened to me. I'll always be your fox and my moss bed will be there for you I love you

SILLY GOOSE GIRL!!!! ♥♥ Aka; Love Muffin and Nut Basket. I LOVE YOU!!!! Your Monkey Man, aka Big Bear.

4A HOUSE - WOO WOO! ♥♥ I would just like to say, I think that you guys are the bee's knees. I hope you all get some Arturan poontang real soon. <3 - Florida State Univ.

SLEXIMUS MAXIMUS ♥♥ Teeny Tiny, Thanks for being the best life long lovie ever!

SEAN P! ♥♥ happy valentine's day baby! :] we don't see each other as much as i would like but thanks for being amazing! i'm glad we're twins with our necklaces :]

LOVE AT AZTCA ♥♥ she was on a date and he just stopping for a drink. A year later we married in Las Vegas!! I LOVE YOU SARAH I Love you every day with all my hart ELP

THANK U ♥♥ Thanks, for everything Y. Can't wait to come back and celebrate my b-day with you! It's a shame I'm shy or else I would have kissed u that night.

ARROOOO ♥♥ May the good times at the bardo hotel never end! Thanks for the late night talks, swing dancing, hot tubbing, B.S.G. marathon, LOKI & cuddles -EB

JC, BRANDEE, KQ & EMMA ♥♥ My Girls- without you my heart would not be complete. Thank you for all the love, support and friendship -KYM

GARY S. ♥♥ I LOVE YOU -aimee

4 D JEWEL O MY HEART ♥♥ If Violets are Blue & Roses are Thorny, You're Great in the Sack and 'most Constantly Horny. Please forgive our nar; you're still my Shy Bud. Mwoman

JENNIE P. ♥♥ Do you miss me? I think of you often. write me sometime. -hearts, Marc in Mass.

CURVY BABE ♥♥ Always in my heart, always, always, always. And after ten years, I still lust after you.

MY MANY WIVES! ♥♥ Oh, how I miss my many wives in Classy and Display. Can you not move in with me and my husband. Care to share? Joseline M.

I'VE GOT A QUESTION ♥♥ To my love: I love you with all my heart, I love everyday that we spend together, in each other's arms and I never want it to end so will you marry me?

BREANNE ♥♥ The way you scour my body looking for pieces to rip off of it is just the nicest thing. You're a weirdo for enjoying it so much, but so am I. We work.

SQUIRRELUS AMATUS ♥♥ Hello darling--here I am, noch einmal. I love you and I'm sorry I was grumpy about taking out the trash. Thanks for marrying me! -your squirrel

TO MY BLISSWHISPER ♥♥ The greatest man ever! I love you, I'm in love with you & every day I fall in love with you all over again. Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah! Love, Your Darling Diva

TIMO SWEETHEART ♥♥ Apple of my eye, favorite vw repair man, best beagle step-daddy... have fun in WA but not too much--I need you for at least 50 more years. I love ya!

♥♥ E, thinking of you. come home soon. love J

I GET TO SUCK HIM ♥♥ Conrad, poor guy, the ladies want him, the gentlemen fear him and will want to get rid of him. he's sexier than sin. i don't know what i would do without him.

LITTLETIME ♥♥ happy nearly three years of love and deet deet aleets and chunks and chunks and chunks (you know i've got those chunks). I love you always!

BRADY MY LUV~ ♥♥ happy valentine's day my love. hugs, kisses, and a quick pinch on the butt hehe.

TIMMYBEAR ♥♥ Tim, God only knows why, but, I love you, and I miss you damnit. Dave

BREZHNEV LOVES SKL! ♥♥ Belle qui tiens ma vie Captive dans les yeulx, Qui m'as l'ame ravie D'un soubzris gracieux. Viens tost ma secourir, Ou me fauldra mourir.

S F'N P [WILD SEVEN] ♥♥ As of 2day I havn't seen you in weeks boo, and its driving me mad with primal lust. Plz end this hunger inside of me lol. Happy V-day Sean, <3 Tyla

PAPA RG ♥♥ Someday my prince will come, hopefully it will be your fine, guitar shredding ass. Let's make beautiful music together. Mama

JENKINS FAMILY ♥♥ Becca, Missy & Jam Bruce- You fabulous ladies are the best of all time. Happy Valentine's Day, love you, Jenkins Family Por Vida! Love, Nessie

OH SARAH ♥♥ You light up my life. Steamy readings of your words in the bath. Memories of licking glass and tiny boxes. Sexbomb, I love you.

ELLIE MAE- ♥♥ Thanks for being one of the raddest friends of all time. The barbershop wouldn't be the same without you. Raw can roll. Mama

B'HAM YELLOW HOUSE ♥♥ Miki, Mikel Kay, Davey Crypt, Rachie & Joel: Thanks for being the best surrogate family a lady could ever have. Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Nessie

HEY BEVIS... ♥♥ You already know how much I love you... Now be my valentine or I'll kick you in the shins! And sick Zombie on you :] Millions of kisses <3 Butthead.


JACOB B. ♥♥ You are an inspiration to many. Your words dispense so much wisdom. Your music is held at heart. You are an artist with skill and a man with heart.


CHELLE M. ♥♥ H3y bBY i LOv3 u 4 R3alz. HAPPY VDAY MISS<3 i LOVE you very very much.


CHARIIIIIIIIII ♥♥ sorry our friendship has had alot of ups and downs. you mean the world to me, this isn't much of a romantic love note but i love you, so much. <3Sean


TO MY DARLING LIBBY ♥♥ I love u more for the courage to speak your mind, than any other quality. You are the best part of this new city, and i couldn't imagine it without u

DICK-A-LICK! ♥♥ GET MY DICK WET ON VALENTINE'S DAY! Or find me someone to get mine wet please!


DOLLFACE KILLER ♥♥ You won't read this 'cause you don't live in Seattle but i'll bring a copy down so you can see that i can't wait to see you :] Be my valentine? <3Sean


ELECTIC BUBBLE!!! ♥♥ you're kinda cute ;] we've only known each other for a little while, but you're awesome :] i can't wait to have our early/late v-day <3 Sean

DOUDOUBOY ♥♥ A mon Doudou Jimmy - voila notre 3eme St Valentin. Je me rends compte tous les jours de la chance que j'ai de t'avoir dans ma vie. Ton nounours...

JENA I MISS SNOW WAD ♥♥ I know we promised to be each other's valentines, but things got dumb & messed up. i really like you if we're valentines or not. you deserve a good one

PSST PIRATE TODD ♥♥ Meet me at Pho 900 for a giant, steamy bowl of liquid Love and a complimentary cream puff. Don't tell anyone, but I still like you! Oops. Love, Maggie

LOVEMUFFIN ♥♥ Dream Baby, you can wipe your feet and dry your hair, if you make a wish, Dream Baby. it will get you anywhere... this must be the baby of my dreams

MOKIDO'S CONFESSION ♥♥ Time with you I constantly seek; The thought of you dahling, makes me weak. Even though we cannot be, me love you long time, me love you infinity.

DRYER SHEETS ♥♥ Two years later, It's still there. Too big a leap of faith for you, I know. Won't chase you anymore, I'm letting you go, but I will always love you.

TOSHI TOSHI TOSHI ♥♥ You're soooo goooood! Toshi Toshi Toshi! My uncle gives good Toshi Toshi Toshi! Ohhhh Toshi Toshi Toshi!

AFELETI - NO FEFE! ♥♥ Baby, we've kept going thru it all; trust in our love. Be fearless n humble. Be kind n loving cuz your Ioane loves you with all his heart. alofa ia te oe

STEPHANIE-MY LOBSTER ♥♥ You're smart, beautiful, funny, full of shenanigans, geeky, sexy (especially when your huge boobies are busting out), and always there for me. I luv u

ALLISON T. ♥♥ you have the soul of a poet and the voice of an angel. and you give better handjobs than I do.

YO PICKLES ♥♥ When can I have your gurkin? -K

CODE MONKEY ♥♥ Like Mountain Dew, long walks in the park, your Jon Stewart looks. Dislike stupid manager Rob. Have warm fuzzy secret heart. Code Monkey like you.

BBK ♥♥ Sorgst du dich nicht, Ich werde nicht dich anrufen..Aber bitte wisst du: Ich liebe dich immer wieder! Dann, Jetzt, und in Zunkunft!

FANCY PANTS ♥♥ bitch, get me my tequila. you know i love and miss you!!!!

TROY ♥♥ so glad you asked. now you're stuck with me. i love you.

METAL VIRUS ♥♥ You are the only one who could put up with my old man grumpiness. You are the best thing to happen to me. I'm the lucky one. I love you, Honey Bunny

IAGO ♥♥ These last 3 years have been the best! I look forward to our weekends when we binge into the wee hours of the morning, I love you so much. ur huneybucket

LOVE SHOULDN'T HURT ♥♥ please quit mouthing off, you little whore! Your coworkers are only gonna believe the car accident story a few more times. I love you, baby.

DEAR BABY POTATO, ♥♥ You are my favorite bobo-headed snake. I'm glad you will live near me so we can play together. Huggyhuggykissykissynonosaysay. Love Buttbutt

TOMATT FROMSUGARPOP ♥♥ 6 years have taught me "Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up." I LOVE YOU

I MISS YOU ♥♥ Catherine, I still miss you. I still think about you everyday. I wish I could see you and hear your voice again. I love you. - Jon

POISON WIZARD ♥♥ It started out when I saw your employee picks. Then I actually met you and thought you were rad. Before I knew it, I liked you. There, I said it.

STEPHANIELYNNE ♥♥ Sometimes I wonder how i got so lucky as to have you in my life! I love you and I can't wait until little Jack and Marley arrive! Always and Forever.

CARLIANDO*MY-WILDMAN ♥♥ i know you don't believe me, but i'm gonna say it anyways: i love you tons!hopefully we're in better places emotionally now--let's give it another try!

BOOBY!!! ♥♥ We're gonna have a Baby! I love you, Sweetheart, and look forward to life with our son! ~Jasoney

HEY PROFESSOR, ♥♥ Let's roll a soul ball & then fry up some tubers and eggies. Thanks for asking me out even though I walked into a garbage can. Love your favorite nerd

IF I DON'T EXIST... ♥♥ this little piece of paper is my irrational love. think starfleet communicator badge for if ever you need me! cut & glue me to a paper heart, okay?

BONKY + DARL' FLUX ♥♥ You're on fire! You've got legs for days and I want to be in them. The funniest, sexiest, coolest chick in town. I say it's time to get a lot more NAKED.

SEAN P. ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day Babe. This Year you didn't have to force me to make you one. <33Be mine.

DEAR THE BIRD HOUSE, ♥♥ I love you the most thanks for food & knitting & tv shows & NerdFest & being as nerdy as me & booze on weekdays & crossing the line w/jokes. Love Emo

MY LOVE NEST ♥♥ Is never empty now that you're in it babybird. Yes I know I went gay on you and do I care? Not really. I love you.

I LOVE YOU... ♥♥ in the butt???? Happy Valentine's, Kevin! I love you sooooooo much!!! Yeah, we can "do it" tonight (in YOUR butt)!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY VDAY BSNUGGLES ♥♥ My loving boy of love makes me the happiest of happy girls. Here's to a lifetime of disgusting cuddly behavior, munches and loving ways. Your E :<>

MY CHEEKY MONKEY ♥♥ baby you've made me remember what my heart is for,you never cease to amaze me with your love. so thankful for you and your sexy, sexy bum. love you L.

JOSH, MY LOVE ♥♥ All the ways you chock my heart full of love. You are my prize lover! What a year we've had, what a life we'll have with our son! I LOVE YOU! - Janet


BC ♥♥ you rock my world and I love you.

HOLA, SPARKITA! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, baby! Thanks for nearly 20 years of love and laughs. Hope the next 20 are as good!

PUPPY LOVE ♥♥ i'm a pound puppy, adopted by Sir. He gives me good scratches, love pats, belly rubs, & wild walks around the block. i give hot licks & total devotion

SMOOCH!!! HUH! ♥♥ You are the most fabulous man in the entire world. Gorgeous, talented, hilarious, and generous. I love you deeply. Will you be my valentine? Love, Me

JEN IS SO SWEET ! ♥♥ You brush my hair and I'll do anything for you. Let's soak in our hot tub tonight and scare the raccoons with our howls of delight ! *big smile*

ONE OF NINE ♥♥ No matter what we are or what our future may bring, You will always mean the WORLD to me. I am so glad i found you in my attic. Hopefully we can work X0X0

KIM IS WONDERFUL ! ♥♥ Please sit here and let me say sweet nothings and kiss you over and over. I so enjoy the untime we spend chatting and punning. You are so groovy ! (:

SETH B. = YUMMY ♥♥ It has been a great year. I hope for many more. May naughty air-cutting robots smack that ass 4ever.

XIUHEARTBANGHEARTBRU ♥♥ Xiu Xiu heart heart Bang heart Bruce heart heart heart.HEART HEART xiu xiu heart BANG heart BRUCE heart heart HEART hEaRt HeArT. HHEEAARRTT. Xiu Xiu.

I HEART NOPANTS ♥♥ To all who were there for us when we needed you most, this is for you. I heart your heart. You mean so much to me. You know who you are. <3 mr.®

KARI ♥♥ You challenge me to keep up and I love that. I'm really glad I got to know you. Let's snuggle away and forget to leave the apartment. A2

BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!! ♥♥ I've known you for years and it's about time that you've accepted my valentine request (remember all the ones i gave you in grade school?) I <3 Sarah!

LOVIN U FOREVER!! ♥♥ hey babe, so so glad to be spending our 2nd valentine's in seattle together. here's to new adventures, loving you more and more each day. love, jibby

MILA ♥♥ You look so macabre with your cobweb stare. Cynic

MY DEAREST BRANDIE ♥♥ I cannot sell my soul for your heart as I gave it to the Angel that brought me to you. So if I ever take another lover its only cause I bleed for you

MY LIBRARY LOVER ♥♥ Cascading hair and bright green eyes always hiding beneath cat-eye glasses, I love making love to you and laughing until we fall on our asses

LITTLE BABE! ♥♥ Darling! You are so wonderful and you make me so happy! I have faith in our relationship and look forward to our adventures. Love Snugglebutt

BIG DADDY & TALL BOY ♥♥ Tall Boy- I hate that I love you so much! Happy Valentine's Day! Big Daddy

THE TRUTH IS... ♥♥ I MISS YOU. Some time had passed & this captured my heart. My eyes were blurred until I awoke to find u next to me. The truth is... I love you, R. ~C

HYBRID MOMENTS ♥♥ if you're gonna scream, scream with me!!!! happy V-day dawnster... you'll always have a piece of my heart.

THAI FOR 2 ♥♥ you know who I am, you know what I'm about... oh yeah... I WANT SOME THAI FOR TWO BITCH, and I want it extra hot and spicy... ohh yeah

HELL BENT 4 LEATHER ♥♥ I want you to be my daddy, and have you chain me to a pole in your crawl space... I want you to tig weld on my chest you dirty dirty man.

DEAREST BABYCAKES ♥♥ You make every Saturday morning in bed glorious. Te amore, Je t'aime, I love you. Here's to 8 months and more!* *offer not valid in Puerto Rico

PRINCESS JULIA ♥♥ you are beautiful, amazing, and dynamic... i love you more than you know... xoxo the girl who went down on you in seaside

HAIKU FOR ANNABELLE ♥♥ Three greyhounds dreaming, heaving chests and slender waists; the curve of your hip.

AFLOCKOFJORDANIANS ♥♥ so since yer always raving about how you want to be seen... well you have... saw you... black frame glasses, yellow kabuki girl sweater. I want U.

PIXIE VEGAN HOTTIE ♥♥ I just wanna lock my fix gear to yours, or maybe you can come and dumpster this trash and use me for somethin good...

CYRUS ♥♥ Through the happy times, sad times, hard times, & easy times, for the past year, I've been at your side. I don't intend to leave. I love you. Phideaux

I LOVE MY SUGARBUSH ♥♥ Sweetie, I love you more than anything, we've had 7 great years and have 2 gorgeous boys, let's make it many more years and no more boys! I love you!

LET'S HAVE A SWEATY ♥♥ hey you sexy biatch, you know there's nothin like gettin fucked up by the fire and havin a sweaty........

EL LOBO ♥♥ I noticed the first time you howled, and the second time too. The third time I howled back (You are the one!). It's true. mahal kita, La Luna

TO MY WFB ♥♥ Thank you for 11+ years of domestic beardom. I love you! xxxxx ooooo

O MIO TESORO ♥♥ "This was so meant-to-be," you said. Yes, my dearest friend, it was. I am yours, and I'm so glad that you are mine.

DADDIO ♥♥ 3 hours away. Vodka tonics. Monkeys. El Fuego Vegas Style. Paranoid guildies. A "Mess" for a roommate. Thinking of you on your least favorite day.

REDHEADED HOTTIE ♥♥ you want my sex and i want yours. tramps like us were born to run. you are hot like lasers and you know i like it like that, like lasers baby!

MY DEAREST GIRL ♥♥ When I'm out and I meet you I get that thrill like back in high school. When I'm home and you hug me hard I melt. You're the best ever. I love you.

TO DUB WHO I LOVE ♥♥ FYI JSYK I love you for your smiles, kisses, guitar-playing, football-watching, Prince impersonating, and for asking me to be your wife & little buddy! SJG

SCHMEPIPS! ♥♥ I love you more each and every day. My love is bigger than your love; Infinity, the works, me to you. Love, Schmepina

SOUTHENDGUYMOMBEMINE ♥♥ Both our mouths can fit around this flute I carry. Let's sing despair into praised. A broken teacup my greatest treasure--Out of a jam & tangled up in you.

SP ♥♥ There's always a chance as long as we're still in each other's hearts. ME

LEASE DECISION TIME ♥♥ The Francis Me never knew the Boylston You would help make me a 20th Avenue South Try Again. Where do I sign for my option to Buy? I am already sold.

TEH KREETON, ♥♥ A valentine for one who is beautiful in spirit and form. Your long winter is near over, embrace, rejoice create! You make this world brighter! :)

JUNE 16, 2007 !!!!! ♥♥ Last Valentine's you proposed. How could I not accept? In my heart we married a long time ago. Now we make it legal. I love you Chris -your Ross

MISS IRSK! ♥♥ psst psst i want to see sexy pictures of your toys in your new abode. hurry, i'm waiting ;) HAHA happy vday woman! -rain

FOR THE MIRACLE GIRL ♥♥ you are the honey & i'm the bee, you are the fish & i'm the sea, i'm the rhythm & you are melody, near 8 year and still i'm thinking of you in poetry

I RUV ROO! ♥♥ You make my days worth living, You make my nights worth cuddling, You are my boober, I ruv roo ro ruch, FOREVER! I PROMIE!

SWEETIE ♥♥ baby you treat me the best everyday, i walk and wable, swoon and fray, falling to pieces and then up-again, you keep me sane. and am my best friend!

HOT DANCING JESUS ♥♥ You've kept me floating with your funk and wafers more then you think. Nice thorns. xo Stumbling Squirrel

IGGANAE! ♥♥ I'm so lucky to have you baby! We're poison to men, aren't we? At least we have each other 4 life! xox D-BoNe

YOUNGER GUYS ARE IN! ♥♥ "WILD HORSES COULDN'T DRAG ME AWAY" I think Mic said it best. I love you shmoopy and look forward to you thanking me tonight 4 being such a nice boy!

GIRLY GIRL ♥♥ Baby, you are my love, my friend, my wife. I love you so much because you make every day wonderful, you sexy Girly you. Love Always, Claypatch

HARD-ON 4 U ♥♥ Hey sexy this is for you, hard-on! Wink! We've shared lots of good things since we fell into each other. Oops I mean in love with each other. Be My V.

EDGAR GARVIN ♥♥ When you kiss my lips, you touch my heart. When you make me laugh, you touch my soul. I love you a million kisses. Will you be my valentine? Jessica

*BABYCAKES* ♥♥ thanks for showing me that relationships actually aren't that scary. you're my favoritest ever. even more than grilled cheese. it's true.

CODE 3 ♥♥ I love you so much Sprite! Always, Nibs.

ALEX ♥♥ Roses are red, violets are blue. McDonalds is delicious (and you are too) -C

GLAMAZON PATRICK ♥♥ Will you be my valentine? ~R~

ERICA! I'M GONNA ♥♥ grab your little head, I'm gonna squeeeeeze it, I'm gonna punch it, and I'm gonna kiss it right pow smack yowza right on the kisser. Love ya mean it!

4AS--WELL, THE OTHER ♥♥ 3As anyway... Living with you guys is a blast, you make Ballard fun. Let's all go to Knob Creek. And Quinalt Beach. But not the Knarr! 1A hates it!

♥♥ growr

YOUR EYE CRINKLES. ♥♥ I wasn't kidding about the "man I could have married" part. I'm still not.

MEAGHAN! *WHY* DON'T ♥♥ we hang out? 'Cause I like the hell out of you. Can't help it, you're awesome. Let's drink in the future, I'll even let your spelling slide.

R.C. ♥♥ You are the hottest manager of the house. "In the words of Albert Schweitzer, I fancy you!" Let's get drunk on the couch again like New Year's...

TO MY SEANIE LOVE ♥♥ Your kisses to my smooth, bare skin are my greatest joy. Lick me tonight? Eternal love from your Sweet Tater Pie

DEVIN, ♥♥ THIS ONE! **cass

BABY LOUIS ♥♥ Me and Dog Butt think you are the best ever. Seriously. He goes on and on about you while you're puttering around in the bathroom. It's madness. Jerk.

PARA MI DAH-VEED ♥♥ Happy Valentine's, mi carino. I've been having a wonderful time with you... my ebullient, effervescent, enthusiastic, excitable SNF... de tu emptress, L.

MY SEXY BUTTERFLY ♥♥ Love me till my heart stops. I can hardly wait for you. I'm the Bee in your honey and I like, love, and lust everything about you. (you are Divine) xoxoxo

FLOWERGIRL ON OLIVE ♥♥ thank you for being my best friend. keep your head up.

RARR RARR RARR!! ♥♥ Nobody understands you, She-Bear.

BUTTERFLY KISSES ♥♥ Time has told me you're a rare, rare find. And time has told me not to ask for more for someday our ocean will find its shore. xoxo: your Honey Bee

EVALYN, ♥♥ I know you think I make rules just to torture you. I promise it's for the best. Come home. I love and miss you. Mom

SOREN AND NIGEL ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day!!! You are the sweetest best boys ever. I love you. Love, Mom

DGH ♥♥ I love you. I am glad to wake up next to you every morning. I hope we can wake up together forever.

MON HOMME DE FER ♥♥ I love you, hopelessly, tirelessly, amazingly... thank you for choosing me.

YOUNG TURK ♥♥ los angeles is a dirty dirty town. however, I love you. I know we'll make it work. Thank you for loving me for all the right reasons. xoxoxoxoxo

LAUREL LEAF ♥♥ All that is beauty and all that is truth are embodied within you. I am very fortunate to be a part of your life. I love you, Todd

SKITTLE! ♥♥ BABY! pphft. Happy Valentine;'s Day skittle, I hope it was everything you've always hoped for. Someday everything will be alright. -A aarrgh.

MY DARLIN' ♥♥ Thanks for being patient w/ my moods this past year. You're too good to me & i don't say it enough. Your rough patch will soon be over. Love ya. N

YOU Q ME SO GOOD! ♥♥ JR, I luv u beyond my ability to tell u. I hope that we can finally have the beginning that we deserve. Because I want and need you there at the end. L


FATHER LACLA ♥♥ You're the greatest, babycakes! Touring Thailand and Cambodia with your cutie-pie buns... Coney, I love you! Would you like a tuk tuk? How about now?

ISRAEL TO MCKENZIE ♥♥ you have the more beautiful eyes then i never seen in my whole life those are my starlight i will never forget you because you're the reason to exist

FUTURE MR. PIXEL ♥♥ if they say we partied... i can't wait for our day and our night and bonaire! i could never love anything more than you! - xoxoxoxo future mrs. pixel

NICKFACE! ♥♥ You are the best koala carrier ever. You make the best mixes. You give the best hugs. You make me feel wonderful. BEST NEIGHBOR EVER! Now, kiss me.

MY P0RN STAR ♥♥ My darling husband--I love you with all my heart and soul... I am a lucky grrl to have met and married you. Happy Valentine's Day! Now let's go f*ck. :)

I DO ANDRA ♥♥ i do love our cats. i do when they bite my toes. i love you do i.

ANDREW ♥♥ I love you so much Andrew. Words can't describe how much you mean to me. Thank you for being the best I've ever had! I love you Buppy! Love, Kate

IF PRINCE AND JANET ♥♥ had a love child, he would be just as irresistible as you are, you little funny-bunny tiger! Lovey-doves from your Zee!

PA' MI GUAPILINDA ♥♥ Del costa pacifico hasta el atlantico, quiero ser tu romantico; lastima que voy estar aca, haciendo la paja con vos alla! Mentiras.... Tu marrano!

CORONARYAY ♥♥ I liek you. -Mudkips

TE IUBESC. ♥♥ (R) ... Or is it te ador? The web's no help and I want to say it right, in Fremont or Bothell or Vancouver. You'll have to teach me. (A)

NIKKI ♥♥ To my best friend and greatest love: The forests, beaches, mountains and the City are all our playground. Life was always good, but now it's aMaZing!

JOEYOEY! ♥♥ My love! Let's scooter off into the distance this V-Day and spend forever together! You are perfect to and for me and you are my very best friend. Wub.

CASSANDRA MAE! ♥♥ No, YOU'RE gay for Moleman. Here's to another year of true love, another year of wedded bliss, and another year of fucking your mom. xoxo, lizzy

HEY FLUFFY BUNNY. ♥♥ You rock my world. Love biscuit.

PEANUT 2 BISCUIT ♥♥ Sweet li'l valentine, You are definitely my soulmate luv. Our sparks illume the darkest caverns and turn them into Martha-approved coziness. I Luv U!!

GOAT I ADORE YOU... ♥♥ And yr little freckley nose, and yr cute lips and dimples... and how magic you are. Im looking forward to many more aquariums... happy valentine's day-

MY SWEETEST AIAI ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day! Zutto zutto aishiteru yo. Hayaku kekkon shitai ne. Ta-chan yori ai wo komete

HAPPY EVIL CUPCAKE! ♥♥ many hearts to my lil bro, my sexy wife, heather swirlie, spam and all the kenmorons... and to the ones i have loved, and inevitably lost... thank you!

~ MICAH ~ ♥♥ You make me smile when I see you, even if I don't always tell you that. Ask me to be your valentine.

MANA <3S MAX ♥♥ I love you so, thanks for the METAL and your hand to hold. i will always keep you warm and be your sweetie. you're the BEST COOK and you rock my socks!

TS PAM I'M CRAZY 4 U ♥♥ TS Pamela,You ARE my Dream Girl. You can hot oil my locks any time. Love ya, baby--B.

LADYFACE! ♥♥ Hey beautiful lady--mon 'omie = mon amour! Love, Zack'ry

I LOVE YOU ISRAEL! ♥♥ Thank you for being my valentine baby! I love you! Maybe this will count as a "special occasion" if ya know what I mean ;o) Love, Molly.

TO MY LOVE ALICIA ♥♥ I adore you with all of my heart. You light up my life with your smiles and laughter, with passion and caring, and a million tiny joys. I LOVE YOU!

FISH - NETTED 4 YOU ♥♥ I've got stockings. Hot pink, black, and nude; leaving marks up my calves, encasing my thighs. I'm waiting for you to peel them off my ass.

TEAM STIQN ♥♥ had a helluva week. So relieved, and super excited about the future. We couldn't have done it without us. I love you all the much!!

HOBBITS SIDE ACTION ♥♥ When can I cum over to ur place so you can make up for last time? Don't you owe me? "O" yeah--Don't forget to stop by the store this time, eh? -hobbit

PJ FAN #1 -DERHEN ♥♥ ...the pedal brake that u depended on I wish I was the verb to trust & never let U down I wish I was a radio song, the 1 that U turned up-I wish-Lyric

MOLL DOLL...! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day! May the next year be full of boys that smell good, look good, and fuck good! And all at the same time! Love you...

MELITTA ♥♥ Hey bulbasaur. Lots of love from your favorite hot muffin.

MY BAYBERS! ♥♥ You make life worth living! You have blessed my life with your Love, You make me truly happy! Can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you! Lovechu

ADK~ ♥♥ Spooning Goddess. My supreme confidant. Just one regret--I never told you over and over again: I love you, I love you, I love you... Be Mine Bitch!

TO MY JUNGLE JOSH ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for being my heater in bed, my closet sweater stacker when we clean, and my best friend every day. I love you. Go Packers!

MY 12 YEARS AGO... ♥♥ My right now. I have U in my life again & tho I don't know the road U traveled 2 get here, I am glad U R here now. Everything will work out. -Luv UR Turd

LITTLESPOON/BIGHEART ♥♥ You have made my life so utterly wonderful. You are the sweetest girl I know. I'm so proud of you and your accomplishments. I love you forever.

TO MY BELOVED MO-HO ♥♥ Is it romantic to call your love a HO on Valentine's Day? To my bestest friend, many hugs and kisses... I hope that Billy isn't jealous... smootch!

MR. ABEDI ♥♥ Will you be my history book? I'll read you before bedtime and unfold your accent in my dreams. I'll wake in the morning with your vocabulary.

TRUK ♥♥ Meet me at... iroc

A GIRL NAMED CHEECH ♥♥ When I wake up in the morning I pretend you're there and it makes me smile. Will you be my valentine??? -Showtime

GEKSAMESH FANCY PANZ ♥♥ Know what an immense impression you have made on me in the last year. Love your wink, your lovely face, and your hilarious wit. u can rely on me.

THE TWO MONKEYS ♥♥ There is never a day when we are not amazed by both of you. We love you big like the sky! Mama and Dada

LOVE CITY SHARON ♥♥ I know we fight a lot and I know you hate me right now, so if you find this valentine you can show it to me and then slap me in the face. <3 Linda

KISS AND RUN ♥♥ I ran but I didn't get far. 4 years later, I look forward to the next 40 and wherever the road may take us, Mason? You're my sexy girl/flying sleeper

FROM YOUR LEGOLADY ♥♥ I love you. I really really do. And now it's even published, handsome.

TO MY DADDY ♥♥ I'll always be my daddy's dirty little baby girl. I miss you and love you.

TO MY LOVELY HUSBAND ♥♥ Being married to you these last 3 1/2 years has been a blessing I cherish every day with you. Love you Tracey Lyn

MY LITTLE SETH ♥♥ i love you and promise to keep your feet warm for years and years to come. i cannot wait to spend my life with you. -stephanie

WHOA THERE NELLY! ♥♥ Josh~Hay is for horses, but my lovin' is for you! Big snuggly naughty hugs & kisses to you, darlin! You make me kick up my heels in glee! XO,Robineshka

TO RED FROM VIOLET ♥♥ I thought I'd had a change in luck, My stalled karma had come unstuck, I'd found a guy who wasn't a schmuck--Turns out I was wrong, god damn it.

EL CONORITO ♥♥ Thanks for moving in and giving Blake the Bear someone to boss around. Love you!

TO THE GOOD LISA: ♥♥ Te amo, Ya lyublyu tebya, S'agapo, Ich liebe Dich, Kimi o ai shiteru, Ani ohev at, taim i'ngra leat, Eu te amo, Phom Rak Khun, Ti amo, Jag alskar dig!

T-FRAY-Z-5K! ♥♥ Life is much warmer and far groovier with you in it. XOXO, SAB-360

SWEET JEAN~ ♥♥ Dear sweet Jean, I'm no poet but you are truly the Sweetest. How lucky am I?!?! Let's get randy. XOXO your sweet-one.

TOMAROO ♥♥ I love your pinder in my pannie and can't wait to be your wife forever. When are you going to make an honest woman out of me?

I DIDN'T FORGET ♥♥ i see you not enough. your smile and laugh bring back my day and i hope you never go away. i know you love and care about many things, don't forget leana

HE KNOWS ♥♥ Christopher, i'm so glad to have you in my life, you are one of a handful of people i can say i love. happy valentine's day to you and chayla,<3 jerron

THE TRICYCLE ♥♥ I was at a crossroads & you changed my life. Thanx 4 giving me the best years of yer lives. U 2 make me wish I was a lezzy each and every day. xo-H.R

AZRIEL BROUGHT SEXY ♥♥ Aaron, thank you for everything you have done for me this past year, i love you and i couldnt be more thankful for your friendship love >Jerron<

O, CHARMED ONE! ♥♥ Dearest elf childe, your bewitching ways have pierced my heart like a stake from The Slayer. Don't be a Pru(d)e, be my magickal Valentine!

MY BELOVED TS PAMELA ♥♥ You know you are my true valentine, but should anything befall me, you can V-Day it up with RR next year. xo, Tommy

MY MORNING MOLEY ♥♥ The only thing sweet as you is your saturday morning biscuit. You're two parts Dowd, one part Mingus, and a dabble of honey baked golden brown. Iluvu

EMOTIONAL ALPACA ♥♥ I'm all in on this great and impossible mission, Maggles. Let's live out our own extraordinary horoscope, and roll around in whiskey and limes. <3

F'ING CLIMBERS ♥♥ Jackie, I love you so much. You rock my face. Happy Valentine's Day Freaky! Love John

ROBERT ♥♥ I fell in love with you the first night I met you on the dance floor. Maybe that was the E? I am glad you were not just an anonymous piece of ass. ;)

MY RUGGER DUCK ♥♥ Come tackle me, you know where to find me. Your sunflower.

MISS YOU HOMECHICKEN ♥♥ all the roads we walk along are winding and all the lights that lead us there are blinding. There are many things that I would like to say to you...xo

CLEVO STILL LOVES YA ♥♥ Not one day without thinking of you. Not one. My world needs you and yours in it. I love, have always loved you. Kiss the wee devils for me. scott xoxo

MY FAVORITE HUMAN! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day!! My love from Seattle; to you, B, and the Paws. Love, Lanny

I WANT YOUR BODY ♥♥ Ur mouth is hot, ur cock so fine, but nothing compares, to your sexy behind. get ur hot man, tie him up right, and fuck him so hard, all through the night.

!!I LOVE YOU ARAN!!! ♥♥ COCO is snuggly, LUCIFINA's divine, I love you so much, and not just cuz you're fine ;) HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY ARAN! I LOVE YOU! ~Cara

TO MATTHEW ♥♥ The last 8 months have been amazing. Thank you for who you are. I love you very much babe!

ALASKANHOTTIE ♥♥ Jasmine, hope you have a snazzy valentine's day.

HELSINKI ♥♥ It's never enough but always worth it. My heart bursts with the thrill and impossibility of you. I want you constantly and everywhere. I love you.

♥♥ To my red-headed San Franciscan: Someday we're going to be able to bone everyday. Multiple times even! You're the best ever. Get here quick.

BABYCAKES! ♥♥ jed, your cold hands warm my heart (and other things) everyday. you are the best. i love you, maybe even more than hugo does. xoxo. liz

TRUE LOVE WAITS... ♥♥ Leena, "If that's all there is to love my darling, then let's keep dancing..." Stone

IVY ♥♥ Coiled brains and bulging veins, I've always loved your body best. Scary pains and more remains, my heart has room for you to rest

LEAVE MY BOOTS ON ♥♥ let me lick you all over. late night adventures, baths for two, tacos in rain, pain pills, and cave monsters. i want to hear every song. please be mine.

TOMMYGUYS ♥♥ I'd kick Bowie out of my bed for you (again), you are such a rock star! Love, Loo-is

FIRST LOVE ♥♥ T - I will always love you. Sometimes i think you have ruined my ability to love anyone else. Even without the necklace I carry you with me - J

HOTASS ♥♥ Words can't express how much I adore you. Thanks for all the love and support and for having the sexiest ass in existance! I love you! Get naked!

TO MY CLONOMPLONUS ♥♥ It's aaa jjolly-fish! Happy clonomplonomplonii's day

FERNANDO ♥♥ If you go on a date with me I will stop making you eat raw jalapenos. Audrey

FOR LISA ♥♥ Dear brown eyed lavender girl, I love you.

TUKWILA! ♥♥ Left my wallet in El Segundo I gotta get, I got-got ta get it! Glad you LOST your wallet in El Segundo... :) Will you be my valentine? I Love you

BIG OL' PAISLEY ♥♥ Thanks for the great year !!! & now I get to sleep with you & your insane cat every night for many more...

PANTS ♥♥ will you be my valentine and make me the happiest girl in all the land? I love you and your sweet, silly ways. pants

SWEET BRAINHEAD! ♥♥ i want to get a can opener, cut open your head, and eat all your brains with a spoon! let's do it in our new loft with our cats mr. nipples and reebok!

CLAUDIA ♥♥ I love you more than John Cusack loves the rain!

HEY SHORTPANTS! ♥♥ I see you baby, readin' that paper.

O'WONKUS MY WONKUS ♥♥ If I was your HandsomePete and you were my Sylvanas Windrunner; I would give you +150 experience; +151 hearthstones to my Azeroth; you are my guild, H

MR. PASSION ♥♥ yes Nick this is for you, happy valentine's day! you're not mine yet, but maybe... see you around.

TO MY BOO, JASON ♥♥ Being your "spectacular" boyfriend feels better than listening to a Josh Groban song at karaoke. WAY better. You're incredible. xo Spinster

TO MY SISTER, KERRI ♥♥ Relax. love kim

TO THE LAST NUMBER ♥♥ B-don, You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. I love you to high heaven. Honey-Bunches-of-Oats.

FALLING AGAIN X 9 ♥♥ Nine years of our love. Traveling the world around. Passion still abound. I've fallen in love so many times... always with you.

♥♥ We're gonna live together yay!

A POEM FOR MY BRIDE ♥♥ P is for pretty as can be, A is for always nice to me, T is for time it flies right by, R is for really really fly, I is for I love you so much, C is

HAPPY MADEUP HOLIDAY ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day! To the most lovely librarian, sexiest student, and greatest girlfriend in the whole world! I love you! Your Shizzle

OMGHI2U! ♥♥ Burphead, let's go back to how things were when we laughed about raccoon mating calls and sang girl-power songs. I've always treasured our time together.

TEXAS RULES ♥♥ Pee Wee, good things do come out of Texas! I love you, Sarah! From Scotty, age 30

LG*MI PIZZA PARAMOUR ♥♥ LAURA-LITA PITA you knead my dough,you burn my crust. Bite into my saucy goodness u tofutti cutie! Or I will choke u! I mean it noodle lover! luvladda

BE CAREFUL- ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, but beware of becoming someone's baby's daddy! W&K!

COME AWAY WITH ME... ♥♥ R, What an amazing few months. Holding you after all these years is an incredible feeling. Thank you for everything; I'll see you in Helsinki.

MONO OSO ♥♥ Happy chocolate-free Valentine's Day! Sorry you're teese-less this year. Hearts and sappy and such, signed sub-cultural girl

BOOF!BOOF!BOOF ♥♥ The Things We Do For Love! Like walking in the rain and the snow, when there's no where to go. I love you Cathy!BOOF! Your Gloomy Hedgehog

WILL YOU SNIFF ME... ♥♥ Do I smell like poo?

RICKY "ROCKET" G. ♥♥ For all the restless nights, the trips over the horizon, the best rock n' roll, the 100,000x you held my hand - THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU NOW & 4EVER! -K.

HENRY ♥♥ You have sexy legs. I like that you like porn. My favorite part of the day is falling asleep on your warm chest I love you, today and forever. Alicia

DEAREST BABYCAKES, ♥♥ you are my one and only lovey. i hope we have a little kenji-wojtek one day. i love you very much. lvoe love love lveo

REDCHERRY BOX-CUTS ♥♥ Matthew, a nap with you; spontaneous as a windblown match; is as tasty; as any chocolate fudge; kissed by a cherry on top

YOUR BIG TITTY BITCH ♥♥ I've fallen so hard for you. And I love the smut-cut, babe...I'll always be your big titty bitch with round hips, fat ass and thick... YOU+ME= YUM!

BUCKET, OH BUCKET ♥♥ From the start it's been quite clear we're just having sex, m'dear when it's hot & heavy we're both very sweaty if only you were more near

MY FAVORITE PERSON ♥♥ Happy valetine's day Renee! I'm glad we've stayed friends all these years. I miss you a TON. I want to visit you again soon. You're amazing! <3 Austyn

LOVE BITES TURKEY ♥♥ No one gets married thinking it will end with so much heartache. I'm sorry it's over, but it was the right decision. I'll always love you.

KRISTA BELLE ♥♥ A fetching young Bellinghammer struck with a divine hammer, thus smote i am smitten, i love you, no shittin! (& pardon the fecally grammar) Dusty

BRITTANY DARLING! ♥♥ Hey babe! You're the best valentine a girl could ask for! Thank you love, for being there for me whenever I need you. I will always be there for you!

JOHNNY CUPCAKES ♥♥ Thank you for showing me what it's like to be truely cared for & loved. You make me feel like a princess everyday and I've never been so happy.

TO MY ONE AND ONLY ♥♥ Zach, I love you so much. I wish we could be together but that Mica girl got in the way. I'll try and make it over to Vashon. Love, Bruce C

NEHLOVERSPARKLEMEOW ♥♥ Our love goes on & on Virg, over years bands cats trips to the dump breakfasts beds fish and nights of sweet sleep. i love you valentine. Martha

LADIES OF THE CHAT! ♥♥ Hey Ladies! You're the best roommates a girl could have! The neighbors better wath out, we're unstoppable! Love, the Chateau's resident weather girl.

GORGEOUS BALD MAN ♥♥ GBM, U rock my world. Intriguing, funny, smart, creative, kind (& an amazing body) - u've captured my heart & soul. Be my Valentine? Love, Queen Anne

HOLLY COME BACK!! ♥♥ I don't care about the car. I just care about you. It's ok that you flipped out. We can talk about this. I promise, no more mope rock. -Mark

I HEART THE BUNNY! ♥♥ I'm so excited to be getting married to you in a couple months! Here's to many more years of mad bunny love.. -bunny fucker

WFM WSL HOTBOY ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day Mike!!! Love from your RSQ Hot Girl XXOO

I LOVE YOU ALICA ♥♥ Happy Valentines day! I feel so lucky every day I'm with you. I hope we keep growing and learning together forever. I love you! Joel.

HOLA BABY! ♥♥ thanks for being my 2nd longest - i mean my 2nd longest relationship! i can't wait till you're 1st...KISS ME!

♥♥ And I you. And I you. And I you.

ROSE CITY DOVE ♥♥ Why did we wait three years? At least we're nesting now. You make this old bearded bird so happy... love you longtime! -- Rain City Crow

DIMPLES! ♥♥ My god, I love your dimples. Sooo hard to resist.

DRAGONFLY ♥♥ Dearest Joe, I treasure your love and friendship. You are the sweetest valentine a girl could want AND you have sexy knees. I love you so much! Jennie

TIMI MY LOVE ♥♥ You fill up my whole heart and every day I'm glad we're together. Ruth

LOVE YOU TIL THE END ♥♥ HoneyBee, I'm glad you decided to let me take you out this year unlike last year. You are the most beautiful thing in the world and I love you. -J

PEACH FAYGO KITTEN ♥♥ love you forever my thuggalo juggalo puppy. here's to years and years of love, family, and crazy sex 24/7. love love love forever and ever. <3

TO MY HUSBAND... ♥♥ Andrew Ryan... You are the pinot noir to my duck confit! Love you....

JULI M. IS THE SORT, ♥♥ Often found in a Porno Fort, Lips wrapped round a pint or quart, Of her favorite, Barbancourt! Happy V-Day, wifeomylife, Love you forever, Patrick

TO THE CHICKENLORD ♥♥ You have come for my soul in the past. Now I will come for yours.... Argonflux P.S. We're getting the band back together....

FIVE YEARS ♥♥ It's been five years, and after everything we have been through, I still have a boner every time you get in bed.

TONY NO PANTS ♥♥ Mr. No Pants please see me immediately for a thorough fucking. You know where to find me. I've been waiting for far too long.

DIABOLICDIAMOND ♥♥ Sexy, do you remember when we started going out? 12 years on, and I can't imagine life without you. I love you.

CHUM YUM YUM ♥♥ To my Pyu Pyus, Allison, Amanda, Chico, Sis, Gordon, The Bears, and Koichi. You have no idea how much really I love all of you. Brandon

THE NEW MR. PHOENIX ♥♥ After 6+ years, there's still no one else with whom I'd rather see the world. To all the adventures past, present, and future! Can't wait for Hawaii!

HEY CUTENESS- ♥♥! Yours, Lemoncake

E THE LIMEY ♥♥ You're my very bestest dear, and you make me the happiest nein in the world. I love you and I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

OF COURSE. ♥♥ I was never one to get attached. And I didn't want to be "that girl," but I want more. Deal with it.

BLONDIE! ♥♥ how lucky must i be that i could stumble across such a wonderful woman? yr my favorite yuppie and i would be crazy without you. crazy about you. ily<3

TO MY SUGAR BEAR, ♥♥ I'm so glad you're my valentine! Let's go to Taco Bell and celebrate. We're out of mild sauce. Hugs and kisses ~ Love, Kittykat

WJB 1975 ♥♥ i love you ebc 1981

KENNY! ♥♥ Kenny!Kenny!Kenny!Kenny!Kenny!Kenny!Kenny!Kenny!Kenny! Kenny!Kenny!Kenny!Kenny!Kenny!Kenny!Kenny!Kenny!Kenny! Kenny!Kenny!Kenny!Kenny!Kenny!Kenny!Kenny!

WOLVIE LOVES FOXY ♥♥ Can't get enough of that BEST STUFF in town. Here's hoping for many more occasions to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!

::AIRPLANE:: ♥♥ i love you Kevin! yes i think i will marry you! XOXOXOXOXOXOX always, Jenny.

RUBY'S PAPA: ♥♥ Even though I won't eat your nose, I love you very much. Nobody in the world takes better care of me than you. Up up up up up! Love, Ruby


D-RON ♥♥ Your hair looks lovely today. love emery

STEVE AND RUBY: ♥♥ You are my foundation, my home. I couldn't live without your support & love & trips to Safeway. Thanks for letting me kiss you all the time. Love Mama

PLAYER P ♥♥ You are awsmazing. May the dance of life spin you round. love darren and emily.

PURPLE YARM ♥♥ your purple yarm wants to make it up to you this year for screwing up last year's v-day. thank you for being you- i adore you. this year we celebrate!

I MISS YOU ♥♥ Delerium, you're one of the best freinds a guy could have, you're beautifull smart and all kinds of incredible, smile for me. Disorder

MY PRINCE ♥♥ Living this adventure with you is amazing. I still get weak in the knees when I think of you. I love you jeffey. ~shy


TO: BABY CAT #1 ♥♥ I just love you so much. FROM: baby cat #2 (#3 would have liked to write too. But his paws don't stretch to fit my ergonomic keyboard. so sad.)

CARL-BABOON ♥♥ You are such a handsome man, inside and out. thank you for all the fun, patience, and cuzzling. kisses forever, my baboon.

DSCOTTEEB, MY HONEY ♥♥ my wide lipped love, soo hot & hung i'm the luckiest girl under the big, bright sun! i'm ready to be whisked away this valentines day! i love you!

VINCEY MY LOVE ♥♥ To the love of my life, my soul, and my best friend. I love you more than you know. Always and Forever...Lisa

I LOVE YOU BREANNE! ♥♥ It shouldn't be unusual for two stable, drama-free people to be in love but we're this insufferably perfect couple among all our friends. Yay us! John

PATRICK, I SAW YOU! ♥♥ Driving around for WingZone, catching us dancing in the window, teaching flips or flipcups to fellow Dante patrons...when are you coming back from AZ?

PAKETBURNINGQUESTION ♥♥ PAKET: you're always there, you bake me cakes, relax me with guitar, we talk for hours in the Makeoutroom. never lived with anyone better. marry me!

POOP ON MY HEAD! ♥♥ I love it when you do that my poopy butt boy! You make my sky blue and my lips quiver. Thanks for 10/01 and all the good that lies ahead...poopyloopy!

THEME OF THE DAY... ♥♥ today's theme is (vegan) chocolate... i just melted some and dipped both nipples, litl ** and my lips. come and get it, i know you have a sweet tooth.

GMP LOVE TUSSLE PSH ♥♥ Sudoku let a contest begin If needed claw & tooth sorta din With galaxy joy in balance Be prepared for a deadly silence A triumph love aids me to win

ODE TO A 6FT IGUANNA ♥♥ I wanna. All the time, I want her. Neurm, I marry you every day and just always wanna. What a pretty iguanna-donna. Always, Neurmikins!

CORTEZ ♥♥ Lets go get drunk at the Racetrack, go to RENO and get your initials tattooed behind my left ear. XOXX

WOOSTER! ♥♥ I RUV ROO! WHEN I AM WITH YOU I AM IN MY "ELEPHANT." What a rosy future lies ahead. Thank you, Wooster! Happy, happy, Wooster! Mister Wooster, HELLO!


BOBBY WAYNE ♥♥ Thank you for everything. You're the most amazing person i've ever met. I love you so much... happy valentine's day baby. Love, Amanda rene

HELLO NOLA! ♥♥ Eric- I can't wait to start our life over in New Orleans. Again. I love you, you are my favorite. Who D'at!

EDWARDSVILLE MIGUEL ♥♥ Valentine, my dear, I love your kindness, your eyes, how you move on skis. Us. I think we can. I will hold you and listen. Yours always, Harvey

DINKY ♥♥ Whamela Bamela Thank you Pamela!! You're the TS!! xo Biller

TO MY FH ♥♥ I can't wait until we can spend the rest of our lives together. You make me complete and i couldn't imagine life without you. Olive Juice! Your FW!

HBOO ♥♥ Thank you for being so wonderful. I couldn't have asked for a better man in my life. I love you more than words can say!

HEY, CLOBBERGIRL ! ♥♥ Big Diggz slobbers for his ClobberGirl! Let's put the VD in Valentine's Day! I love you.

SUPERTIGERBANGBANG ♥♥ What a fantastic life, so beautiful and only getting better. We'll see London, We'll see France, I'll see your...

JERM ♥♥ With my head on your chest, listening to your heat, fixes any problems we have. I'm glad we still fit perfectly into your twin bed. I love you. Rach

TO MY CUTE BUNKY ♥♥ I love you and I hope you have a wonderful day! You're my favorite little bald man in the whole world!

ING, YOU'RE THE BEST ♥♥ Lil' Buffet: Really, I'm just trying to sleep with you again--especially on some ridiculous Czech cot. Happy V-D, lady! Love, Your Baby Ugg

TS PAMELA ♥♥ You're Wallace&Gromit smile makes me crazy!! Love and Laffs, C.C.

A GRAVEYARD CRUSH ♥♥ Grave Danger, you'll always be my first derby loves. Though I'm on the road you'll be always in my heart! love, Hurt Reynolds

HAI MOM ♥♥ I <3 u. Rrkemeedees

SUZ (HEARTS) MELISSA ♥♥ To my hetrosexual lifemate... I love you girl! 2006 rocked, 2007 will rock even harder!

HUMPY, BE MINE! ♥♥ As Al Pacino would say, "You've got a GREAT ASS!!!" Let's burrow down. Love, kisses and back scratches, Your Moley

TO MY PAPA ♥♥ You are my best friend and the love of my life, I know that is some corny shyt but you bring it out in me. All I want for v-day is some team building!

GRAB A STRANGER ♥♥ that's pretty much what i did. yet to great surprise, i found you... a most beautiful and fun person that i can't get enough of. i love you amber

FOR PATRICK... ♥♥ I never thought it could be like this. Somehow, you took my bruised, battered heart and showed me how to love again. Thank you. ~ Your Co-Pea


RAEN-I LOVE YOU. ♥♥ will you marry me?? I will put up with you if you put up with me. I will never judge you by your mistakes but by your intentions. Sagafoo

SHADOW STONEYBROOK ♥♥ no worries, i'm still the girl that likes to have fun--in fact in our future i see a ton--61 days in mexico we'll be--crazy fun times for u&me! love ginger

MONKEYFACE ♥♥ You're the best boyfriend in the whole world and I'm glad you're mine. Love you and your naughty bits more than you know. love, Your perverted monkey

MY ITALIAN ♥♥ D- You make me happy, you make me laugh, you make me shake my head in wonder of your continual battle within your own mind. Kisses everywhere. -J

MY TIGHT BUNNYFUCKER ♥♥ I look at you looking back at me and it keeps this bunny's heart dancing with glee I look forward to spending my life with you as my beautiful wife

SWEET TS PAMELA ♥♥ You've trashed our hearts (clubs, diamonds and spades, too!) Will you ever call? Turk and Brit

HELLO DOLL ♥♥ I can't listen to The Decemberists without thinking about you. You're a great friend and a beautiful girl. I still have the hots for you. =)

DOLLHOUSE/EYESORELUV ♥♥ to my lovely, enchanting roomies: caitlin, megan, krystal. lyle baby & the elusive c.wyatt. together they are all the REAL loves of my life. -reese

TO MENSA FROM BETEL: ♥♥ your the bird and i'm the bee / milky way and sunshine sea

LOVE TO LOVE YOU ♥♥ Brandon, you're absolutely my favorite boy ever and i'm so happy to be with you. All i want to do is lay around and kiss on you forever, i love you. xo

SHANEY! ♥♥ You sexy thing... I cho-cho-choose you. Love, the woman in your life.

MMMMMBAAAABE! ♥♥ LOL! So glad you're my valentine. Thank you for everything you do to show me you love me. I love you always Jesse. Toots and Kisses, V


DIMPUS!!! ♥♥ You are the best! I love you so much and am so happy you are my sister. Happy V-Day.

MY SEXY MEXSKIMO ♥♥ Feeding on fever, I'm down on all fours show me baby what all that howl is for. I love you honey! Happy mufuckin valentines!

KITTENS! ♥♥ I love you. Love, Boo

SWEETNESS ♥♥ I know you're strong enough to get through. We will spend many more nights watching and discussing trashy movies and art. I love you, best friend.

BRONTE! BRONTE! ♥♥ You melt my heart to butta & shugga, you bootylicious creature. I'm yours, be mine! IGUANADON

CONDENSE DA NONSENSE ♥♥ total eclipse of the heart. Norse or '80s, i keep you up till 6am and yet somehow you still like me? well i think you're superb. thanx for the bananabread.

TO CRAZY FROM CRAZY ♥♥ yr welcome for being patient. too bad yr totally worth it. for yr mind & body. mostly the latter. but seriously i couldn't love you more if i tried. xo

AUTOMATIC SEXBOMB ♥♥ MERLIN your exploding star lights my body on fire every time I think about you. Quench my thirst forever, I want your hot rocket. LOVE YOUR ANNIEMAL X

JUSTIN LEE ♥♥ JUSTIN, let's stop being so awkward and finally hang out! I miss you. So, have a good valentines day and I hope you get an edible boston cream pie! OV

MY SHOES DONT FIT.. ♥♥ your my gothlite,bon jovi singalongs,ill always be there for you(cat power car trouble)and you are always there for me(too many to count).puddles.msdf

I GOT LUCKY! ♥♥ Camaron, these past five months have been extraordinary. You make me soo happy! What I ever did without you, I'll never know. With Love, Chris

MMMMMBABE! ♥♥ Hi lover! I'm lucky that you love me, even my stinky ass. Happy V-Day, I love you! toot.

THE TE GA GA... ♥♥ "What the fuck is that? PUT THAT AWAY!" Happy Valentines Day! Much love, Lil' C

PET PET PET ♥♥ may is too far away, much less december. but i can wait- i've waited this long, and now im all yours. i love you! ps the back of my neck is 0000 now

CALLING DALAMOON!!! ♥♥ If you wake up in a red room don't panic you are in my heart! CHEESEY, I KNOW! I love you babe...Love, your indecisive complicated boy. XO!!!!!!! :)

SAVAGE LOVIN' ♥♥ ooh, dan savage. the man of my dreams. this one is for you, you hot beef bruiscut of a man you.

GRANDMA ♥♥ You're not to old to have no baby. Just keep peeing on that stick!

BRITNEY S + ISAAC C ♥♥ Oops! I did it again. I made you believe I love a parks development officer. Got lost in the game, confused by the same name. luv, Britney Spears

DRUNKY MCDRUNKPANTS ♥♥ I love you like a thousand Ninas. I'm glad you're here with me. Let's make it the best year yet.

SHANNIE-SHOO-SHOO! ♥♥ You are the L of my L. You are my forever. Now kiss on me.

I LOVE YOU, T-O-O ♥♥ You captured my heart and body one year ago. I'm so glad we got our arms around each other, my unsurpassed match. I'll love you forever, TOO, TNA.

TO MY TRAPEZOID ♥♥ Evanapolis, my nuclear man, you're so goddamn strong you'd flatten Japan. The only one good enough for rocknroll me,I wuv oo my vawentine, do oo ant um ee?

DR DAVID ♥♥ You are an amazing lover and partner, and I cherish each day I have with you! You're going to be a great Dad! Love you, Gayle

WARREN WARM-TIME! ♥♥ Fiver, your "brother" Hazel wants to "meet" and "greet" you post-haste. Get in the warren and lose the fur, cause we're gonna snuggle, bunny!

SWEETNESS ♥♥ It has been a year and a 1/2 since I kissed the back of your neck. You said you'd never fall in love with me. Thank you so much for changing your mind

I LOVE YOU, PEETIE! ♥♥ Peets, I am so lucky to have you as my wife. I can't wait for our romantic weekend away together. I love you tons, freetie! You're the freetiest!

GENEVA! ♥♥ You are the reason for everything good in me! 130+1 Luv P

BIG MA-MA ♥♥ 11 years and still going strong. Me, Aug, & the Tutabells want to thank you for loving us every day of the year. Happy V-Day! Luv Little Ma-ma.

SUPERBABYLOVECAKE!!! ♥♥ No one can take me away from my baby. And if anyone tries to take my baby, I'll eat their arms and legs, leaving the bones. They'd look real funny.

MISS MEGATRON! ♥♥ Even though I'm in Boston, I couldn't forget The Stranger Valentines and Orange Chicken from Panda Express. I miss you!!

DJABOUTI! ♥♥ You are the sweetest djabouti a boy could ask for! I love you with all my heart! Happy V-day! -Doodlebug

BABY DOLL! ♥♥ You are sweeter than all the candy in the world. Love, bun

GALAN ^____^ ♥♥ I love you like the moon gives way to day but remains in my heart. I want to be with you and all I wish is that you hold me. will you keep me? <3 H

SWEET LOVE! ♥♥ My Little One, you are the most incredible woman I know. My love for you only continues to grow. Thank you for being my one and only Pea Pi!

MON GALAN ♥♥ Je t'aime. comme la lune aujourd'hui mais séjours à mon coeur. Je veux devoir avec vous inciter à me tenir. me garderez-vous?

MAGNIFICANT MATT ♥♥ My fantasies of you are a daily distraction at work. It's a shame you're married, but I am willing to let her join us if it means I get to be with you.

I LOVE CAKE ♥♥ And you. xxx

XOXO HOT 1000% ♥♥ Happy V-Day Hottie~ A good way to start the new year huh? this month has been the best! i heart u & miss u! oh yeah, ur mine.. &heart "squidbait"

A WONDERFUL YEAR ♥♥ We started out rough, but it is undeniable that we've loved eachother the whole time. I love you popcorn, happy 1 year anniversary!

PUMPKIN ♥♥ Today I write how much I love you. It's my dream come true to be able to SHOW you every other day for the rest of our lives!

HAPPY V DAY! BUBALUB ♥♥ To the mother of my children - oh fecund fertile goddess - you are the ying to my yang. I love you bub!

OH MY GOLLY ♥♥ You amaze me everyday Mandi. You bring hope for the future and joy to the present that was lacking before. I won't forget. Tu eres mi amiga major.

HONEY BUNNY ♥♥ aka stephen s. this is from your 1 & only sherell i love u with all my heart & hope our valentine's together will be a night of romance. forever & always...

TO MY BABY ♥♥ with wine and joint in hand, i spill and ash, forcing the fullness of your being to drift toward this little bit of relevant beauty. love, your baby

BUBBA-LOO... ♥♥ stone, i love you more than everything bagels -leena

IF THIS DOESN'T WORK ♥♥ there's always a penis cupcake. for now, i've always got kisses for me misses, and a Valentine's Day to make true all of your wishes. I'M LOVING BROOKIE!

POWDERMONKEY LOVE ♥♥ I don't care what you say, I love you, I love loving you, and that's all I'm gonna do, till you throw rocks at me. Loving the pain, Bedlamite23

HAPPY 5TH BABY ♥♥ I love cake as much as ever. xxxxxx

OH DONNY BOY! ♥♥ Donovan Donovan Bo Bonovan Me my mo Monovan Banana Fanna Fo Fonovan Donovan! Merry Christmas and Happy St. Patty's From your roomie: Michelle

COMEDY! I LOVE YOU! ♥♥ Comedy, you are the silent falling snow. You make everything new again. I love you more and more everyday. I love you, you cutie-cake.

DO IT LIKE IOWA ♥♥ We've got the kids, we've got the house, now it's time for hot, suburban, middle-America sex.

ADAM, SHANE, & ? : ♥♥ Bubby--you're my lover, husband, friend, father, child. Astro/Speed--you're my heart, my joy, my teacher & salvation."?"--our sweet baby to be. Cynthia/Mama

LUCKY AND BLESSED ♥♥ Amy, You are my love, my light, my buddy, my partner, and the best thing that ever happend to me. I'm so lucky and blessed to have you. Love, Marco

OINK ♥♥ PINK D - Willyoubemysunbear? XO BOOK T

QUEEN SHANNAN ♥♥ an eternity of love and happiness on valentines AND every day of the year, to the best little girl in the world!! eternal love, your mommy

KISSMONSTERLOVESYOU. ♥♥ I love you baby. Never forget that, or I'll beat you up. Grrrr.... ~Ashleigh

DAVID DAVID DAVID ♥♥ You may look cuter now but you can still be a jerk at any given moment. That's why I still love you. - Your #1 Crush

**VALORIE C** ♥♥ Here's hoping your Valentine's Day, as well as every day of the year, is filled with much love and happiness! Eternal peace and love... --an old friend

MAMA BEAR ♥♥ WAG MA MAHAL SI YO! You're amazing and I'm still smitten after 2 1/2 years... Love to love you.

WEASELCHEEK ♥♥ England is about to get a whole lot hotter. XO, ???

HEY DARTHBEEP ♥♥ Thanks 4 another fun, laughter, caffeinated, passion filled year! I luv u, lets go for a noise complaint from the neighbors tonight ;)~DarthEvil

CICCONEYOUTH ♥♥ Scotland is lonely without you. I wish I was there to be googy googerson with you. Love, Fall Out Boy. (sorry I cant send pics of my weenie)

STEPHANIE ♥♥ I pouted like a little kid after you threw my camera memory card away. So far apart now and now only memories of that night. You're a freak. Damn.

TO MY LOVELY PIRATE ♥♥ I love you so much! I would be lost with out you. You have always been there for me and I know you always will be. Thank you for being my best friend!

CHAPULIN, AMADA MIA ♥♥ I love you my little grasshopper. Happy Valentines and a Happy 30th Birthday as well. PS. I love your birthday suit!

MY RYAN... ♥♥ I love you more. I love you more than that, more than this, and more than anything. I will love you forever and ever amen. Love, Lindsay

RABBIT AND DINO ♥♥ My two favorite guys. I can not wait for snugglefest! LOVE, Bunny

MY BLONDE LOVE ♥♥ I see you at El Corazon sitting, working, taking my ticket. You always seem so angry. Smile more because your smile is heavenly.

THE TOBBOGAN OF SEXY ♥♥ T-bog you are one fine ass beast. I'm pretty sure like 10 people want to do you at the same time. Nick would wreck you, i'm sure of that. And nathan too<3

FUNNY LITTLE FROG ♥♥ be my mod-architecture-loving-grilled-cheese-burning-pot-cookie-and-kabob-eating-CFing-bike-riding-fever-baby-inventing-uno-winning valentine for life

KEVIN ♥♥ I love you and I am so excited about godsuki! LOVE, Kate

MY DEAR CHAV ♥♥ Through it all... Girls with bad intentions must stick together. I'd share my brolly with you. Love you, Friend.

TO THE STAN WE KNEW ♥♥ I miss the old Stan... Back before you modeled your business after REI. Back when you could look me in the eye and address me by name. XO, GL Alumni

YOUR'RE MY SECOND SHIP ♥♥ Just like the double ship in Galaga. We are side by side taking over the universe. I love you so very much britt, and i cant imagine being without you!

I'LL NEVER CLICK! ♥♥ G. Just wanted to let you know that you have made me happy, too. I'm glad we are friends plus a little more. You make me smile. Let's make out! -T

LOVE CANCER ♥♥ I loved you and you gave me HPV. You gave it to my friend too. Thanks man, now my best friend and I can go through cervix scrapings together. Love!

BABY LOVES BABY ♥♥ "Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby ... ... ... ... ooh yeah." My favorite song ever--thanks for being wonderful and amazing!

BELUGAS GO SNOARING ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, my Finnish snow prince. Being with you is the easiest thing I've ever done. I love you. Roars abound, Isolde

OINK OINK OINK ♥♥ Valentine, I'm so in love with you. Be mine forever oinklette. Love forever, Bling

WEIRD ♥♥ slightly addicted to the mediocrity. tell me i'm in trouble again in your very adorable sociopath way. lets- right away. happy v day.

JASON MCGRILLIE ♥♥ i had to write this just for you because i've become a mcgrillie too so happy vday jay mcg i hope you'll see this note from me!

I HEART SUZFABULOUS ♥♥ Love you Long Time! xoxo

CARLEY & SYDNEY ♥♥ You girls are the greatest part of my life. Thank you for being mine. I love you always and forever.

GREGGIEPOO ♥♥ We may not be able to give a lot this year but I can always tell you I love you! You're my Rock and I'll always be your Roll! I love you! Love BritBrat

TOBY BEAR BRADY, ♥♥ I love when you hump me while i'm chewing on a toy. I pretend not to notice but i'm playing hard to get. I really love you, Luca Bean

I LOVE YOU BREANNE! ♥♥ It shouldn't be unusual for two stable, drama-free people to be in love but we're this insufferably perfect couple among all of friends. Yay us! -John

I BATHE 4U ♥♥ After 20 yrs., words cannot express my love for you, so I choreographed a dance and made you a nice sandwich.

TO KATE M.MORAG B.!! ♥♥ Dear Ms. Kate MM.B, It has come to our attention that although you live far away, you sometimes still read the Stranger. I love you. Love, Adrienne

LUCKY LINDI ♥♥ LINDI! I'm so glad we met, U make me very happy. You are one of a kind. Let's sit in the park and read Madeline L'Engle to each other!! Yours, Ryan

JARED ♥♥ You are my brother and I love you. Dustin

BABYCAKES, ♥♥ Can't wait to spread those Sweet Cheeks and fill you with my Valentine's Day love!

TEAM AWESOME ♥♥ Eric, I love you more than is strictly decent. Just so you know. Love, Emily

T-MONEY! ♥♥ Over and Over again, my love. Over and Over again with you. *SO* glad to be married to you. Your Manly, Manly Husband, Tata.

KELLY BEAR ♥♥ Not sure how you put up w/ me sometimes, but patience is a virtue & being outnumbered soon is unfathomable. Thx for being supportive. I love you.

THE AMAZING MIKE G. ♥♥ I look at you & I see cute little people. Adorable little people with great smiles, chubby cheeks, bad eyes, a wicked sense of humor and kind hearts.

KOWBELL ♥♥ Roses are red Diamonds have flair If I don't get a card I'm gonna pull your hair. Your X-mas Skoozie

AN AMOEBA LOVES YOU! ♥♥ You're the best thing to come along since psuedopodia!

DEAR MY BB BABYCHAN ♥♥ i will rick the little baby of yours so many times when i get there! you are my star, hero, and everything. i love your million-dollar smile. luv <3

FOR MAC DADDY DIZZO ♥♥ Johnny, 14 amazing months since we met at Azteca and every day is better then the last! Thank you for all your love every day. I love being your wife!

DEAR ASTRID ♥♥ You're the most unique girl I've met and I want you to know how special you are. I wish I could make you understand that. I'll see you in my dreams.

J.J.ROSE ♥♥ The Mississippi divides, but does not conquer. I'll love you always.

MISS FOXY SUGARPANTS ♥♥ You are one hot piece of sexcandy, Babydoll. Surrender and be mine. Let be your Sugar Daddy and I'll make all your dreams come true.

BOOK HOUSE BOY ♥♥ The 150 letters allowed here can't begin to contain how much I love you, how happy you make me every day, or what a positive influence you are for me.

TO MY LOVE ♥♥ Steven, thank you for being my one and only. you bring the sunshine into everyday! i love you today and will for the rest of our days! love EmBo

MSN TO SEA ♥♥ Dr. B, It's been seven years and I love you more everyday. Thanks for always being here for me. love you always, Dr. J

OMG! P0N13Z!!!!!!! ♥♥ I heart your muzzlepuff, PinkiePie! I am yours for as long as you dare wish! Sparkleworks

REMEMBER PORTLAND? ♥♥ Where I'd be in you from behind, then I'd pull out and start on you with my mouth, and then switch back? And the ridiculous but totally enjoyable 69?


DEAR SAUCYMCSTRUMPET ♥♥ My dreams have come true. Traveling the world with you by my side and I am looking forward to every day ahead. <3I Love you KT!

KELBIVDEVOE ♥♥ New roommates we are... Can't wait to throw parties with you. I'll do the dishes.

SUPERCALIRADULISTIC ♥♥ You're my G on the hill and I love every minute we spend together. You push me in ways no one else ever has. You are supercaliradulistic! Love you G! J

TUTTI MY LOVE ♥♥ You may spill your wine in my bed any day! Love, Tia

SAILOR ♥♥ You make me hotter than Georgia asphalt - YOUR LULA

MRS P ♥♥ I love you so much. I don't know why the universe chose me to be so lucky, but every day I am grateful to be with you.

RUSSELL THE STALKER ♥♥ I must admit that your peering into my window with binoculars was creepy at first, but now I've grown quite fond of you. Thanks for making me smile...

SHNOOKUMS... ♥♥ I love you from the top of your pointy bald head to the tips of those funny toes you never let anyone see. You are the king of hot. I'm yours--be mine?

ONE FISH TWO FISH ♥♥ word saavy and beer guzzling you make this frozen island pixie blush and laugh, and if only for a moment, forget the sea and her savage Breakers.


LDUB - HAPPY VDAY ♥♥ What did boy squirrel say 2 girl squirrel on V Day? I'm nuts about U! What did girl squirrel say 2 boy squirrel? You're nuts so bad yourself! luv bcon

YOUR'RE NOT COOL ENOUGH ♥♥ Kenty, naki, snicky, murphy,and nancy. I love you all very much. You guys are my family. Through all the problems and the s*&T storms I still love you. Ken

E KU`U IPO ♥♥ I love my pretty little hapa-haole hula girl. You always make me giggle, with your naughty little wiggle. Love spoonin' with my hula girl. cmak.

TO MY WIFE PEGGY K. ♥♥ Kurt Loves Peggy and Peggy Loves Kurt. Happy Anniversary, row One seats 6 and 7 Commodores! Your old Punk Rocker xxxooo Kurt *

RACER DAVE & MISS V ♥♥ If you dig and I dig can we meet in the middle? Miss you more than baby burritos and super-sloopers. Love, Em

I LOVE MY WIFE ♥♥ I love you, Button. Happy v-day. Love, Pants.

WOO JOE PIE ♥♥ Oh, my Ivy. You are my favorite tasty cake. I hope to move across the country at the same-ish time as you. Love, your mommy

MI ALEGRÍA ♥♥ You are truly the best thing that has ever happened to me! I am amazed by how much my love for you grows every day. Te quiero!

FUZZY B ♥♥ You're the sweetest in the world, I love you! Everyone else in the world sucks ass! Thankfully there's you! I'm a lucky Monkey. Happy VD!

PEANUTBUTTER & JELLY ♥♥ Let's mix up our flavors, I like the way your jelly tastes. I'll make sure you're covered with peanutbutter. You're my #1, my lover. I heart U.

HEATHER, BRI, CLAIRE ♥♥ I never quite saw three girls so fair as Bri, Heather, and dear Claire. Although I don't see you all the time, won't you all be my valentine?

VAG MOBILE ♥♥ dearest DJ Yummer please ride my vag mobile. love, mrs. oberst

TRACIENESS ♥♥ My future vet friend, stay true, live long. Without you I would never have known the purring of small creatures. Love and forgetting - Nick

MONCAS I LOVE YOU! ♥♥ It's true. I really do. Despite my absent mindedness, I do love ya tons.

SEWP ♥♥ love you deuce!

DALIDIEGO... ♥♥ Ten years of amazing times...thank you for the gifts you give-your depth & passion, love & support. The next 10 will be awesome. ilume

JON, WHERE ARE YOU? ♥♥ I miss you. I still love you. Please be patient- I'll be back soon.

LUVBUG ♥♥ I'm the lucky one. Your Chi Chi Bean.

MY BABY MAMA ♥♥ It's been the best nine years of my life. From our baby boys to our new house, I'm glad it's with you. I love you punkin. Here's to marriage equality.

DEAR DUV ♥♥ You are the sweetest man in the whole world and I can't believe you're mine. I am so happy to be your wife. LUVDUV.

MY GIRL, MY PRINCESS ♥♥ I Love You Stacey,and there's no one else i'd rather spend Valentines Day with! i'll make you something nice,then we'll make time for dessert ;) Marts

TO MY TRUE LOVE ♥♥ Kayo- From the moment we met, I knew that we were destined to be naked & slathered in chocolate. I choo- choo- choose you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxoo Kim

HEY BEAUTIFUL GIRL ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, Baby! All my love, Joe.

POUR TOPH AVEC AMOUR ♥♥ To my lova, Toph. I love you more and more with everyday that passes. Thank you for your kindness and your love. Happy Valentine's Day!

SO. AFRICA VOLIM TE ♥♥ We are separated by 10 hours and a sunrise but I can still feel you from here. Breath baby, cause you are my breathe, my light when I am dark. Love -B

LIKE TEARS IN RAIN ♥♥ bratlingpixie, I'm aching for your red hot love. This monster can't get over you.

MAKS L.D. ♥♥ You're the Love of my life!! Mom

DARTANION! ♥♥ I love you. From, Dartanion

MAKELICIOUS ♥♥ Je te donner tout de moi. Candy Kisses XXX

20 YEARS FROM NOW... ♥♥ I want to be your dearest friend. I want to be there late one night with you, drunkenly ranting about art, when you suddenly realize how perfect I am.

I LOVE FREEDOM ♥♥ My pearl, that I hate puppies, babies, and freedom-hating terrorists just as much as you do. I know my calculus you + me= us. Much love bitch!

JASON WHORE MOANS ♥♥ You are way too fucking sexy! Sigh...

CHEN ♥♥ I love you

BARBIE: ♥♥ We all <3 you but we're all worried. You're gonna do what you're gonna do but realize: We'd rather lose a friendship than watch a friend lose a life.


HALVES ARE AWESOME ♥♥ And you are too.

HERE IS YOUR COUPON ♥♥ @_@ You know who you are! Happy V. Day! Cut this out and bring it to me to get a sweet item... I'll leave the naughty bits for later. 2 yrs tomorrow!!

HEY CHEF AMANDA! ♥♥ I love you the most ever and we're going to be together a long time! I promise to be good and travel more with you, among other things. Love, Aaron

THANKS DUDES! ♥♥ Thank you for supporting me in everything I do. You are fantastic parents! I promise not to forget you when I win my first Tony. LOVE YOU! -Rosco

MAYA! ♥♥ shut up, shut uP, shut UP, shuT UP, shUT UP, sHUT UP, SHUT UP! i'm sorry. i love you. -cayman ;)

*P*D*L* ♥♥ WHO IS PDL??? The war is on boys... Watch your back!

TO: MY HAND ♥♥ Thank you so much for being there for me in my time of need. I've been so lonely and u have helped me out every day with your loving touch. From: My Penis

HAPPY B-DAY BABY! ♥♥ Sharing yr birthday with stupid cupid ain't fun. Let's ditch the candy hearts, eat luscious food, some real kisses & share our love. I'm yours, m.

FISHER!!! ♥♥ How can one man be so fucking hot? You are like a sunset, an old growth tree, a renoir painting...If only we could be together forever!!!

SNUGGLY CUDDLE BEAR! ♥♥ I love your SST and love rays and cuddling and laugh and sexy brain and, most of all, how you make me feel loved and accepted just the way I am.

MJS+JDS=MNS ♥♥ I love you!

SAME TIME NEXT YEAR? ♥♥ BB- If you are reading this its because I saved a copy to show you if we get together again. I just didnt want to miss a Valentine's Day. I love you -JR

BABYCHAN!!! ♥♥ Heyyyyyy! I ache for you! I need you! I love you! Please come back to me ahora mismo! Damn Homeland Security!!! I want to make a romance inside you!!!

GO JIM BEAM, RIGHT? ♥♥ Big Spoon_Be my Valentine- You're sweet/wonderful/smart/sexy. You make me smile so big. Let's make a great life together. I LOVE YOU CHRIS. Love_Little Spoon

HORATIO WITHOUT FEET ♥♥ I hear you specialize in Hard money... maybe we can put a hot tub on the deck and re-create the PDX experience. Happy Valentine's, my love! Puddin.

I LOVE YOU PRINCESS ♥♥ Heatherann, Everyday is a great day, when I absorb all the beauty within you. I'm so happy we found each other. I Love You, Now and Forever. By Me

ATNHAT ♥♥ I LOVE U more every moment of every day. Who would've thought I'd fall 4 a geeky science girl. How could I resist such a cute butt!!! U R the best! HP

MY PRECIOUS BABIES ♥♥ I missed you at the Kissing Gates in the Park last week. Can you meet me there soon? With a kiss from Mya Lubimya, I will be full and smile contented

DEAR BEANIE ♥♥ You're pretty cute... let's keep dating some more @_@ Happy 2 years (and 5 days)! - Genie

DROP TRKY ♥♥ SDC: Seven years, cannon beach, snagging housie, stupid lady (whyyyyy?), bargains! Wow, has it really been seven years? I love you. -bun

BABY CAKA POO ♥♥ Hey sweetie, be mine forever! You are so caring, loving, strong, and wonderful! Your eyes shine with love, and we will grow old together! Love, Mags

LIZ ♥♥ i hate you, whoreface, you and homogays, but i will forgive you for being such sloppytits of a friend to me. happy valentine's day. best friends forever.

DOVE ♥♥ i love you so very much. happy valentine's day.

QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT ♥♥ ...gets me hot when you explain it. Let's turn our potential energy into kinetic. Your "Just Do M.E." shirt compels me. Engineers do it better, right?

COSMIC CONNECTION ♥♥ 2006 was a wonderful year. you're the primary reason. thank you for being you and letting me be me. i ain't going anywhere, just waiting here for you.

MATTD YOU BEAST ♥♥ I love getting down and dirty with you... even if it is by phone. I smile when I think of you, get hot when I hear you breathe. Glad you liked the mail/

STARHEADBOYILOVEYOU. ♥♥ thank you for: allowing me to grow, honesty, long evenings, dealing with distance, always giving, being gentle, all the support and PURE LOVE. iloveyou

I LOVE YOU, JACKSON ♥♥ I hope this is our last v-day apart. Your Christopher

LL COOL J ♥♥ I'll always be your boo. Love, Jequisha W.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY ♥♥ To my great husband David and my beautiful daughter Audrey. You are both the sweetest part of my life. I love you with all of my heart. xoxo Regina

BABO, JEERO, MOXY ♥♥ All they want is to play between your sweet breasts. You might hug them goodnight, but Ulgydolls and I do want hot sex all the time--not only cookies!

CICCONEYOUTH ♥♥ miss cicconeyouth, you are amazing and one of the coolest people i have ever met. you are worth all the LAMB in the world. love, antigrl

MONKEY FACE ♥♥ You have lit up my life for quite some time now. Thanks for letting me bleach your hair, washing my dishes and keeping me warm. I love you!

MY COUNTRY BUMPKIN<3 ♥♥ Remember: count EVERY bean, hold that shit DOWN while crossing streets, drink them all under the table and ALWAYS SLAM IT, HARD. i love you. Thank you

THE CHANCELLOR. ♥♥ Prince of the crossword, king of my heart, chancellor of my nervous system. I live 2800 miles away and I want to snug you more than you know.

IT GOES TO 11! ♥♥ GDK- I love you! Love, KDP

HAPPINESSES. ♥♥ Tilth and Lost. Smell of your neck and taste of your sweat. Crispy duck leg and film noir. Too much wine from Trader Joe's and sudden hilarity.

LET'S DRINK SLURPEES. ♥♥ This Valentine's Day, I just need one thing from you: the promise to drink a Slurpee with me in June.

LARK LOVE. ♥♥ I am your tortoise and you are my lark and all day I sit in New York and think you are wonderful.

TO MY MOO MOO! ♥♥ AFTER EVERYTHING, all i want is to hold you, to be with you and watch the dogs make out. you are all i want or need, you are perfection, i love you...

TOBY TOBY TOBY TOBY ♥♥ '07 is sick of your going out with boys who aren't us. We could be so happy together. Come back and visit. Our lives are dark and drab without you.

I WANNA STIK IT IN U ♥♥ dear ass muncher i just wanted to let you know that you're a bohemian jackoff and i love you for it. keep it thug and classy. happy v-day. -dj yumers

IT ALL STARTED AT... ♥♥ Blu Bistro: Over 2 years ago you sat down at my table & I've been in love ever since. I'm so lucky! I hope you'll be my valentine for years to come.

MY LOVELY SNOWFLAKE ♥♥ I love you more now than I did a year ago. I can't wait for you to be my wife. I am so lucky!!!

ASHLEY CICCONEYOUTH ♥♥ You always make me smile with your love of small Japanese Toys. I think of you when I see them in NYC. U R my LJ Valentine! Love, Hellokitylovr

I LOVE EMMALINE ♥♥ emma i luv eating bagels with u, i love fucking you, n i love how cool and smart u r. i luv riding scooters w/u n staying up late watching movies w/u.

U R MY SUNSHINE! ♥♥ You make me so happy, no matter what color the skies are! Here's to a great '07 and a great many '0s ahead of us! All my love, Matt.

MM-MMM-CANDYFACE ♥♥ let's dance into the fire, let's make more exquisite art, let's just never never stop. i love the effin' crap outta you!

CAN I TOUCH UR ANUS? ♥♥ i want to touch your anus all night long. inside and out. all night long. yes, like lionel richie.

BEST GIRL EVER ♥♥ Katie you are the best girl in the world. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I love you so much. You are the best thing in my life. Love andy

HAPPY VALENTINE'S J. ♥♥ Julien, JTL—and all that mushy stuff. Happy Valentine's Day!

J - YOU ARE AMAZING! ♥♥ You are beautiful, brilliant, athletic and intuitive. And a great cook to boot! I'm so glad you are down with hanging out together! XX00XX - Paul

HEY SWEETIE! ♥♥ Rae Rae, I just wanted to let you know that you are my best friend and I'll love you forever. Will you be my valentine? XOX your best buddy, Minako

FOR SCOOTER ♥♥ Big, pretty brown eyes/Sicilian-borne vigor/You are my baby.


I MADE YOU FEEL SAFE ♥♥ Nick, I couldn't do one more bar that night, but next time I'm up for being faggos. And it's my turn to get into your pants. -Matthew

I LOVE YOU RICHELLE ♥♥ Hey Sexy, Let's sort out our shit and run away to the dodgy island paradise like we used to talk about and drink lots of monkey lalas. Love ya, Dave

ERMAC! ♥♥ I must say, although we've never met, you make me swoon from miles away. be mine someday! -fastbinx

ASHLEAVE! ♥♥ Happy VDAY lady! You are so appropriate you are INAPROPORIATE! Working with you has been great! You are a true friend to my heart. ^_____^

ASHLEY IS THE BEST!! ♥♥ I love her because like 1 second after I said I wanted a black & white Renaissance watch for 50% off she was like oh, you can get one RIGHT HERE. :)

SO DERICOUS ♥♥ Ewo! I am so glad I met you... best year EVAR! So many azn memories. I love you and your custard bunz. You are awesome. Let's go hunting for pizza boy

SEATTLE LUVS PULLMAN ♥♥ When you pulled those sweats up to your chin, I knew I'd love you! You are It. MALM. PROUTY. LYDIA. ARNE. TO BETHER. KITTIES. KANDY. Lovah U ^_____^

ZOMBIE JOHN ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, husband. I love you! xoxo, M

JANAY! ♥♥ My dear, sweet snowcone. Thanks for all your good lookin' out. You are the Chapel bar mascot of magnificence.

TO MY TORSTEN ♥♥ Happy Valentine's. No words can express how much you mean to me. I'll always be here for you, even if you'll be all the way on the east coast.

TO THE 253: ♥♥ I love you and how classy you are. Many come and go from your boundaries, but you are my one true love and I hope I am yours. 253FORLIFE. Love, Ashley

NUNCHUCKS ROCK! ♥♥ We shall always rock. No matter what! We shall rock each other. Until the end of time! Zero, Zito, Katt! Nunchucks for life!

DIET COKE ADDICTION, ♥♥ raver pants, and silly stamped pills. yet i fell in love with you. four years later there's no more raver pants... i still love you, diet coke and all.

HEART U RAT CITY ♥♥ You girls kick ass! you insipire me to be better!! sir-roll-a-lot

TO MY LOVE DOVE... ♥♥ Nick, my sweet babooface, you are my sweetheart and lover. my best friend and slinkster playmate. i love you.

HAPPY V-DAY KB!!!! ♥♥ Hey Sucker, I probably don't say it enough, but I am so happy that we're living in sin together! I love your fine ass, Son. Don't go changin'.

TO MY SNUGGLE BUNNY ♥♥ Dearest Syd, I love you more than a million La Botana burritos. You make me happier than happy. I'll love you always, my perfect snuggle bunny.

ROLLBOT <3 JAMES ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day! Heart you even when you are being a "JERKS" -ROLLBOT

MICHAEL♥♥ I've never been happier... who knew blind dates could end so well?! Love you! MCBITEYPANTS

DEAR FUCKING HIPPIE, ♥♥ I can't begin to express how happy you've made me these last few months and how eager I am 4 the rest of 07. be ready for mad sexing when I get home!

TO MY SMURFETTELOVER ♥♥ Wabbits are red. Smurfs are blue. Let's stay in bed. I'm in love with you.

I WISH ♥♥ I could send you a secret message, 'cause I figure you'll scour this paper for one. *POOF* It is so. XOXO You're gorgeous!

TO MY DEEPEST LOVE. ♥♥ I know we have had our differences--but it was so deep... I don't think I will ever forget it. However, the doc says I may never be able to poo again.

U MAKE IT HOME 4 ME ♥♥ Cayman you make coming home the best part of my day! Thank you for being an amazing roommate and a best friend! I love you more than salsa con queso!

TAKING COMMUNION ♥♥ I like you like muppets like fisting. Like bad poetry, we should be rewritten someday. Not now, have fun with life--but don't cross me off your list.

XOXOXOXO ♥♥ Dana, our love is strong even when we are apart. I love the feel of YOU in my tattoed arms. I long for your seductive lips. With Love, XOXO - Harold.

TO KELLY, MY LOVE ♥♥ I love you so very much. Our future is bright and I think of you always. And your buns... I want to squeeze you. Bad. Love always, your peach Ó

SEXY STRIPES & SPOTS ♥♥ Wrigley, I would totally fuck the shit out of you -- if only you weren't a cat.

MARNIJADE ♥♥ thanks for saying yes on Canada Day--I love you, prairie princess.

JIM!!! ♥♥ Jim- Roses are red, violets are blue.... can't wait for you to say "lemme put it in you." Unwrap me TONIGHT you sexy beast! Love, Danielle

K2TOG ♥♥ Dear Beazle, I wouldn't want to organize knitting group with anyone else. You really spin my yarn. Much Love, Your Co-Assistant Organizer

SHANERS ♥♥ Thank you so much for never RSVPing to anything and randomly showing up halfway through events. By that time it's nice to talk to someone sober.

♥♥ Every day seems the same to me I sit around and think about how alone I feel then wind up enjoying loneliness because it's the comfort of being sad...

MONTREAL CHRIS ♥♥ After all the drool, ear kisses, plates, and miles between us, my heart shouldn't pine away for you, but it does. I'm still right here waiting for you. d

WENDY AND THE TWINS ♥♥ You're the one who makes me laugh, far above my quota, whose smile melts my insides, and whose heart dances, plays and sings with mine. lovelovelove,j

TO MY ONLY YOU... ♥♥ I wish I could hate you. Married and all, I can't imagine what life is without you here. You have broken my soul. Come back and let me live again. -L-

MY LOVE MOOSE ♥♥ Our 1 year anniversary is in April; You'll be spending it in Greece. I love you as an inspiring individual and support your aspirations in life. <3

A BEE STUNG ME! ♥♥ ALDO, JOETTA, DYLAN, and Section 4: I love you so much that I need ointment for my legs. You betches better always be my backup valentines. <3 LaurenK

MORE SNUGGLIN ♥♥ I wuv you Big Bear. Please be my valentine so that I can snuggle you. XOXOXO. Wuv, Little Bear.

YAMAGUCHI SAMA ♥♥ I love you more than ever and can't wait to marry you!! Sugoku Sugoku Aishiteirun ya ji!! From your loving hubby to be, AiAi.

PIG WHORE!! ♥♥ tits here. baby loaf, you are such a little bag of slags & i wouldn't have it any other way. let's go get drinx @ the redwood. duh. love your tits!!

MY BEST YEAR ♥♥ Shiraz. It may be over now, but I want to thank you for one of the best years. You will always be in my heart. B.

FUCK ART! HUGS... ♥♥ Hug w/our legs... Let's just get it on already! Yeah it would be that good...

MINE ♥♥ After all we always have France and we've had a hell of a lot more since then... not to mention all the sex. Love you still. muah!!!

SUNSHINE TO MOONBEAM ♥♥ Moonbeam- I make a resolution every yr to be a better person. I realized that this happened back in July when I met you! My heart is yours -Love, Sunshine

LOVE LETTERS ♥♥ I want to write you so many love letters that the mailman has to carry an extra bag just to handle all the envelopes. I miss you. I love you.

FUCKIN' HIPPIE- ♥♥ My dear FH: You are the best thing I've ever ordered online. I'd say that even if you hadn't given me a pony. Love, another hippie.

*MEOW* CTHULHUGRRL ♥♥ Drive me mad and love me like Neil!

TURTLE!!! ♥♥ you are the cutest thing ever, i like pulling your face back by your fuzzy ears so you look funny! AHHH you're so cute i wanna punch you!!

LOVER HED ♥♥ i can't believe how sweet you are, i love you so much it hurts. i am so glad we met, our time together has been the happiest of my life!

DEAR BEYNG, ♥♥ I'm sorry about all the forgottenness of you. We really would like to attune to your appropriating event, but machination keeps distracting us. M.H.

RAVINE DEAREST ♥♥ Two years ago on a sailboat, your lips sent me spinning. Four countries later, and I'm still dizzy with wonder. Love, J

MOOSES ARE 4EVER! ♥♥ Deer bill, agenst the edvice of mi acounting dept, I'm sending this messag 4 free! I luv u and always want to be yur 1st moose. luv, herschel.

YOU ARE THE BEST ♥♥ You are beautifal, intelligent, kind, supportive, wonderful,and creative. And you got a nice booty. I'm lucky every day that I know you. X

SNUGGLEBUTT ♥♥ new - Here's to another fun year together! Thanks for making me smile, making me think, & making me have fun. Let's do even more of that :) Love, btb

MAHAL KI TA! ♥♥ Je t'aime Honeybun! Your Bechamel is so lucky to be with you. Looking forward to our anniversary around the corner! Yup, time to start freaking out!!!

DOODLE BUG! ♥♥ Doodle bug, i love you with all my heart, now and forever. You are my sweet Pooskie!! I love you doodle poosk. Love, Mooskie/Djabouti

BOYFRIEND! KEITH! ♥♥ HOney! HAppy Valentines! I LOve you sooo much. Hugs and kisses to you! YOU are the Romeo i've always been looking for. Thank YOU kindly! LOve, JUliet

MISS LIZ ♥♥ life's better than good with you around, you're fantastic and you smell great. ma-halo baby.

MY FRECKLED MAMMAL ♥♥ So much joy to see you in your tight white underwear, under a heated blanket, with your warm soft mouth around me. You are so many things, so much. XO

JOJO JOJO ♥♥ Jojo I hope you're having a smashing time still in Seattle. I love you and I promise to keep in touch from now on. love, amelia

BONJOUR, PETIT ABEL! ♥♥ Welcome to the world! Wishing you a very happy first Valentine's Day. Hugs and kisses to your mom and dad, too! Love, T & S

DEAR ZACH, ♥♥ What's This? "... and all this day an unaccustom'd spirit lifts me above the ground with cheerful thoughts." it's love~ Kristin

DEEZY ♥♥ you're pretty. Thanks for reminding me of what it's like to feel passionate again. don't you worry about me. love, scoots

BUCK AND RUTHIE ♥♥ You have been my *choice* for a long time. Tell me my cowboy, do you really love me to infinity? If so, do not wait an eternity to find me again. xx

AIKO LOVES NICK! ♥♥ Nick, you are my love, my foundation, my fascination. You excite and educate me, you are forever on my mind. Let's become crazy cat people together.

BABY BEAR ♥♥ You are the Lillian to my Pimperial Lanes. You are the Rajesh to my P.N Rao. When you rip your shirt off, I melt. PHENOMENA! 3 is for the O'Rourke!

TO MY LOVE KRISTIN ♥♥ Thanks for sticking by me and suffering through my moods. I'll always be yours and I am the lucky one.

MY MULTI-URBANITE JP ♥♥ I adore you, every sexy inch of you. You turned my world upside down. Every day is a passion-fest with you. I love you. - your lucky girl

BABY YOU ARE SO FINE ♥♥ NAOMI! You're the best, sweets. I love you and the life we share totally. You're the only one I want to have adventures with–-even boring ones. JORDAN

♥♥ I lost my heart to a starship trooper.

*DR. OG GREENPAW* ♥♥ Good sir whom I most love with white gargoyle dome and low slung tigerlilly coats waves of colored silk my holy ancient himalayan sherpa om

T: MNLIGHT F: STRFSH ♥♥ More than Who's Next, more than jo and cigs, more than long drives and big waves, more than screaming crowds and loud music, more than... anything...

REGAN, AH... ♥♥ 'twas my party and u didn't say bye! years ago now, but i still sigh. i think of u often, since i moved down here. find me please + call my dear.. .db

MY MCNOODLE ♥♥ Even when the house is cold, you warm me up. You are a beautiful wife, mother, and best friend. Thank you for being mine, all mine! Your Pobrecito

MIKE LOVES ANNA ♥♥ Happy Day to my special brown-eyed girl, Sheila Brown. I love you and our little brownies so much, and I always will. I love you forever. Frank Brown.

MILY I LOVE YOU! ♥♥ It is so time to run away again, but where? Forget it all, let's just run and not look back. I can't be without you, no matter how hard I try. LET'S GO

BELUGAS ROARING!! ♥♥ Chirp. Chirp. Chirp chirp. Chirp. Chirpity squeek. Splash. Belugas love belugas, and I love you baby. Beluga bumps all over, you sexy sea canary.

BITTER PUSS ♥♥ hey bitter puss, you and doggie are the best things i've got going on. I love you. poops mcgee

ASHLEIGH L.I LOVEYOU ♥♥ its about damn time we finally made this offical, 3rd time i guess is a charm, my gemini goddess remember the plastic rose i gave you. MUAH <3 billy777

PANEEN LITTLE GURL! ♥♥ Where's your panties? I found my butt plug! Happy V-Day little miss!

SHAWN AT ZUM ♥♥ The way you fold those towels makes me cream in my panties! I left you a love dookie. Let me lather your passion laser with mango lotion u sexy bitch!

PITA PIT PITA PIT ♥♥ shhhhhshhhshhhhhshshshshhh!!!!! [happy valentine's day, gypsy.]

BINGHAMTON BOYS ♥♥ you're irreplaceable. love Clio

YOU MAKE ME PURR ♥♥ My Dearest Seabear, remember that I love you so very much. Love, Mooncake

MY AUSSIE POSSIE ♥♥ My undying love--at least until you piss me off. We'll always have Sydney. XXOO- Lala

HEY ROCKET SCIENTIST ♥♥ Kristin, my life just isn't the same without you. I miss you every day. I hope we can talk soon. -- Andrew

OH MY SWEATY! ♥♥ I sure love you so much! Thanks for being my best friend, and great father to J, Tater, Merkin & Biscuit. I hope that I'm not too sporty. Love Weedie.

7THINGSILOVEABOUTYOU ♥♥ * Baghe (granola) * "I eat poop a lot guys" * Squeaking (yes, really) * Wiping the sound out * "My mouth is on FIRE" * That you proposed to me :)

MR. OLSON ♥♥ You shouldn't touch me like that. Sometimes it feels good but I know it's wrong and dirty. Pease don't hurt me again or I'll tell on you. Amy

LOVIN 4 MY KAYTIKAT ♥♥ Kathryn, I know that you think blogs are too futuristic... but i love you in a completely nonhomosexual way (sort of). BE MY VALENTINE! <3 Cassandra

HAPPY VD WIFEY! ♥♥ You make delicious squash. Although I hope this year we divorce (or at least start seeing other people).

CLASSIC MERC ♥♥ I don't know you, you don't know me. You live in West Seattle. Your car is hot.

ASS2MOUTH = AWESOME! ♥♥ Christoff, you are my favorite boy in the whole world. It isn't the "I Saw You" section, I hope it's still ok. I love you, Happy Valentine's Day.

POOP MY LOVE ♥♥ Your kisses melt me like ice cream on a sunny day. Your smile lights my life like the sun brings light to the darkest day I will love you forever. Big E

MY SWEET POTATOE ♥♥ Jessica, I'm so happy to have you. I will continue to smother you with love, (and maybe sour cream and butter) for the rest of our lives.

MY SHOES DON'T FIT ♥♥ Hey pants, love is a battlefield and I'm glad our war isn't over... Thanks for sticking with me...

YOU'VE PENETRATED ME ♥♥ Maurizio, passion boils beneath your facade of decorum. You Penetrated me w/sound, infected my mind w/desire yet I smolder in secret--when does it end?

?ESXATL'TUBICID CHED ♥♥ it's been a year since we first started fucking and i still can't seem to get enough of you, babe. i want you everywhere, all the time, in every way

THE LIGHT OF LOVE ♥♥ The Love of my life. I am happy to have been with you for the last 10 years. For the 10th time... Light will you be my valentine?

BANJO BABY ♥♥ I miss our times together at the store, I just love playing those games... If only you were my girlfriend, and not just my best girl. db

FARAH P ♥♥ Amongst all the stars and galaxies, you're one of the most awesome things I've found. Let's fuckin get it on!!!

MELISSA, MY LOVE... ♥♥ You are brilliant, beautiful and kind. I am a very lucky man, to be able to stand by your side. Michael Ian Black sums my feelings up best: Yaaaaay!

MI AMORE POR VIDA ♥♥ I love how the corners of your eyes crinkle when you smile. I love your laugh and your grumpy grampa moods. I adore you! Love- your Jewish Chola.

GET NAKED!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥ To my poophead, 3.5 years and I still can't stop thinking about you. I love you so much and I can't wait to move to France w/you. I love you, Sugar Tits

HEIDI + NOAH=ROOKHAA ♥♥ A cave on the coast of Spain: A tent, drunk Swedes, in the rain: Walking from France to the end of the world: You're my man, and I'm the lucky dame!

BUTTERTOAST LOVEBUG ♥♥ John- Thank you for everything. You are the light of my life and I'll love you forever. Yours, C

INCATINHA! ♥♥ Pretty pretty Inca kitty. You have become such the little cuddle monster since we moved you to CA. I know you miss me. I'll be home soon.

ROSIEKINS! ♥♥ I miss you so much. Long weekends in Monterey aren't nearly enough. We will be together soon. Speakerboxxx.

JENNIE-N-JOE ♥♥ I love you and I care about you immensely, I adore you. We'll have better and brighter days to come, as long as we are together. You are my love. xo

LEX + KENZ + OLIVER ♥♥ HAPPY V-DAY! (To outside readers, let me clarify, Oliver is our cat!) I love you + am excited to be your husband! To 1000s of Sex Sundays together!

~_SRI_SRI_IVY_G_~ ♥♥ Ivy, Ivy, Ivy, Nitter, Birdy, Amen.

<3 ♥♥ To the most 'l337 geek in the world. Here's to another 15 years of goofiness, cool gadgets and technology, and much, much love. xoxoxoxo and waboo! ;)

LOVE WITH AN 'E'? ♥♥ All I know is I can't stop thinking about you. Could this crush be something more? Let's find out. Wait for me, I'm on my way to you.

PIGS CAN FLY ♥♥ Someday maybe I can be as irresistable to you as cake, Princess Sexibutticus. Kobun

SALLY, ♥♥ I adore you. Love, Jess. PS: B&P are nice too.

POPPY ♥♥ From the hurricane waters to me, a little crab in your Aquarian aquarium. Love, nusa

SARA BEE ♥♥ don't worry, I would love you just as much even if you couldn't do the splits.

AND WHAT HAVE I LEFT ♥♥ Dig for me the narrow bed, Now I am bereft. All my pretty hates are dead, And what have I left? -Dorothy Parker, Wail, 9-12

LAURA DEEEE ♥♥ Roses are red. Shamrocks are green. "Bithdays" are awesome if you know what I mean. LOVE YOU

RACHEL ROSE ♥♥ I laik you. You laik me? Let's play Scrabble, baby... You can balance my rack ANYTIME. -???

ROCKIN' CHAIR LOVE ♥♥ The hardest thing in life is to watch the person you love be with someone else. Just so you know, we said forever once; my heart still beats to it.

I LOVE YOU CRV!! ♥♥ Now stop being such a tease and make love to me already! -Your Man

BARON VON SHTUPP ♥♥ You have blazed your way into my saddle and into my heart and I will never tire of being admired by you. Baci, baci, baci, Princess Bunny Paws

♥♥ Apparently to let a guy know you like him, you have to straddle him and take your shirt off. I'm so glad I did. I love you, John. Breanne

SWEE-TAY!! ♥♥ I'm glad I married you! I love you and all the laughs and yummy-yums, but stop throwing things at Ki-Ki! Yours always, Bean and Crystal xoxo

I WAS DRAWN TO YOU ♥♥ ... mesmerized by the way you held my face in your hands. I realized then, that I loved you. I've got it the best. Always, Khrystianiya

*PUNCH!* ♥♥ Look in the mirror, you beautiful fearless boy. You give more than anyone I've ever known. Thank you. I love you, I always want you. -Your Best Friend.

BABY BOY ♥♥ Just because someone doesn't show love for you the way you want, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have;) Happy Valentine's Day, XO Baby Doe

PANTY-LESS DRESSES ♥♥ 60% of my music, do you qualify? You know what I'm thinking? Blackout bingo, furry handcuffs, and lines off your ass on Sundays...

TO MY PRATER GIRL ♥♥ Another year apart, another valentine sent from across the country. You'll always be the lonely cactus of my heart, Seattle Maggie. Love, Cinecultist.

TO THE EWOK VILLAGE: ♥♥ We love you with the passion of a thousand Wookies, or ten thousand whatever-Yoda-is things. Shake and bake. Love, the Battle Station P.S. MtFbwY!

MY SWEET SNIFFER ♥♥ Have I ever told you how much I love the smell of your butt? Let me count the ways. One, it smells like burnt food. I guess that's it.

MADAGALUNA I LOVE U! ♥♥ That's right. It's in print. You are a stone fox who generates untoward thoughts in me. Don't blink, we will be talking about hip replacements u and i.

Q TARD FUCKBOT ♥♥ If the Continuum's told you once, they've told you a thousand times: DON'T PROVOKE THE BORG! Happy V-Day Faggot My 7 of Nine Inches!

MONSTER HEAD ♥♥ Mushroom skiing, broken bones, oceanfront cabin, bars on a sandy beach, Turkish-boob-soup in the middle of winter. I love you more than Guinness. <3

BY - BY LOVES TT ♥♥ Everyday I grow more & more in love with you. You are my sanctuary, my heart, and I promise to continue loving you for all eternity. -Byron xoxo

\M/ EVA-PARD \M/ ♥♥ You are swell. :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* - Cassie

BY READING THIS ... ♥♥ you admit, once and for all, that you are cuter.

ANNALISE18! ♥♥ happy 18th birthday 2 u!

MY NIGHTS WITH ONAI ♥♥ winter breeds its own heat. The kind that's kindled under many blankets with fleshy friction. Sweat clings, breath condenses, and it gets so steamy...

JENN AND QUINN ♥♥ I love you both like no one else. Happy first V Day Q. Love, Mama H

SM ♥♥ happy v day ! let's see where this goes. bj

DEAR BROTHEL-MATES ♥♥ All you need in life is a puppy and a vibrator but here's hopin your man pussy gets some this Vday. Thank you for being great roommates. <3 Vintarr

SHEOL ♥♥ You rock my adorable goth boy. xoxo Love, you-know-who

I MISS MY SIMBA LION ♥♥ pete, i can't wait to see you in march when i come visit (for real!). thanks for being my heterolifemate. i love you, petey boy. happy valentine's day.

YOU'RE THE SWEETEST ♥♥ You're just adorable, and my visit with you this last past month was a joy. Instead of an Iceberg floating in the Bay, I hope it's a heart with wings

HAPPY V-DAY LEXI! ♥♥ Hey Lexi, Happy Valentine's Day from the East Coast! Love you! Joey S.

8BIT LOVES HIPSTER! ♥♥ 8bitjoystick totally loves the Scooter Kitten and all her cats.

BRYAN LOVES KATY ♥♥ Thanks for sticking in there with me the past couple of months. Looking forward to Japan this fall!

WE'LL GET A REMOTE! ♥♥ ooooh, I'm gonna make you squirm in public baby. See!??!

TO AIMEE R. ♥♥ I hate Valentine's Day. You hate Valentine's Day. You can mock all the "sweat" mispellings, as you look for your "valentine." Happy Black Wednesday!

CIENNA M. ♥♥ You are awesome. Your writing is like a newborn kitten's purr. -Your Adoring Public

I <3 U, SALSA DAVE ♥♥ I'm glad you are my chicken. We are going to get married this summer. I hope.

HEY, GUY. ♥♥ How much? More than #7, More than blueberry, Almost as much as mummies. Yours for at least a week, Norberto

MUAH!!! ♥♥ S~ I love you and always will Honey Bee!! Happy Valentine's Day!!! You complete me!!!! With love, C

LINDA AND CHUMPY. ♥♥ You make my world complete. Polar bear snuggles for you all day, all night. love, Nick

HEY SOUTHERN BELLE! ♥♥ No more juleps for now, but you'll always be the creaaaaam in my coffee. Come over for quesadillers any time. Good luck to you and the Ruski. Luv, SB2

SCARLET ROOM SINGER ♥♥ You saturate the room in wicked sophistication and elegance. Thanks for existing beautiful. Sorry you intimidate, otherwise; (Lost in daydream) B Mine

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