I swear on a tall stack of LL Cool J workout books that something dope better drop soon, or I'm definitely going to become a "blipster." Keep in mind I'm too fat to be wearing that young-ass shit, y'all... so don't let me down here.

That said, extra-extra-large tall-tee props to my beardy brother Gabriel Teodros—his much-anticipated Mass Line LP, Lovework, ain't even out yet and his digital-only EP, No Label, is the number-one most-added record on the CMJ hiphop charts. Not the first 206 release to put the CMJ on smash by any means, but definitely the first digital single to do so—yes, the day of the compact disc is growing dark, dear ones. Just ask Tower... oh wait, you can't. Anyway, GeeTeezy is already seeing enthusiastic reviews for Lovework in everything from Rolling Stone, URB, and OkayPlayer to the Dead Sea Scrolls. A proper review and interview with one of the town's humblest MCs is in the cards, so keep 'em peeled.

The Seattle chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation is celebrating their third year in existence with a four-day stretch of hiphop (Thurs Feb 15–Sun Feb 18) from the NW and elsewhere. Properly representing all elements, 206 Zulu is presenting a break battle, graf showcase, and educational workshops/panels—not to mention performances from Alpha P, Canary Sing, Choklate, dRED.i, Felicia Loud, Flamespittas, FRC, Godspeed, Khingz and Gabriel Teodros, Lojique, Melissa Noelle Green, Muridian, Odd Fellas, Orbitron, Page One, RA Scion, Rajnii Eddins, Real Talk, Rocket One, Rogue Pinay, Silver Shadow D, Sleepwalkers, Soul Merchants, Step Cousins, Universol (NJ), Waves of the Mind, What? (w/Daddy-O of Stetsasonic), and Yirim Seck, plus DJs B-Girl, DV One, the Elefaders, Luvva J, Miss Broadway, Spark (PDX), Seabefore, Sean Malik, Sureshot, Surreal, Tecumseh, and WD4D. The main throwdown—including those performances—is on the last two nights, and will be held in conjunction with Seattle Center's Festival Sundiata. That's not even mentioning the pre-, kickoff, and afterparties... so be sure and log on to www.206zulu.com for more details. Also, stay tuned to Zulu Radio every Saturday (10 pm–1 am) on KBCS 91.3 FM. Big Beacon Hill shout to King Khazm, 206 Zulu leader, West Coast director of UZN, and the winner of the 2007 Mayor's Award for Excellence in Hip Hop.

Today—the day I'm writing this mind you, and not the day you're reading it—is not only the anniversary of Christopher "Big Punisher" Rios's death, but also the anniversary of James "J Dilla" Yancey's birth. Now see, that right there is a snapshot of where we're supposed to be—right, hiphop? Life or death, red pill, blue pill. Well, don't believe the hype(beast). Nas and Jeezy are both right. Reading all these dipshit magazines, clueless columnists (ayo!), and smug-ass blogs will have you spun, talking out your neck; I know, I do it every week. Just know we're gonna be okay. To paraphrase the boy Kamaal: Well, Daddy, don't you know that things go in cycles?