Description: A spacious pub in Old Ballard that serves an array of German beers and Swabian-inspired cuisine.

About Swabia: It's a region in Germany recognized for its rich history and unique dialect.

Handy Swabian phrases: Dada (a sex-crazed moron), arschdaggl (a fool with a big ass).

Useless Swabian phrases: Granatedaggl (explosive dachshund), pforzhoem (home of the farts).

Happy hours: Daily 3–7 pm (food and drinks) and 10 pm–close (food).

Happy-hour drink specials: $2 PBR pints, $3 selected pints (Ninkasi, Hacker-Pschorr).

Happy-hour food specials: $4 deep-fried pickle, $6 wurst plate. recommended