You Mean So Much to Me/West Seattle/Sat March 31, 2007/4:16 pm: Officer Rees reports: "He has a crush on her. He was jealous because she had a friend at her apartment. He came to her apartment and was obviously upset. Suspect said, 'You're getting cocky. You mean so much to me.' Suspect then pushed her down on the hallway floor. The victim attempted to retreat back to her apartment. She was hit on the side of the head a few times. She was also pushed onto the floor a few more times. The victim called for help and a witness who lives upstairs from her came down and was able to calm the suspect. The witness walked the suspect out of the apartment building. The suspect poked the victim in the ribs once before leaving."

The Count of Three/West Seattle/Sun April 1, 2007/4:16 pm: Officer Sweetland reports: "We made contact with the victim. She stated the suspect was her ex-boyfriend of about one year and she was five months pregnant with his child. The suspect arrived at her front door uninvited and pounded on her door. She ordered him to leave and told him she was calling the police. He then climbed onto her balcony and tried to open the door, which was locked. He kept knocking on her balcony door and stated she had until the count of three to open it. She called the police. We arrived and opened the balcony door and detained the suspect."

And where these two reports could lead...

The Only Reason He Ran/Aurora Ave. North/June 30, 2006/1:12 am: Officer Huber reports: "I caught a red four-door going 62 mph at 168.3 feet. I initiated a traffic stop just past the mid-span portion of the Aurora Bridge with my lights and siren. I approached the vehicle on its driver side and heard the engine start up and then I saw the vehicle start to roll backward. I told the driver to stop his car and he rolled his head over and looked at me with a vacant blank stare and then accelerated away from the stop.

"I followed as the Saab went EB on N 39th St and NB on Whitman Ave N, where mid block the driver exited the vehicle. The driver, now known to me as Rowan, Jonathan G. W/M exited from the driver's door and proceeded to run N on the W sidewalk where I eventually caught him.

"As I stood Rowan up, I could smell the odor of intoxicants coming from his person. His speech was obviously slurred and I could see his eyes were bloodshot and watery. Rowan told me he had been drinking too much to be driving.

"I searched his vehicle, locating his cell phone and nothing else. I asked him why he decided to run away from me and he said he was concerned about his dog, 'Zoe,' who is at home. He said that was the only reason he ran. He added that he was way too drunk to be driving."

The Whole Situation Is Weird/Ballard/Mon March 5, 2007/11:09 pm: Officer Jones reports: "[The victim] told me that when she arrived home she found that Rowan had moved out. She went on to say that the whole situation is weird because she did not know he planned on moving out. The only sign left that Rowan had ever lived in the home was his cell phone that he left broken in his room.

"As I continued to talk with them, they told me that Rowan has a strong British accent and has a black lab that he has with him almost everywhere he goes.

"As I was preparing to leave Rebecca said that she had more to say. When I asked what it was she said she wanted to talk to a detective about it then stepped outside with me. She said Rowan has made mention that he can't go back to England, and that he has been on the run for the past 10 years."

10 Calls on Her Cell Phone/West Seattle/Tues March 6, 2007/3:10 pm: Officer Katzer reports: "In January of 2007 Rowan assaulted Rebecca. When she left, Rebecca took a dog. After moving out to an address unknown to Rowan, Rebecca started getting calls from Rowan, mostly to her work site. Rebecca again told Rowan she did not want to see him again.

"On this date early in the business day, Rowan called Rebecca at work. Rowan told Rebecca that she couldn't get away from him and that she was always going to need to be looking over her shoulder. These words now caused concern. Rebecca is aware of the violence of Rowan and she adds that Rowan is an alcoholic and has been at times in the past suicidal. He demanded to know Rebecca's new address. Rowan asked how she would like it if she couldn't ever see her dogs again. Rebecca took this as a threat because her dogs are often left in her enclosed yard while she and her boyfriend are at work. Rebecca went to court this morning to get a protection order.

"[Rebecca and her sister] came back to the precinct to file this report. They add that they earlier learned that Rowan had reportedly committed some kind of crime against the people he was most lately living with, probably some type of theft, and hence they are not sure where he is now living. Both sisters are adamant about pursuing these charges."

At the bottom of the report there is a "LATE UPDATE." Officer Katzer adds, "At about [10:45 pm] Rebecca and her boyfriend came back to the precinct. She was decidedly in more fear this time. She states that since she and her sister left the precinct earlier, she received at least 10 calls on her cell phone. Some were hang-up calls, but several were messages from Rowan: 'You better watch your back.' 'You're on my radar now.' 'I'm gonna f**k you up.' 'I'm gonna get your dogs.' An event history check revealed that in fact a complaint was made against Rowan last night."

Shots Are Fired/University District/Mon April 2, 2007/9:30 am: Shots are fired in a fourth-floor office at the University of Washington's Gould Hall. Jonathan Rowan kills Rebecca Griego and then kills himself. recommended

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Erica C. Barnett and Josh Feit contributed to this column.